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Tips to Revive Your TikTok Engagement After a Sudden Halt

Dolunay Özeren

TikTok is one of the most crowded and competitive platforms. Thus, understanding the traffic pool system is crucial for content creators. It is the best way to maximize your reach and engagement. We will discuss the TikTok algorithm today. You will get insights and strategies for using the platform's content distribution mechanisms.

Key Steps of This Video Tutorial To Follow

00:23 Understand the TikTok Traffic Pool System

The TikTok algorithm uses a traffic pool system to determine which videos are shown to users. Moreover, it decides how often they appear on the For You page. This system is an invisible process that sorts through thousands of videos. It presents content that users are most likely to like.

01:45 Initial Video Exposure

When you upload any video, it is not immediately shown to all your followers or the entire TikTok community. Instead, the algorithm presents your video to a small, selected group of users.

02:12 Performance Evaluation

The algorithm closely monitors how the viewers interact with your recently uploaded video. It checks if viewers watch the video entirely. It also looks for the likes or comments, and the overall engagement level. This evaluation is essential because it's your video's first analysis. It decides if the video is exciting and engaging enough to be shown to more users.

02:40 Further Recommendation

Your video captures the attention of the initial group of viewers it is shown to. The algorithm will then identify it as engaging content worthy of being recommended. It means your video will be exposed to a larger audience pool. That will allow it to reach even more potential viewers. Ensure your video continues to generate positive interactions and engagement from these new viewers. The algorithm becomes increasingly convinced that it is high-quality, compelling content. Consequently, it will keep expanding the video's reach and promoting it to an ever-wider audience.

03:15 Self-Reinforcing Process

An initially successful video keeps gaining broader exposure through recommendations. More viewers mean more interactions, signaling the algorithm to promote it further to larger audiences. This iterative process can amplify a compelling video's reach. Remember, robust engagement data continuously reinforces its viral potential.

03:43 Understanding Shadow Bans

A TikTok shadow ban is when the platform's algorithm restricts user content distribution without notifying them. Their videos are suppressed and not shown to non-followers on the For You page. It can lead to drastically reduced exposure and view counts.

04:20 Identifying Signs of a Shadow Ban

Signs of a shadow ban may include a sudden and significant drop in video views. Besides, your newly uploaded videos might struggle to gain exposure. You may experience a slowdown in the rate of follower growth.

05:25 Reasons for Shadow Bans

Potential reasons for a shadow ban include violating Community Guidelines. You may have used prohibited music or content. Other factors, like repetitive content and abnormal behavior patterns, can cause shadow bans.

05:50 Find Copyright-Free Music or Visuals

Locating music or visuals that are free from copyright restrictions can be daunting. Filmora has established partnerships with four websites that offer copyright-free material. It enables users to add these resources to their projects without any concerns.

06:07 Accessing Free Resources in Filmora

In the Filmora, select the Partners option in the Stock Media section. It will reveal a vast library of videos, images, animations, and stickers. They are all copyright-free and ready for immediate use.

stock media in filmora
06:21 Explore Filmora's Music Library

Filmora's music library lets you identify songs available for commercial purposes. You can use filters to display only those tracks designated for commercial projects.

trending music in filmora
06:33 Check Commercial Usage Rights

You can also check if a particular song can be used commercially. Open Filmora, go to the Audio section, and browse the Trending Music category. After selecting a song, click on the three dots in the top-right corner to see if it is permitted for commercial use. Alternatively, you can click on "All," switch to the "Commercial" filter and view only the explicitly cleared songs for commercial purposes.

commercial songs option in filmora
07:50 Using the Traffic Pool Principle

To get the most out of TikTok, actively shape your content strategy to engage with the system. Review your content to ensure compliance with Community Guidelines. Optimize the beginning of your videos to grab viewers' attention. Using trending tags, music, and effects can make your content attractive.


There's no magic formula to grow on TikTok. The algorithm is constantly changing, and what's popular today might be old news tomorrow. You must focus on creating quality content around current trends. At the same time, avoid breaking rules that can put a shadow ban on your content. Instead, you can learn the Traffic Pool system on TikTok. It can get your content on top of the feed.

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