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10 Best Free Video Hosting Sites for Private/Business Online

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Jul 17, 2024• Proven solutions

If a single video can have over 50K views in one month and a well-targeted video can generate 66% qualified leads (Optinmoster), how much money can your online business make in a year? It is a fact that millions of individuals and online business owners are using video hosting sites to make a passive income.

In this article, you'll get the best free video hosting sites that will help realize your goals. The internet is full of video sites that are expensive and complex. The list below comprises of the most suitable video sites for both private and online business marketers.

You will Learn :

Why You Should Use Video Hosting Service?

If you intend to host videos on your website, prepare for a myriad of challenges. Hosting videos on one's website has never been a story worth telling. Among the challenges faced include video not playing on mobile phones, website not opening, degraded website speed, video opening, and closing.

These are the reasons why people use video hosting sites like YouTube.

Video hosting platforms keep video codes in a concealed manner which makes it difficult for anyone to decode. This bars those intending to use the video codes to download the video and use it to their advantage.

  • To avoid file format hurdle

To host a video on a website, the majority of viewers will encounter viewing problems. Different web browsers accept different file formats. For your video to be viewed across all major browsers, it has to be published in many formats. Converting a video from one format to another is a tedious task.

Online video hosting platforms accepts all the following file formats, MPEG4, MP4, 3GPP , WebM, DNxHR, WMV, MPEGPS and WMV among many others.

  • Storage Space and File Size Limitations

How much space are you allowed to use according to your subscription? Web hosting sites offer limited space to website owners. The more you upload videos and back up your files, the more the storage space becomes smaller. To solve this problem, upload videos first to video hosting service providers then, embed it to your website.

It is really difficult to play a self-hosted video that's above 100MB. Most of the webs hosting providers limit file sizes to 50 MB.

  • Advantage of the Already Huge Traffic

According to Business of Apps, there are 2 billion monthly active YouTube users. All video hosting service providers have an auto video suggestion feature. Your videos will get views courtesy of traffic from other videos. The more it's viewed, clicked and rated, the better it ranks.

How to rank videos is little known by video creators. Just upload your high-quality videos and watch it become among the top-ranked in your category.

  • Help Upload High-Quality Video

Most video streaming hosting platforms allow HD (High Definition) video uploads. High Definition videos occupy small spaces and attract more viewers.

To reduce video hosting expenses, free video hosting sites like Vimeo, Dailymotion, and Wistia would be the most suitable. Before you can make select a site, there are important factors that need to be considered.

Here are the best sites and their features;

Best Free Video Hosting Sites/Services/Platforms

A number of sites have been offering video hosting services for free overwhelming. Even though there are restrictions as to the content to upload, you can find all the information you need either as a tutorial, music or graphical representation.

1. Vimeo – Video hosting site Live Streaming Platform

video hosting service

Vimeo is an all-round site. It can, therefore, be used as a business and private video hosting site. Three accounts are at anyone's disposal; free account paid account with plus, Pro, Business and Premium levels and partner account. It's not as popular as YouTube but is renowned for high-quality videos.

File size and bandwidth are not limited but you can only upload videos of up to 500MB per week. The annual limitation is 25GB. If you want to watch free ad videos, then use the paid accounts. But the good thing with Vimeo is that ads never play between a video.

2. YouTube - Top video hosting site for video sharing and business

free video hosting sites

With over 500hours of video uploaded to YouTube per minute, 5 billion videos watched every day and at least 1.3 billion registered users, we all can bet it the most popular and preferred video hosting platform. YouTube is owned by Google and is the world's second-ranked social platform with 27.80 Billion monthly visitors.

Not many people like the many ads but to the entrepreneurs, it's one of the best video hosting sites for business. They promote their businesses and products and also earn from YouTube. This channel analyses videos and shows the number of viewers, social sharing and related videos.

