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Best Music Apps and Services for Twitch Streamers

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

If you’re a fan of the popular and extremely versatile streaming platform that is Twitch, then this handy guide is for you. A diverse and welcoming online community, Twitch is the perfect place for streaming live gaming escapades, music broadcasts, real-life vlogs, and even helpful tutorial guides. A great place to interact, explore, and contribute, Twitch is designed for streamers that are looking to indulge their interests.

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When it comes to broadcasting background music via Twitch, streamers are often faced with irritating copyright limitations which can, in turn, mute their broadcast or worse, remove it. To help streamers, and viewers, get the most out of their Twitch experience we’ve pieced together a handy guide to help you seek out the best royalty-free options when it comes to sourcing music.

Although you can proceed to stream via the use of broadcasters absent from the following list, here are our Top Credited Music Apps and Services available today:

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1. Spotify (Music App)

One of the most popular digital music services available currently, Spotify offers users millions of tracks, albums, and pre-created playlists to enjoy. Although it’s not possible to stream each and every playlist/track available, the ‘Twitch Account on Spotify’ option offers a great choice for those looking to add a little royalty-free background music to their next live stream. Producing sound that’s nearly indistinguishable from a background CD player, and with genres spanning from rap to rock n’ roll, Spotify’s VoD (Video on Demand) suitable music is guaranteed to help liven up any streaming session.

2. iTunes and Google Play (Music App)

Many streamers believe that once they’ve purchased music via platforms such as iTunes or Google Play they have the right to use it within their videos without repercussion; this is not the case. Purchasing a song from either iTunes or Google Play binds the user to the music through a leasing license. Although it’s possible to listen as many times to a certain song as you like, it is in fact illegal to play them in your VoD streams and live-sessions. Despite this, both iTunes and Google Play offer a selection of royalty-free music to customers. Click here for the Royalty-Free Music Selection for iTunes and here for the Royalty-Free Music Selection for Google Play Store

3. Pretzel (Music App)

Boasting an extensive array of desirable editing features that are designed to help you announce/credit the current playing song in Twitch chat, edit text formats, and even share album covers with your viewers, the Pretzel Music App is sure to impress. With a large number of royalty-free songs to choose from, Pretzel even allows users to create shareable webpages that list their favorite songs and hits. A super easy-to-use application, this stream-safe music player is a great way to broadcast (and listen to) your favorite chart-topping hits within your next live-stream without the risk of infringing the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

4. VoiceMeeter Banana (Audio Mixing Streaming App)

VoiceMeeter Banana is a great application for those looking to dabble in sound mixing, erase unnecessary and over-shadowing sounds from external applications, and even split audio sources from their live-stream or recording. Allowing users to take input from up to 3 standalone hardware device, as well as 2 software applications, and mix them to together, this free audio streaming software is guaranteed to allow streamers, and even budding podcasters, total audio control when it comes to streaming the perfect on-demand video.

5. Virtual Cables (Audio Routers)

Similar to VoiceMeeter Banana, the Virtual Cables application can also be utilized to redirect and export audio from programs to various different audio devices. A great way to mix certain sound sources through creating virtual audio lines, Virtual Cables allows users to create the perfect balance of both music and in-game/internal-video sounds, whilst maintaining that only the streamer themselves can hear internal sounds (as played via different channel).

6. Winamp (Music and Video Player)

Utilizing only offline content, Winamp is a great way to minimize bandwidth usage during a live-stream or on-demand video broadcast. With an extensive range of playlists and songs to choose from, simply organize a playlist based on songs that you have rights to access or that you’d like to listen to whilst broadcasting– it’s as simple as that! Winamp also offers a desirable feature that allows streamers to play their selected playlist via a different channel, ensuring that it’s not streamed via an on-demand video if the users opt against it.

7. VLC (Music and Video Player)

Offering the ability to play both personalized playlists and soundcloud tracks, VLC is a free cross-platform multimedia player that is suitable for live-stream usage. Boasting a simplistic yet effective interface, VLC allows users to directly stream their audio content over a local network or Internet connection. Allowing users to both play and input via a wide range of formats, including DV Audio, MP3 – MPEG Layer 3, WAV, Sand even Standard MIDI, the VLC Media Player adheres to most streaming protocols.

8. Foobar2000 (Music and Video Player)

Offering gapless playbacks (no pause between queued songs), Foobar2000 is great for scheduling and streaming specific music atop on-demand videos. With a number of plugins available to help enhance the user experience, Foobar2000 is a great little freeware audio player that’s designed to help you personalize your screen captures and live-streams in style. Suitable for use across Microsoft Windows, iOS, and Android devices, this popular platform is designed to support MP3, Vorbis, FLAC, and even Speex audio formats.

9. Snip (Music Ticker App)

Perfect for streamers looking to inform their audience members and viewers of important information relevant to the current song that’s being played (such as the artist’s name, track, and album info), Snip is designed to help your streams stand out. Obtaining such information from applications such as Spotify, Winamp, VLC, and even Foobar2000, this app allows users to save the data as both loadable and automatically displaying fields that overlay their current stream. A great way to personalize and even engage with audience members, this specially generated Music Ticker Application is sure to work wonders.

10. CheVolume (Audio Routers)

A great software for helping to manage your media output, CheVolume is designed to help you stream your audio through a specific set of speakers, headphones, or audio device with ease. With a full audio mixer, a professional audio manager suite, and even the ability to choose the audio output of your applications separately, this easy-to-use software, much like Virtual Cables, is a great audio re-routing alternative to mainstream playlist usage.


In summary, it’s important to note that there are plenty of options available when it comes to streaming royalty-free and credited music within your live-streams and on-demand broadcasts. With options to purchase licenses, the ability to attribute credit to downloaded content, and even the choice to opt for pre-formatted Twitch-friendly playlists, there’s an application available for each and every music taste. As Twitch automatically mutes sections of archived videos that contain copyright audio, we highly recommend that you take the time to read each and every platform’s Terms and Conditions before you go ahead and insert audio into your next stream!

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