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A Guide to Making Claw Machine Outfit Transition Videos

michelle segredo
Michelle Segredo

Editing fashion videos is an overwhelming task. It needs a combination of imagination and skills. So, Filmora emerges as an exceptional editing tool within this domain. It provides unique features to take your video content narrative to the next level.

Key Steps of This Video Tutorial To Follow

00:50 Get Your Clips Ready

First, record yourself striking dynamic stances. Then, before you land, jump and put an item where you landed. You can create transition effortlessly by adding clothes or accessories. Of course, you have to keep your stance and position the same. Moreover, ensure you take separate images for post-editing.

shoot clips for editing in filmora v13
00.55 Elevating the Final Pose for Drama

Strike dramatic stances while applying the last item of clothing or accessory. It can make your transition more dramatic. You can also mimic being seized for the final position.

filming a last pose
01.21 Shooting and Establishing the Scene

Make sure to film the backdrop independently after each clip of each costume change. When editing is underway, this prep work will be crucial.

create a scene
01:50 Moving on to the Editing Stage

Visit Wondershare's website to download Filmora. Bring up the program, create a new project, and then drag and drop all the clips onto the timeline.

download and run filmora
02:21 Making the Overlay Effect

Take a snapshot of your first outfit and crop off the unwanted parts. You must also blur the backdrop and add a hand or other accessory. Now, you should include this modified picture in the scene. Thus, overlay it on top of the backdrop clip and apply keyframes.

taking and editing screenshot in filmora
02:30 Editing Transitions

Now, add a hand to the following screenshot after eliminating the backdrop. You can repeat the same technique for footage when you leap mid-air. Remember, you should place these pictures on each other and arrange them perfectly.

Also, avoid touching the backdrop, as it may disturb the sequencing. Use keyframes once again to achieve a smooth transition while in mid-air.

ensure a smooth transition in filmora
04:13 Edit the Pictures of Clothing and Accessories

You must add hands to clips that include clothing or accessory changes. You can do it by removing the backdrop again. Align these modified clips before importing them and place them on the backdrop.

edit clothing and accessories images
04:40 Complete the Final Editing

Cut the footage for the last costume change in mid-air for an eye-catching impact. You can use keyframes to lower the backdrop gradually. Align the final posing clip with the following clip for a perfect transition.

review the output

Use keyframes, overlay effects, and strategic placement of edited footage to improve your video content with style and drama.

Filmora Creative Assets, the in-built stock in Filmora, offers a vast collection of resources such as video effects, overlays, music, and sound effects. Download Filmora to try the effect and find more creativity possibilities.

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