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Top 15 Discord Emotes and Emotes Makers that Crushed

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Jul 17, 2024• Proven solutions

Most of the time, the textual conversations come as cold and lacking any emotions. All chat apps have easily accessible emojis, emoticons, emote, and gifs to resolve this issue. They add a lot of meaning and vibrancy to the texts and lighten the mood.

Discord, with its unique personalized experience, is no less. Discord emotes, emojis, and gifs are pretty customizable and easy to use and go a long way to make your server have more pleasure. Depending upon your Discord membership, Discord lets you customize your experience.

In this post, we've given a brief overview of all you need to know about Discord emotes plus the top 10 Discord emotes servers worth considering in 2022!

Part 1: Top 10 Discord Emotes That Crushed in 2022!

We will be looking at various servers that provide different sets as Top 10 Discord emotes servers below.

Let's get started!

1. Nitro Emojis

discord emotes nitro emojis

Nitro Emojis is a server that offers 200 plus custom emotes and emojis to have a fantastic selection. Also, the choice is quite expansive, with a great variety of Discord emotes overall.

2. Animazing

discord emotes - Animazing

This server contains many anime emojis and emotes and is a go-to platform for anime fans.

3. Milk and Mocha Emotes

milk mocha emotes - Discord Emotes

If you're looking for super cute Mocha and Milk emotes, consider looking at this server, which contains a fantastic range of adorable emotes for Discord!

These emojis are super adorable overall.

4. Nine Clouds

nine clouds - Discord Emote Servers

Nine Clouds is a friendly and chill community that is great if you want to hang out with others and gain access to numerous ultra-cute Discord emotes. They have a wide variety of adorable emoji available, so if you're looking for some aesthetic ideas, this is the server to join!

Despite this, they have a bundle of great aesthetic fonts, too, for your ultimate inspiration.

5. Blue's Community

blues community - Top Discord Emote Servers

Blue's Community is a fun-packed server, with 30 plus bots, as well as 200 plus Discord emotes worth considering. This server is a great community overall, along with the remarkable bots!

They also have some Nitro giveaways with the active community.

6. Emote Central

Discord Emote Server - emote central

Emote Central is a server containing a stunning selection of custom Discord emotes worth considering.

The server also consists of fun meme channels to look at, plus a variety of GIFs, which is good for significant reactions to be added in conversations on other Discord servers.

7. NitroMoji

discord emote nitromoji

NitroMoji is a server packed with expanding collection of custom Discord emotes, and its list is regularly updated. This server is worth checking for if you're on the lookout for the newest and latest emotes for Discord.

Note: You can search for 'nitro emojis' on Disboard to find the others) if you want to check out their other range of emotes!

8. Emoji Server

emoji server

This server offers a beautiful array of custom Discord emotes for you to select from, consisting of different animated Discord emotes. In addition, numerous emojis are perfect for reactions and sending to friends.

With around 200 emojis to make use of, you can consider using this Discord emotes server as well.


It is the official server for website, which displays a wide variety of custom Discord emotes for you to keep an eye on. You'll then have access to their staggering array of emoji if you join the server and have Nitro for you to make use of in your other servers. You can also use these Discord emotes in your direct message conversations. They also have a very active community to participate.

10. Cute and Aesthetic Emoji

If you're looking for aesthetic and cute Discord emote servers, we'd like to recommend joining the Tomorrow server, which contains a wide range of super cute emojis.

No matter whether you're looking for adorable emoji to express your thoughts or cute emotes to embellish a conversation; you're sure to find a great variety here.

They also have a friendly community to hang out and chill with!

Part 2: 5 Best Discord Emotes Makers of 2022

While creating an emoji may seem daunting at first, this section is here to guide you to the best Discord emotes maker to do it just the way you want it.

1. MakeEmoji

discord emotes maker - MakeEmoji

It is an online Discord emotecreator tool that assists you in making your emojis in a fun way.

It's effortless to use with different options to help you make your emoji.

Since you understand all the platform's tools and features, the site's simplicity also stands out there right from the minute you visit it.

You also have the option of downloading custom-built emojis or make an emoji that is desirable on Discord.

Additionally, you can animate the Discord emotes to have more fun. Primarily, you need to upload an image. MakeEmoji will generate animated emojis to be used in Discord conversations to make them refreshing and exciting.


The Emojily offers several different designs to make your unique emoji and emoticon. You can label your emojis in various tags and find the perfect functions such as eyebrows, mouths, eyes, clothes, hands, and even hats.

Users also appreciate sharing Discord emotes directly to other platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Kik, or upload to the Discord server.

The standout feature of Emojly is a super feature called the randomize launched as an automated awesome crazy creator and Discord emotesmaker. This feature generates random emojis based on your decided labels.


discord emote maker zmoji

This application is an excellent fit for you if you want to create Discord emotesand easily share these custom elements with your friends.

You were left with no doubts now and needed to use your creativity to emotes for Discordfrom scratch.

However, everything is adjustable in the application.

This includes adjusting or modifying the avatar features such as hairstyle and eyebrows to face type, clothing, etc.

Once you've created ZMoji Discord emotesfor yourself, you can download them and send them over to your Discord server for direct upload.

However, there are lots of ads on the platform, which is its downside. Additionally, its premium subscription cost is a bit expensive as well.


discord emote maker bitmoji

With millions of downloads, Bitmoji Discord emote maker is a demanding app also synced with Snapchat.

It is best for teenagers and is one of the best and famous third-party apps.

It is highly personalized emotes designed could be your alter-egos because you can make them look just like you, which are funny and interactive.

You can elicit modifications or adjustments to your emoji to make it more enhancing. And that includes changing color, hairs, size or shape, and a lot more.

Furthermore, with Bitmoji you can:

  • Create an expressive avatar
  • Choose from a vast library of emojis

5. Kapwing

Kapwing is another remarkable Discord emote maker that offers you all the requisite features and tools to make a Discord emote.

The layout allows you to edit the image size and turn it into a Discord emoteeasily, ensuring ideal dimensions. The tool also provides you with different features to make your emoji just the way you wish them to be.

At last, you need to upload to your Discord server after you finish creating your emote.


Discord Emote Maker - emoji gg

If you've been searching to create customized Discord emotes, is the ideal Discord emote creator application.

It provides many cool tools at your disposal, with full control from different colors to different shapes to colors and a lot more.

Here you can create emotes for Discord with the available toolbox. The interface is pretty user-centric.

Once done, download the emoji with a single click, and upload it to the Discord server.

Part 3: FAQs about Discord Emotes

1 - How do you get global Emotes on Discord 2022?

Server owners, can no longer host or make Global Emotes, but users can use global Discord emotes from the server if they have access to Nitro, which costs $10, or Nitro Classic, which doesn't come with games, for $5.

2 - How do I get GW Discord Emotes?

Go to the Discord server of the emote using the Discord channel of your subscription and type a ':' in the chat place. You should see your GameWisp emotes that you can choose from the suggested emote list.

All GameWisp Discord emotes will begin with 'GW.' If the emotes are not visible, restart Discord and try again.

3 – Do global Emotes still work?

This service is no longer active. Server owners no longer can make Global Emotes.


Making your emojis might sound like a strenuous task, specifically for Discord, but Discord emote servers and Discord emote maker apps make the process much fun and straightforward.

All of these are incredibly well-designed servers, and Discord emote maker apps to make your experience of Discord emote a worthwhile and pleasant and worthwhile one!

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