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Generating Exceptional Celebrity AI Voices with TTS Generators

Looking for celebrity AI voice generators to experiment with your favorite actor/actress’s voice? Explore more about the latest upgrades in this article.
Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Aug 31, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

Celebrities and the roles they play leave a deep impact on our minds. People get so attached to them that they start to walk in their footsteps by doing things they do. This is where celebrity AI voice generators can make their way in. Marketing campaigns can work smartly and use celebrities' AI voices to sell their products.

These voice-makers have also entered the animated industry for cartoon voiceovers and academia as an e-learning product. You can even personalize a song cover with this. Their deep learning systems and vast training algorithms have enabled them to generate perfect human voices. This article will provide an overview of free AI celebrity voice generators.

In this article
  1. Part 1: FakeYou: Creating AI Celebrity Voices to Perfection
  2. Part 2: TopMediAI: Make the Best AI Celebrity Voice with Ease
  3. Part 3: Wondershare Filmora: Managing Voice Generation with Quality
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Part 1: FakeYou: Creating AI Celebrity Voices to Perfection

AI celebrity voice generator saves the expense of hiring an actor for voiceover. Although, sometimes, we must be more active in writing a whole script. With FakeYou, you can generate celebrity voices through its TTS function. Furthermore, learning can be more fun and memorable in your favorite celebrity’s voice. Students with disabilities can also benefit from it in the context of learning and communicating.

AI Features of FakeYou

Where everything is done online, from business to education, why not perform voice generation? Let’s create your favorite celebrity's voice sitting on your couch and see how FakeYou can assist in this matter:

  • TTS: Convert your texts into 3000+ celebrity voiceovers with ease. It is a simple copy-paste procedure, and you can also listen to the generated AI voice before export.
  • Voice to Voice: This tool converts your voice into your favorite character’s voice in minutes with 1400+ voice options. It supports MP3, WAV, and many other formats while supporting various actors and animated characters' voices.
  • Video Lip Sync: Make your favorite movie and animated characters lip sync. They can say what you instruct while keeping the original video clip.

Text to Speech Generation Steps for FakeYou

Although the tool offers many voice-generative features, let's experiment with its TTS. See how effectively it can convert texts to audio in 2 simple steps:

Step 1Locate Text-to-Speech

From the top toolbar on the home page of FakeYou, go to “AI Tools.” From the drop-down menu, choose the TTS option.

open fakeyou website
Step 2Start The Conversion Process

Swipe up on the TTS page, and you'll see a description box where you can write or copy-paste text. Once you have added your text, from the options above the description box, select an AI voice celebrity.

select voice and add text
Step 3Listen to the Demo & Export

After you're done with adding your text and selecting AI voice, go to the tab saying “Speak.” You can find it below the description box. Listen to the AI voice and go to the “Share and Download” option adjacent to the text box.

listen and execute ai voice

Part 2: TopMediAI: Make the Best AI Celebrity Voice with Ease

Applying your favorite celebrity's voice to your audio and videos is now a simple game through TopMediAI. AI celebrity voice generator is the latest innovation of this tool. You can make your YouTube or Instagram videos fun with funny celebrity voices. It has the ability to analyze and generate natural human tone and speech, supporting different audio formats like MP3 and WAV.

AI Features of TopMediAI

Have you ever wanted to create an animated scene that can be made influential by a celebrity voiceover? AI celebrity voice can be used in cartoons or animated series for an influential speech. Below are some of the features that can help you discover more about this tool:

  • Text to Speech: Users can generate 3200+ AI voices from simple textual instructions. These AI voices can be personalized in 70+ languages and accents per regional demands.
  • AI Song Cover: Everyone has different perceptions of the same thing. With this AI feature, you can curate your version of a song with 3 simple steps.
  • Free Voice Changer: Ever wanted to personalize your gaming voice? With this AI, you can change your voice into an animated, robotic, or any other voice.

Steps for Text-to-Speech Generation in TopMediAI

Let us walk you through the step-by-step guide on how to create a text-to-speech AI celebrity voice generator of TopMediAI:

Step 1Sign Up and Start Generating

First, you need to make an account on TopMediAI. After making an account, find the “Text to Speech” function on the website. Once you click on it, you'll be given instructions about using the tool.

topmediai website tts
Step 2Select a Voice and Add Text

On the left side panel of the editing page, you'll see multiple AI options and celebrity voices. Select a voice and move toward the left side of the page. There, you'll see a description for textual information. Copy and paste your text there and click “Convert” to finalize.

select voice and add text
Step 3Manual Editing

From the toolbar above the description box, you can make adjustments to your AI-generated voice. The adjustments include the addition of pauses, playback speed, pitch, and more.

edit different parameters

Part 3: Wondershare Filmora: Managing Voice Generation with Quality

To cope with the demands of modern-day content creation, having an AI editing tool is important. Once you have generated a voice, you must add these celebrities' AI voices to a project. Wondershare Filmora is the best platform that is driven by AI technologies. It provides the best features to modify the videos and audio.

Auto Text-to-Speech
Auto Text-to-Speech

The addition of AI tools and features in Filmora has enabled users to edit videos without skills. With the help of AI tools like copywriting and instant mode, users can generate an automated video. The platform is designed in a way to support both Windows and Mac.

Wondershare Filmora’s Text to Speech (TTS)

Like other voice generators, the primary functionality of Filmora’s AI audio is Text to Speech (TTS). Write anything in the description box, and Filmora will bring it to reality through AI text to speech functionality. It has benefited the education industry the most via multilingual support, audiobooks, and video presentations. Furthermore, online creators can use it to make podcasts and voiceovers; let's see how:

Step 1Create A New Project & Import Your Files

To access Filmora's AI features, ensure you have it downloaded on your computer. Open Filmora, and from the left side panel, go to “Create Project.” On the main screen, you'll see the “New Project” option; click it. You'll reach the editing window where you must import your media.

import video to timeline
Step 2Initiate Text-to-Speech

Once your media has been imported, drag the file to timeline track 1. Now go to “Titles” from the toolbar, choose your title, and add it to timeline track 2. Click on the added title in the timeline and now reach the top toolbar. From there, select the “Tools” tab and choose the “Text-to-Speech” option.

add text and apply tts
Step 3Enhancing & Finalizing

Once you select TTS, a small window will appear for manual editing. Adjust everything according to your preference and click “OK.” A small window will appear where you'll be able to see the status of your activity. After that, the audio will be added automatically, and you need to click “Export” to download your final media.

change parameters and apply


With the increase in AI technologies and their collaboration with online tools, anything is possible. However, celebrity's AI voices do put the risk of deepfakes. There are other ways of editing or generating voiceovers. Wondershare Filmora is an AI editor that allows users to edit and create content in a safe working environment. Its user interface is easy, and there's no need for prior field experience.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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