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Adding Jump-in Outfit Effect Using Filmora

michelle segredo
Michelle Segredo

Are you planning to add a jump-in outfit effect in your next video? This effect is relatively simple to put in place. Use Filmora to create stunning, professional-quality videos. Let's explore the basics of fashion transitions to create an engaging viewing experience.

Key Steps of This Video Tutorial To Follow

00:50 Start by Filming Your Clips

First, picture yourself recording as clothes float before your eyes. Ensure to shoot enough clips, particularly while leaping and switching clothes. You can also strike a pose in each of your outfits and ensure your stance is consistent.

Finally, get a good photo of the garments lined up so you may remove the backdrop later.

shooting unique videos for editing in filmora v13
01:40 Get Filmora

You can start editing with Filmora after launching it on your device.

download and install filmora v13
01:54 Import All Video Clips

Start a new project in Filmora and drag & drop all the clips you've already shot. Start by adding the first clip to the timeline. Then, you can add apparel photos one by one with backgrounds eliminated.

importing all clips in filmora v13
02:05 Place Pictures Correctly

Drag the garment picture from the frame and place it over the first clip. After that, you can use keyframes to make the transitions seamless. Remember, this part is crucial since it helps create a smooth visual flow.

add pictures in filmora v13
02:30 Repeat the Process for All Outfits

You can add more pictures with their backdrops removed and proceed as before. However, begin in a new location this time. You can drag the image around the frame, ensuring no breaks. Proceed two or three trips around the timeline to complete all the photos.

add more outfit pictures
03:02 Try the Copy and Paste Feature

Use Filmora's copy-and-paste function to your advantage. It saves time and ensures the keyframed clothing is in the correct positions. You can check it by scrolling to the leaping portions.

copy and paste in filmora
03:25 Refine the Jumping Effect

Keyframing each clothing change allows you to fine-tune the leaping effect. Moreover, it also keeps consistency. It is relatively easy to ensure a smooth transition. Look at the clothes and ensure they align with the intended postures.

review the jumping effect
03:40 Complete the Posing Photos

To make the films the exact length you want, add the posing clips to the timeline and cut them. This step completes the tutorial by showing you how to use Filmora's unique features.

review the posing photos

As you can see, Filmora plays a crucial role in making fashion transition videos. You can use these strategies to add style to your video content. So, create your next video with a jump-in outfit effect.

Filmora Creative Assets, the in-built stock in Filmora, offers a vast collection of resources such as video effects, overlays, music, and sound effects. Download Filmora to try the effect and find more creativity possibilities.

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