Verify your account and upload videos of any format of up to 128GB. To watch videos free of ads, subscribe for the premium account. As a free unlimited video hosting site, file size and bandwidth are unlimited but videos cannot exceed 15 minutes

3. Wistia> - Best site for professional Video Marketers

private video hosting

Love uploaded videos as often as you can? Then, this video hosting platform is not designed for you. With a bandwidth limited to 500GB and maximum video uploads capped at 25 videos, musicians and comedians are quite disadvantaged.

However, if you want a video hosting site for business, Wistia is the best. To embed videos on your website, Wistia automatically generates the video code for you to copy-paste. All videos uploaded are HD (High Definition) and contain no ads on the paid plans.

While many sites are non-interactive, Wistia allows video creators to interact and track leads using Mailchimp, HubSpot, Marketo and Pardot platforms. You can also engage your viewers on Facebook and Instagram.

4. Dailymotion – Video hosting site for businesses and live shows

video hosting platforms

With only four main categories- entertainment, news, sports and music, these sites aren't as inviting as Vimeo or Youtube. Dailymotion isn't limited to only those four categories, just a little confusion; comedy, fashion, wild game shows and live streaming are also included.

However, if you want to benefit from its huge traffic of 237.30 million monthly visitors, upload videos and autosuggestions will help get thousands of viewers. Dailymotion offers viewers select their favourite while allowing partners to earn from the opportunities. And when using the free version, know each video is limited to 4GB.

Among the video hosting sites here, this site is less restrictive and easy to share videos to the social media channels. Categorization of the videos offers easy access to ones desired videos.

5.Twitch - Video hosting site for live game broadcasting

video hosting sites

Twitch is a video streaming hosting service provider that offers live broadcast shows for gamers. This is the world's top-ranked game video hosting platform with 625.10 million monthly visitors. Twitch TV was launched in 2011 and is owned and managed by Amazon.

Being as unique as it may be, Amazon brings its money-making skills to this site by giving video makers a chance to earn from their creativity. Start by creating a channel, and then create unique and interesting video games. Partner with Twitch to earn big from the subscribers who pay $4.99 per month.

6. Vidyard - Best video hosting site for businesses

online video hosting

Vidyard is another online video hosting site for business with both free and paid plans.

The major drawback when using the free plan is the limitations on the number of videos to upload. If your website content requires more than 5 embedded videos a month, upgrade to the paid plans. They include the Pro at $19/Month and come with 20 embedded videos, Starter at $150/Month, Plus at $850/Month and Enterprise at an unspecified amount.

Vidyard offers unlimited bandwidth to its users across all the plans. Whether you are a private, a marketer, professional or an entrepreneur some features meet all your needs. Why is it loved by millions of users? The answer, the easy-to-use dashboard and plenty of features.

7. Google Drive - Video hosting site for businesses

video streaming hosting

This is part of the large Google family. It is designed for both personal use and business purposes. If you are a first-timer, your new Google Drive account comes with 15GB storage space. Once you've filled the space, upgrade to a paid plan for a bigger space.

Google Drive is the only online video hosting platform that allows you to first save any video file for as long as you want and embeds to your site at any time and anywhere. This site mostly favours professionals working for a multinational company for they can team to work together from the clouds as though in one office.

To realize the better part of Google Drive subscribes for the Drive Enterprise. It is cheap and has plenty to take your business to great heights.

8. Facebook - Best video hosting site for live stream gaming

list of video hosting sites

Facebook is the most used social media platform. As a private video hosting site, you have every opportunity to showcase creativity by creating thrilling games and uploading on Facebook. There are over 23.80 billion monthly visitors so the traffic is already more than enough to get enough views.

Facebook isn't limited to gaming videos. Just upload any video file and watch how it's shared and the number of views grows fast. Before your video is hosted, you have to sign up for an account for free.

9. Metacafe - Video site for online video entertainment

video hosting sites for business

Search any video category and you'll definitely find it. However, all videos hosted by Metacafe are short and catchy. Other than the three search categories at the top bar-Trending, Latest and Popular- finding the video of your choice is more simplified by the drop-down menu.

