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Proven Ways to Dub Anime
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6 Proven Ways to Dub Anime for Anime Voice Actor

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

Watching anime is one thing majority of the world has come to appreciate. Their engaging storylines, their emotional endings, and hooks, it's pretty difficult not to like one unless, of course, it's time for subtitling. Reading subtitles can be stressful and strenuous so most persons just prefer dubbed animes.  Dubbed animes are those animes whose voiceovers have been changed to a more preferred language, usually English. Who wouldn't want to watch their favorite anime dubbed in their language? With great anime voice actors becoming rampant, it's now easy to get a dubbed version of your favorite anime movies.

dub anime

6 Ways To Dub Anime For You

So, what if you want to become an anime voice actor so that you can start dubbing? That would be awesome, wouldn't it? It’s not exactly very easy but it's also not too hard to achieve. The following steps will help you master how to dub animes.

1. Be An Anime Fan (Know The Anime Culture)

To be able to do something, you have to understand how that thing works. Before you can become a good anime voice actor, you have to actually understand the anime culture. How do animes usually set up for particular genres? Study the storylines, the hooks, the emotion required for different kinds of scenes. You need to actually know your stuff before you can even start thinking about dubbing any anime. Don't ever decide to become an anime voice actor if you don't like animes. Most of the scenes may appear silly to you not to talk of the vocabulary which may just sound weird and annoying to one who is not a fan.

2. Train Your Voice Regularly

The next thing you need to do when you're trying to become an anime voice actor is to train your voice. One thing is to use your natural voice, another thing is to tweak your voice to suit a role. Of course, that won't come cheap. You should be able to learn and master how to use your voice on demand. Train your voice to sound the way you want, consistently. This is very important because, during dubbing, you're going to get lines that require you to speak for two or more minutes.

3. Practice Anime Voice Acting Daily (Set Up A Home Studio)

This is almost the same as training your voice. Practicing to be a voice actor comes with a lot of demands, you may need to set up a home studio. Scratch that! You actually need to set up a home studio, this will help you successfully practice your voicing on various animes. You can easily pick any of your favorite anime and start dubbing it, to see how your voice would sound and if you'd be able to match a level of consistency.

setup home studio

4. Try to Network

No man is an island! In as much as you're trying hard to become a good voice actor and dub your favorite anime. You should look out for people with similar objectives like you. There are lots of people who like you, want to become good voice actors as well. It may not necessarily be anime voicing, it may be for normal movies, commercials or cartoons but you'd be able to learn a thing or two by networking. Linking up with them and seeing how you can help each other.

5. Audition, Audition, Audition!

There is no way you will become a voice actor if you don't audition, is there? When you're fully sure you can face the crowd with your voice then it's time to go for auditions. Don't get me wrong, you don't actually have to be perfect before you go for auditions but make sure you know a thing or two about what you're doing. Make sure you understand what needs to be done, make sure you have a good grasp of what you need to do. Apply for auditions at different places and confidently give them your best. You're bound to get a gig.

6. Be Consistent And Never Give Up

If peradventure you don't get selected for any of your auditions, it's important you don't give up. Stay active, remain consistent with your activeness, don't allow any emotion to weigh you down. Just be sure that you know what you're doing and keep at it, continue applying for auditions while mastering your voice. You're bound to strike a great gig one day.

The Future Of Anime Dubbing

anime dubbing future

Anime dubbing like most technological advancement has come to stay, it's alright to embrace it. The fact that anime dubbing is actually helping fans all over the world appreciate their favorite animes, even more, means, more attention should be paid to it. Of course, in recent years the number of great anime voice actors has increased. A lot of them are so good that they have two or three movies to work with at every point in time. The industry is still young and it would be amazing if you as a voice actor is able to work your way to the top here.


Like we said earlier, to be able to do anything, you have to actually know what it is you're doing. Anime dubbing is fun and amazing when done right, the fact that it helps many anime lovers appreciate their favorite anime movies in their own language makes it worthwhile too. If you ever wish to become a voice actor, it's good to be consistent, pay close attention to your training, don't ever assume your voice is already perfect. If you do actually have a great voice, aim for more, master how to tweak your voice to sound differently. This way you will be able to land more gigs in the world of anime dubbing.

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Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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