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Guide to Add and Sync Music in Travel Videos

Sean Kitching

Music makes your videos attractive and exciting for your audience. So, finding the right music to go with the shots is integral to editing. But it shouldn't be daunting as long as you can access tools like Filmora. This tutorial will show you how to edit your travel videos to music professionally.

Key Steps of This Video Tutorial To Follow

00:50 Locate the Ideal Musical Piece

Locating an appropriate musical composition should be your primary task. Look for something that enhances your video. Adding music that detracts from your clips can affect the viewing experience. In short, you don't want the music to overpower the plot but rather to complement it.

01:20 Use Auto Beat Sync

Things become more manageable when you use specialized software like Filmora. It has a feature that automatically trims your clips to match the rhythms of your music track. The Auto Beat Sync feature in Filmora will do just that. Compared to adjusting each clip onto the beats by hand, this saves a ton of time.

use auto beat sync in filmora
02:00 Mix Up the Cutting Patterns

You must maintain the audience's interest after using Auto Beat Sync. Switch up the cutting patterns to achieve it. You should not cut each clip at the same length or the same spot; instead, you should experiment. Doing so keeps your film visually engaging and avoids monotony.

choose the cutting patterns
03:00 Play Along with the Rhythm

Get into the groove of the song you've selected by varying the tempo and intensity of your cuts. At the buildup, you can use longer, slower clips. Likewise, use rapid cuts and high-energy sequences at the climax or drop. You can use longer, slower clips to taper down the end of your video. You can adjust these sequences depending on your video length.

arrange clips to flow smoothly
03:22 Adjust Track Length (Optional)

Sometimes, the music length can be too long or short. You may want to change the size of your music track without sacrificing quality. You can use the Audio Stretch tool of Filmora to do so. This feature will help you get the required music to match the video length.

change the audio length

You must ensure the shots and audio work together to improve the watching experience. It can happen when you use professional tools like Filmora. You can make fantastic travel videos that play well with your selected music. Mastering the art of music editing takes time and effort. However, the result is worth it.

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