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Ep. 12 Ways to Stabilize Your Camera – Easy & Effective

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By Mar 30, 2022 15:35 PM

When you shoot videos using a DSLR, you probably want a camera stabilizer to keep your footage nice and steady. But those gears can be pricey and inconvenient to carry around with you. The good news is that we will show you 5 easy ways to stabilize your camera using items you already have. Let’s start!

1. Use Your Camera Strap

Your camera strap is actually one of the handiest tools for stabilizing your camera. The key is to make sure you pull it tight when shooting or panning the camera. It will help reduce the camera shake from hand-held shooting and produce smooth shots.

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2. Stabilize Your Camera with a String & a Screw

You can also make your own stabilizer in 2 steps using a string and a screw (Watch the video for instructions). This stabilizer is easy to carry around and allows you to pan and tilt your camera smoothly.

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3. The World is Your Tripod

Use your creativity and place your camera on various objects to stabilize it, such as place on a mug or a table. The fun part of this is that you will get interesting shots by shooting from various angles.

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4. Turn a Basic Tripod Into a Steadicam for Moving Shots

This tip shows you how to use a basic tripod—something you probably already have—as a Steadicam. Just hold the center of the tripod in hand and use its three legs as weighted stabilizers. This trick makes it so easy to take smooth moving shots.

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5. Use a Rubber Band

Tie a rubber band to one of the belt loops on your pants. Make sure it’s steady and not too loose. Attach the other end of the rubber band to your camera using a camera plate. Now you can tilt and pan your camera smoothly!

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