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10 FREE Instagram Story Viewers to Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world right now. Like Snapchat, Instagram also introduced the story feature a few years ago. Today more than 500 million active users use Instagram stories. And, 70% of these users view Instagram stories every day. Even though you can directly watch a story on Instagram, many users use third-party Instagram story viewers. The reason behind this is that on Instagram your username appears in the list of story viewers – under “seen by #”. So, for those who want to watch Instagram stories anonymously, IG story viewers are available.

Today we will talk about the top 10 Instagram story viewers you can use in 2021.

List of 10 Free Instagram Story Viewers

Here are the top 10 Instagram story viewers. Let's check!

1. Insta Stories

Insta stories is a popular anonymous Instagram story viewer.  It allows you to view and download Instagram stories, highlights and posts anonymously.  The best thing about this tool is that you do not need to log in and it is 100% free. Just enter the username or profile URL into the search bar. The downside of this Instagram story viewers is that it cannot access private accounts. So, you can only view content from public profiles. 

insta stories

2. Dumpor

You can search anything and everything on this Instagram story viewer. Dumpor is an online platform that allows you to view Instagram content anonymously – whether it is Instagram stories, highlights, posts, publications, reels, followers, etc. It does not require any signup. Moreover, you can also download the content directly on your desktop or mobile phone. You can also search and browse popular hashtags and posts associated with those hashtags. 

dumpor instagram story viewer

3. Insta Stalker

Insta stalker is an Instagram story viewer that allows you to view and download Instagram stories. This platform requires registration and sends a detailed report about the searched profile, including its followers, following, story views, etc. So, if you have some tough competition, search the profile and get all the hidden data you need to beat them. You can use Insta Stalker for free but a premium version of this service is available online with added bonuses and features. 

nsta stalker

4.Anon IG Viewer

Anon IG Viewer is a super intuitive and user-friendly Instagram story viewer. With the help of this tool, you can view Instagram stories anonymously without any sign up and account log in. Moreover, Anon IG Viewer is totally free for all users. All you have to do is enter the Instagram username and click on the search button.  A downside of this tool is that you can only view and not download anything. 

anon ig viewer

5. Inflact

Inflact Is a pro-level Instagram story viewer. It has many different tools including hashtag generator, profile analyzer, font change and downloader. This online tool is also compatible with Facebook and Twitter.  It offers a free version but to get the full scope of its features you can monitor 100 profiles for a subscription as low as $49 per month. It also offers low subscription rates of $3 per month for three profiles. So, if you want an advanced tool to do more than just view Instagram stories anonymously, then Inflact is the one. 

Inflact story viewer

6. Stories IG

Stories IG is a simple to use Instagram story viewer downloader and sharer.  With the help of this online platform, you can watch Instagram stories anonymously from anywhere in the world. Moreover, you can also anonymously view photos, videos, highlights, IGTVs, and profile pictures. Like most Instagram story viewers on this list, Stories IG is also free to use and does not require any account registration. 

instagram story viewer

7. Instadp

For all the stalkers out there Instadp is for you. This allows you to view and download Instagram stories and reels. Plus, you can also open and view Instagram DP of other people. From famous celebrity Instagramers to friends of friends, you can access anybody through this website.  It is free to use and requires no account login.  The only downside of using this tool is ads, which can be very annoying sometimes. 

instadp story viewer

8. Instasaved

Instasaved Versatile story viewer and downloader that works for Instagram, YouTube and Tiktok.  Users can download different content types using this tool.  It allows you to download photos, videos, highlights reels, and more. Of course, it is 100% safe and free to use. So, if you want to view Instagram stories anonymously, Instasaved is a good option because it requires no sign in or account registration.

instasaved story viewer

9. Insta Followers

Insta followers is an All-in-One Instagram tool. It has an anonymous Instagram story viewer and downloader, and also allows you to buy Instagram likes and followers. Don’t let the name of the software fool you because it also works for multiple social media platforms including Facebook, Tiktok and YouTube. Insta Followers also has multiple SEO tools.  All in all, it is a must have tool for anybody who wants to grow their online presence on social media or search engines. While many tools on the website are absolutely free, you will have to purchase the others.

insta follower

10. Stories Down

Want to watch some one-story anonymously on Instagram? Stories Down has got you covered.  This online tool allows you to give and download Instagram stories anonymously for free. No need to log in with your Instagram account to view the stories and videos. Simply enter the username of the account you want to view and let Stories Down do the rest. It is a very user-friendly platform with a basic interface so anyone can use it easily.  If you are looking for a simple IG stories viewer, try Stories Down. 

stories down

Bonus-How to Make Videos for Instagram with Wondershare's Filmora

There are a lot of reasons why people want to download Instagram stories and reels.  Many times, content creators use such video snippets to create and edit videos. Although there are many videos editing software, Wondershare Filmora remains number one. Wondershare Filmora is a versatile video creation and editing tool suitable for both beginners and pros. User friendly interface and all the basic editing tools necessary to create a stunning video.  Moreover, it also offers advanced features for high quality video production.  

Download Filmora9 Win Version Download Filmora9 Mac Version

Whether you want to create family videos, tutorials, or podcasts, Wondershare Filmora can do it all. It is also an excellent tool for social media videos including Instagram reels, IGTV videos, YouTube vlogs, TikTok videos and more. Once you have edited the video you can directly share it on social media platforms in multiple formats and high video quality.

Follow these steps to make Instagram stories and other social media visual content using Wondershare Filmora:

Step 1: Open Filmora

Download Wondershare Filmora on your desktop and launch the software. 

Step 2: Import Video 

Using the Import button upload the video you want to edit. 

import instagram video

Step 3: Set the 1:1 aspect ratio for Instagram

adjust instagram video ratio

Step 4: Add text, animation and filters,etc to the video

edit and animate texts

Step 5; Export 

Once your video is complete click on Export to save it or share it directly on social media. 

This concludes our short guide on how to create attractive Instagram and Facebook videos on Wondershare Filmora. 

export instagram video


Audiences are instantly drawn to videos and pictures because our brain absorbs and retains visual content more easily.  This is why social media is filled with images, videos and other types of visual content. Whether it's Instagram or Facebook, instead of expressing their thoughts in writing, people now visually interact in real time through stories. A lot of people use Instagram story viewers to watch and download Instagram pictures, videos and stories.  To further edit and share the videos you can use Wondershare Filmora – a competitive yet affordable video editing software!

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