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Guide to Arrange Your Travel Video Clips

Sean Kitching

As a vacation filmmaker, you might experience the feeling of being completely overwhelmed. It usually happens when you return home with hours of incredible footage. You might face the even more daunting process of organizing and editing it all. Get over it! Use simple video clip organization methods and Filmora to save hours. This tutorial will walk you through each step to efficiently edit that mound of films.

Key Steps of This Video Tutorial To Follow

01:40 Create Separate Folders

Make a folder named "Raw Footage" or any relevant name for each day after the shooting is over. You can create other folders under this main folder. Label them with short descriptions of the day's events, e.g., Day 1 - Beach Sunset, Day 2 - Waterfall Hike. You won't lose any important clips if you transfer all your work into these daily subfolders.

create a folder for organization
01:50 Make Some Extra Folders

Now, set up different folders for each aspect you might use. It can be images, overlays, music, sound effects, and daily footage. It can help you find what you need with ease while editing.

create additional folders
02:30 Setting Up Your Timeline

After organizing, bring all the raw clips into your timeline. Go over each clip thoroughly and remove any extraneous parts. Copy and paste the parts you want to keep into a new timeline row.

creating a new timeline
02:40 Refine Your Selections

Select the clips you want to use and drag them from one timeline row into another. Keep the leftover footage; you might need it for more shots or edits during the editing process.

03:20 Finalize Your Selections

You may need to go through the selection process again. It depends on the number and size of your video clips. You can narrow your selections, leaving you with just the top clips. These selected clips will form the foundation of your travel video masterpiece.

finalize selected clips
03:55 Start Editing

You are now prepared to start assembling your vacation video masterpiece. You have already selected the best clips and grouped them on the timeline! Everything you need is conveniently located. So there's no need to wade through hours of film anymore.


That's all! Using Filmora for editing videos is easy. But you can make it even easier by organizing everything you need in one place. As you can see, it is easy to place the overwhelming amount of video clips in a well-organized manner. You can now focus on your work without worrying or losing important footage. Use these easy steps to organize and edit video clips. Enjoy the editing process!

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