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Guide To Using Top Free Text to Speech AI Tools in 2024

Do you want to know some of the best Text-to-Speech AI tools available for free? In this article, you will find such free AI text to speech tools.
Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Aug 31, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

The adoption of AI in making operations easy has been the highlight of this decade. AI is helping us in many ways and in diverse fields, specifically through free text-to-speech AI.

This article is about a new development in AI, which is its free AI voice-to-text speech generation functionality. Its voiceover generation capability using text data is getting better and better. Here in this article, some tools are discussed that can be useful for speech generation. Some of these tools are text-to-voice AI-free, and others come with a price tag.

In this article
  1. Part 1: A Great Free Text To Speech AI Tool for Editors: LOVO
  2. Part 2: Another Impressive Text To Speech Generator
  3. Part 3: A Paid Alternative: Speechify Text To Speech Generator
  4. Bonus Part: Desktop Alternative: Easy Text To Speech Generation With Wondershare Filmora
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Part 1: A Great Free Text To Speech AI Tool for Editors: LOVO

LOVO is an excellent platform for voice and text-to-speech generators that you can use. It is a text-to-speech AI-free tool that can make your life easy. The best part of this AI platform is that it provides over 30 emotions. That means your generative audio will appear more authentic and human-like. In addition to this, it offers more than 150 voices and supports 100 different languages.

Steps to Use The TTS Feature Of LOVO AI

Before using a tool, be it text-to-speech AI free or paid, you must make yourself familiar with its user interface. We save you the trouble of doing that by presenting you with steps for using LOVO:

Step 1: After accessing the official website of LOVO, sign in to your account. Next, press the “+” icon to create a new project, make sure the “Voice Over” option is selected, and click “Create.”

create voiceover project on lovo

Step 2: Write the text in the textbox and press the “Ready to generate” button on the right side of the textbox. After a while, a new generative audio layer will appear in the timeline of the tool.

generate text on lovo

Step 3: You can add more text to generate narrations by clicking the “Add a new block” button. The button is right underneath the textbox. Once completed, save your creation and press “Export” at the top to download the file in your system.

add blocks and export

Part 2: Another Impressive Text To Speech Generator is an exceptional platform for content creators and enthusiasts that provides so many options. Starting from its AI text-to-speech free generation capabilities, which are second to one. This fun tool uses AI's strength to translate your words into a narration or a speech without hassle. It also offers editing capabilities and lets you generate images using prompts.

How To Use For Speech Generation?

While introducing yourself to a new editing tool, you may already feel confused. This is the reason we save you time and trouble by doing an extensive review of speed generation:

Step 1: Open's official website from any browser on your device. Once in the editing interface, hit the “Text to Speech” button from the left panel.

access veed tts function

Step 2: In the “Add Text-to-Speech” panel, enter your text in the designated box. Continue to enter information like “Voice” and “Language.”

add text to generate

Step 3: Change the speed of your voiceover depending on your requirement from the “Speed” option. Press the “Play” button below the textbox to review your AI-generated speech. Proceed to hit “Generate” to finalize your creation; after that, press “Done” on the right corner of the screen to further export your file.

set speed and other parameters

Part 3: A Paid Alternative: Speechify Text To Speech Generator

If you're not a fan of reading and prefer listening over reading, this is the right tool for you. You can create audiobooks using Speechify without any issues. Insert your pods in your ears and start listening to your creation wherever you go. The best part of Speechify is that it is available on almost every platform. However, it's not your usual free AI text-to-speech tool; you have to buy its subscription.

Steps to Use Speechify Voiceover Generator

Step 1: Access the Voiceover Generator from the official website of Speechify. From the main interface, access the “+ New” button and choose the option from where you want to import your text data.

create new project on speechify

Step 2: After you've imported your text document file, Speechify will provide you with a generative file with a voiceover. From the following window, click the “Voice” to change the different voices. Additionally, you can change the speed of the voiceover by accessing the “Speed” option from the left panel.

generate voiceover on speechify

Bonus Part: Desktop Alternative: Easy Text To Speech Generation With Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora might not look like an audio editor, but it is an audio editor along with a video editor. This tool resolves almost all your editing problems, be it audio or video. Moreover, this tool is expanding step by step when it comes to its editing capabilities. Wondershare Filmora has showcased its AI tools to the world; each tool has unique functionality.

Auto Text-to-Speech
Auto Text-to-Speech

Talking about functionality, one of its most standout AI features is its text-to-speech tool. This tool is boosted with AI technology and is capable enough to convert words into a voiceover. With over ten different voiceovers and 25 languages support, Filmora is doing it just right. Filmora is a single platform for users where they can do all the stuff related to content creation.

text to speech function filmora

Steps to Use AI-Boosted Text-to-Speech Option

Wondershare Filmora is a vast platform, and its editing window includes several buttons, options, and settings. To avoid getting lost while locating the TTS option, given below is the guide to performing it:

Step 1Create a New Project and Add the Title

After opening the tool, press the “New Project” button from the main interface to create a new project and locate the “T” icon in the timeline toolbar.

add text to filmora
Step 2Edit Title Text

Choose the “T” icon on the toolbar and choose “Quick Text” from the options window. In the preview window on the right side of the screen, edit your text from the textbox according to your liking.

edit text for tts
Step 3Access and Create Text-To-Speech

Select the “Text-to-Speech” option from the timeline toolbar. From the following menu box, choose the language and “Voice Name” you desire. Moreover, play around with “Parameter Settings” by adjusting the sliders of the options. Click “OK” and use this voiceover for your future edits to complete your project.

set tts parameters and generate


To sum up, you will find free AI voice text-to-speech tools, but which one is right for you is the question. This article has provided a brief intro and details about the features of each tool. You can choose any of these AI TTS free tools as per your liking. However, Wondershare Filmora is a complete package with an added TTS feature to use.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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