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16 Best Sites to Make Creative Father's Day Cards

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published May 13, 22, updated Jun 12, 24

Father's Day - a lovely day to honor the idle figure of your life is around the corner. Are you planning to do something special, girls, for your first love? Or planning to give a personalized gift to your hero, Boys? There are a lot of ways to celebrate this day, and I am sure you must be planning something very loving for him but don’t you think that everybody can give a gift or something of value to his/her father, but your loving dad deserves something designed with personal touch and care. If you keep this desire and want to fulfill this in your unique way then a lovely customized card is all you need to garnish this day with a pinch of love and care.

Various websites give you a chance to personalize the card in your own unique manner. You can design it the way you wish and with a sword of pen write something very much personalized as a little gesture to thank him for all the pains he took for you! A card is the best gift for your DAD (d Amazing DAD) as it acts as a mirror of what is in your heart. Here below we have gathered some website links which can provide a template for customizing the card.

16 Sites to Create Awesome Cards for Father

1. American Greetings

fathers day cards americangreetings

If you want to be matured and out of the league cards then this website is for you. It contains sensible cards with messages like you are a special man and the classy ones having songs, videos dedicated to dads! Check out this site for some unique ideas.

2. 123 Greetings

fathers day cards 123greetings

This is a website allows you to send various cards giving different messages. From simple cards conveying warm wishes to miss you, thank you, or to give him a toast and many more varieties to choose from! They have a separate set of cards for girls and boys to choose from! You can imbibe your message within and these flashy cards will steal his heart!

3. Jibjab

fathers day jibjab

Just like its name it is a fusion of some mad and sensible dad tracks. You can carve out a message and put your dad’s picture in it! There are multiple roles played by dad in real life and based on that you can fit him in and show him the rocking side!

4. Care 2

fathers day care2

If you care for him then here you can find the collection of cute cards and decorate them with your personalized message! You can add an image or send the animated ones to your hard-working dad.

5. Hallmark

fathers day hallmarkecards

It is a very creative website! It allows making funny yet serious cards with so much professionalism and love. You will get to know what we are talking about when you will hit on this link. You can’t scroll down without looking at the cards which it offers!

6. Jacquie Lawson

fathers day jacquielawson

Personalized range of cards from Jacquie portrays a picture of an ideal dad. It contains many of the cards to match the hobbies of dads such as fishing, golfing, gardening, and camping, etc. You can picture what he likes the most!

7. Cross Cards

fathers day crosscards

It gives you an opportunity to gift a card to the toughest guy you have ever seen in your life! Thank him for the path he has shown to you through Cross cards.

8. Blue Mountain

fathers day bluemountain

Your dad is the man you follow, so thank him for giving all the good lessons and integrity he has taught you. Appreciate him for all his lessons but in a funny way through cards on Blue Mountain.

9. Some e-cards

fathers day someecards

You can find amazing one-liner cards conveying deep meanings at this website. It contains some adult jokes so make you’re your dad digests!

10. Doozy Cards

fathers day doozycards

The classic designs at this website are eye-catchy, and you can make the contemporary ones unique with your own taste and flavor!

11. Greeting is Island

fathers day greetingsisland

Simple, classic, heart-touching and cute reflecting messages of time spent with your father are all this website has.

12. Ojolie

fathers day ojolie

The cards with modern graphic designs and vibrant colors and celestial look featuring unique designs from all over the globe are found here.

13. Maryland SPCA

fathers day mdspca

You can find cards for the coolest dad over here!

14. Alight House

fathers day alighthouse

Lots of interesting designs under different categories which can be customized to create a unique greeting card.

15. Open me

fathers day openme

Make your dad laugh along with saying thank you for all his efforts by a lovely e-card saying open me!

16. Wrong cards

fathers day wrongcards

Not the cards are wrong, they are just a little more expressive! Check them out for all the fun!

You cannot repay what he has done for you, but picking up the perfect e-card is a pretty good start! Visit these websites and add a little more fun to the celebration of this beautiful day with your father!

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