To demonstrate products upload your videos to the “How To” category. How much money can you make from Metacafe? Hosting videos on Metacafe is rewarding. Partner with sitting and earn $5 for every 1,000 page views. To attract significant traffic, grow your niche.

10. 9GAG - Video hosting site for fun videos

anonymous video hosting

9GAG best suits individuals, who are good at creating funny videos, GIF, memes, gaming videos and photo slides. Unlike most video hosting platforms, 9GAG can be used for official purposes. Some of the video content uploaded is risqué therefore not suitable for the underage.

Looking for maximum fun, consider partnering with this site.

Roundup of The Best Video Hosting Services

No. Site Name Upload Video Limit Accepted file Formats
1 YouTube Video length 15 minutes but can increase by verifying account MP4, 3GPP, MPEG4, AVI, MOV, WMV, MPEGPS, WebM
2 Vimeo 25GB/year MP4, , AVI, MOV, FLV and WMV
3 Wistia 25 Videos/Month MP4
4 Dailymotion 4GB/ Video / AVC, MPEG-2, WMV9, DivX /
5 100 uploads /24hours MOV, MP4, FLV and AVI
6 Vidyard Maximum file size-5GB MKV, MOV, WEBM, MP4,
7 Google Drive 15GB Storage Space MPEG 4, MP4 WAV and WebM
8 Facebook File Size 1.75GB,Length 45 Minutes WMV, 3GPP, avi, MP4, DV, MOV
9 Metacafe File size Limit 100MB, Length 90sec-180 sec MP4, 3GP, WMV and AVI
10 9GAG File size 20MB GIF, JPEG, PNG, MP4, and Animated GIF

What are video hosting sites?

Everybody can create wonderful videos worth recognition and rewards. For videos to be noticed, viewed and judged, they have to be hosted on a platform accessible by everybody. So, these are online platforms with huge storage spaces where individuals and business can upload, live stream or share their videos.

Video hosting sites can either be private, public or anonymous. They are owned and operated by individuals or big institutions like Google, Amazon and others.

What are the best video hosting sites besides youtube?

YouTube has been the leading and most popular video hosting site for years. Here are the best site you can use besides YouTube; Jetpack, Dailymotion, Vevo, Brightcove, and Veoh.

What are the best private video hosting platforms?

Some videos can only be viewed by only a few known people. They have secret content that cannot be published to the public. If you have such kinds of videos, share them using the following sites; Panopto, Videosprout,, Aws.

You can also reset the video on YouTube and Facebook as private and invite the people you want to view.

What are the best video hosting sites for business?

Businesses have plenty of content that can best be illustrated in a video format. Use these sites to make videos look more official and trusted; Wistia, Google Drive, YouTube, Wordpress Video Hosting and Hippo Video.

How Filmora Video Editor Can Determine The Success of Your Videos?

As understood from the Anonymous video hosting sites and those made for privates and businesses, one important aspect is the money-making idea.

Every platform emphasizes the quality of a video. Other than how the message is conveyed, images, sounds, light contrasts, and background appearance determine over 75% of the video viewership.

To boost your video viewership before uploading to any video hosting service provider, I recommend the Filmora video editor.

Whether you want to change the video background colour, add video effects or add trending music, Filmora can really help.

If you are a beginner, don't worry. It's the simplest and easy-to-use video editing tool you'll find the internet. Secondly, there are free tutorials to learn from. Thirdly, the free plan is worth making your videos get thousands of views, shares, and comments in a day.

Download Filmora  Win Version Download Filmora9 Mac Version


I hope you read how the amazing list of video hosting sites above can be rewarding and can also make your fame like MrBeast. Uploading good videos that are of high quality consistently is what determines the success of your hosted videos.

Using the little known free video hosting sites with insignificant traffic can be a waste of time and resources. Equally, choosing a site with complex entry requirements never yields meaningful results. Try all the above tried and tested sites before making an alternative choice.

The number of sites anyone can upload videos is huge. What other good free sites do you know? Leave your reply or comment below.

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