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TikTok Hashtag Strategies to Boost Your Visibility

Dolunay Özeren

In TikTok, hashtags are crucial to getting immense visibility and engagement. However, you must use the right combination of hashtags. It will help you take TikTok content to new heights. But slapping on a few random hashtags won't cut it in today's crowded TikTok platform. You need to learn the process of strategic hashtag selection and implementation. Here is how you can do it!

Key Steps of This Video Tutorial To Follow

00:25 Understand the Types of Hashtags

Use a combination of different hashtag types to boost your content's visibility. You can add trending hashtags to capitalize on popular trends and buzzwords. Niche-specific hashtags can connect you with a core audience interested in the content's subject matter. Likewise, branded hashtags can build a community around your brand and encourage engagement.

01:22 Research Influencers and Popular Hashtags

Follow influencers whose content aligns with your niche. This way, you can gain insights into the hashtags they use. Explore their recent posts and observe the trending and niche-specific hashtags they use. Click on these hashtags to discover other videos using them.

02:03 Use the TikTok Creative Center

Go to the TikTok Creative Center and locate the "Trends" section. Here, you can find all the trending hashtags in your country. It also shows their popularity metrics. This section allows you to identify popular hashtags relevant to your content.

02:32 Discover Niche Hashtags

Niche hashtags tailored to your content are crucial for connecting with the target audience. Thus, explore hashtags specific to your niche. You can use "do-it-yourself decor" or "crafting tips" for DIY content or "yoga life" and "mindful movements" for yoga-related posts.

03:12 Use Hashtag Research Tools

Visit websites dedicated to researching hashtags. They often have handy hashtag generator tools. You need to enter relevant keywords related to your content. After that, the tool provides a list of hashtags and popularity metrics. It can help you identify the most suitable hashtags for your niche and target audience.

03:54 Determine the Appropriate Number of Hashtags

While there is no definitive rule, using three to five hashtags per post is a good guideline. This number allows you to combine trending hashtags, niche-specific hashtags, and one branded hashtag. At the same time, it won't overcrowd your caption. Focus on relevance over popularity when selecting hashtags.

05:25 Create Unique Branded Hashtags

Develop a unique branded hashtag for your content or series. It distinguishes your content and encourages audience engagement with your brand. It also creates a sense of community around your content.

05:45 Encourage Hashtag Engagement

When hosting events or campaigns, create a dedicated hashtag and tell it to your audience. Ask them to use this hashtag when participating or engaging with your content.

06:12 Adding Hashtag Title in Video

In this step, you open the Filmora video editing software and go to the "Titles" section. From there, you search for and select a hashtag symbol (#) title you like. You then drag and drop this hashtag title onto your video clip on the timeline.

adding a hashtag in video in filmora
06:20 Customizing the Hashtag Title

After adding the hashtag title to your video, you can customize it. You click on the title in the right-hand panel. Now, replace the "#" symbol with the specific hashtag you want to include. You can also adjust the size of the hashtag title by reducing the scale under the "Video" tab. You can reposition the hashtag title by dragging it to the desired location on the video.

customizing a hashtag title in filmora
06:45 Enhancing Readability

Customizing the hashtag title's appearance can make it more readable. Go to the "Titles" section and explore options to change the look and colors. You can also add a background to the hashtag title. If you're filming against a white background, adding a contrasting background to the hashtag title can improve its visibility.

improving hashtag readability in filmora
07:04 Using Templates for Anonymity

If you want to avoid showing yourself in the video, Filmora provides pre-made templates that you can use. In this step, go to the "Templates" section and choose a relevant subcategory, like "Advertising." You then search for a keyword related to your content, such as "small business." Drag and drop a suitable template video onto the timeline.

using templates in filmora
08:25 Strategically Place Hashtags in Descriptions

Place your hashtags at the end of your video descriptions. It will help you maintain a clear and engaging message. Your description should include the content's message, call to action, and relevant hashtags. It will ensure a structured and seamless flow for your audience.

08:47 Track and Optimize Hashtag Performance

Regularly analyze the performance of your hashtags in terms of views and engagement. If a particular hashtag is not generating the desired results, replace it. You can try combinations to find the most effective approach to reach your audience.


You must implement a strategic hashtag approach on TikTok. Filmora will help you create excellent videos for TikTok. However, you will have to learn how to find and use hashtags. It is the only way to attract your ideal audience and maximize your content's reach.

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