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Ep. 8 Make Your Videos Look Great with Filters & Overlays

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By Mar 30, 2022 15:35 PM

Make Your Videos Look Great with Filters & Overlays

Filmora features over 170 filters and overlays that can spice up your movies.

Here is how to apply filters to your movie:

  • 1.Once your video clips are on the timeline, open up the filter library. Filmora has hundreds of filters and overlays to choose from.
  • 2.To preview a filter, you can double click on it, and the filter will load on your video in the preview window. As each video is unique, you may find that some filters look better on different videos.

filmora video editor

Overlays are powerful visual tools that can really enhance the look of your movies. You will have a lot of fun trying each overlay.

Similar to filters, overlays will vary depending on different scenes of your video. When you have found the perfect overlay for your scene, you can drag and drop it into the timeline. You can also edit its strength by clicking the edit button.

filmora video editor

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