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How to Make Well Done Animated GIF By Yourself?

Benjamin Arango
Benjamin Arango
Originally published Dec 10, 21, updated Jun 12, 24
Versatile Video Editor - Wondershare Filmora

An easy yet powerful editor

Numerous effects to choose from

Detailed tutorials provided by the official channel

GIF refers to Graphics Interchange Format, and you can generally discover this animated graphic image on web pages. You will see them like a twirling icon or a banner or just a few letters that go huge like magic. Note that well done animated GIF file mentions as a GIF89a, and this single file is helpful to contain various images inside a particular folder.

Moreover, these well-done animated GIF files are excellent for social media platforms, ad banners, and web pages.

They also want to add many funny words, bringing in interesting front outcomes at all times. Of course, it all boils down to the experience you wish to gain, but GIFs are always great to share online, and they bring in tons of fantastic fun moments that you can enjoy with your family.

Today, we will explore the ideal tool to create well done animated GIF along with a well-framed animated GIF tutorial. So, let's join the trend and share the same with your friends and family.

Part 1 Make well done animated GIF with Filmora

You may easily find multiples of GIF files over different social media channels. These day's people are using them mainly to entertain the audience on their channels or pages. They are also active in use for active conversations in other replies or comments.

Lots of people use GIFs to convey unique reactions on the internet on various channels. They are also valuable for illustrations, and one of the most prominent implications is in the business world for marketing requirements. It allows explaining your business products with increased user engagement and entertainment. The artistic world of GIFs can quickly boost your customers online.

It is possible to create well-done animated GIFs from still images or even from moving videos. This task is pretty straightforward than anyone can perform. To execute this task with much simplicity, we would like to recommend Wondershare Filmora for you.

Wondershare Filmora

Get started easily with Filmora's powerful performance, intuitive interface, and countless effects!


Using Filmora, you can quickly transform small videos into GIFs or combine several stills into GIFs. The more exciting thing is that Filmora also allows easy GIF customization as users can add different elements, overlays, text, etc., to their GIFs using the Filmora platform.

With Filmora, no matter what video formats you get, including FLV, MKV, WMV, MP4, etc. You can also introduce various advanced elements, animations, overlays, text to customize your GIFs.

Yet, if you are looking for an animated GIF tutorial, Filmora makes it all convenient for you. It assists you in creating an image, video memes, and GIFs directly without a watermark. It is FREE to use and has no signup.

You can change text size, position, and color to create a caption during the editing process. Then, just with a few clicks, your GIF is done. Try it now!

How to make GIFs with Wondershare Filmora

Here are a few simple steps to accomplish this task:

Step 1 Upload video or an image

Primarily, you have to import some editable video files or a collection of photos to the timeline of Wondershare Filmora.

Step 2 Drag to timeline

You can drag their imported media in Step 1 and drop it on the Filmora timeline.

drag timeline Filmora

Step 3 Edit media files

There are tons of editing options with pretty cool Filmora features. Users can easily choose among options like speed up, slow down, combine, rotate, crop, split, etc., to create a compelling video as per the content available.

Step 4 Add text effect to GIF files

It is the right time to update text-based information GIFs. Few text messages always appear good in GIFs. Or, you can add other elements here like sound, etc.

add text gif filmora

Step 5 Save and export

Once you have finished all the steps, save your file with a GIF extension and get ready to upload it on various social media platforms.

save gif filmora

Part 2 Samples for Well Done Animated GIF

They say that an image is worth looking at a thousand words, so you must consider an animated GIF even more regarding this statement. In the current scenario, email marketers are revamping the boundaries of email design by including well-done animated GIFs to showcase their services and products in action.

Here is a collection of 5 beautiful samples of well-done animated GIFs in email marketing that proved to be very creative, engaging, and colorful.

1. ShoeMint


This cute GIF syncs pretty well with the ShoeMint’s email marketing template's title – "C'mon, Get Happy!.” You can smile when you see the colorful socks swaying in a carefree manner.

2. Mr. Porter

mr porter

This is an animated fireplace in the email marketing newsletter of Mr. Porter. It gives a pretty cozy and warm feel and atmosphere to the entire image, which is what they're looking for or wandering for with the casual clothes the man is wearing.

3. American Apparel

american apparel

American Apparel sells "power washed" T-shirts to make them "super soft."

This critical merit would not attract many users if it weren't for simulating the animated GIF of the T-shirts getting washed in an imaginary washing machine.

4. Looper


One of the major motion pictures was Looper, that introduced us to the world's first "official" GIF movie poster when the film premiered. The clock GIF inside the first O is exclusively creative, and the incredible animated dust effect suggests that both characters are fading away due to the events in the movie.

5. West Elm

west elm

West Elm offers modern furniture and various home decorations. In this email newsletter, they are presenting a selection of lamps, and what better way to showcase them than a GIF of them turning on at the same time.

Thus, these were the top five samples of our animated GIF tutorial you can take cue from right away.

Versatile Video Editor - Wondershare Filmora

An easy yet powerful editor

Numerous effects to choose from

Detailed tutorials provided by the official channel


While the lots of GIF makers available might prove to be good at times, they won't be able to provide the value you want all the time. That's what makes Wondershare Filmora an ideal pick to use for finishing well done animated GIF and one that will undoubtedly deliver on its promise. Creating a well-done animated GIF is simple, easy, and quick with Filmora. Have you tried it out yet?

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