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About the Instructor


I am a travel filmmaker hailing from the captivating island of Bali, Indonesia. With an ardent passion for uncovering the most extraordinary aspects of renowned destinations, I delight in capturing these unique moments. I love to share my experience through my YouTube channel, offering creative and professional video creation tutorials to aspiring filmmakers and enthusiasts alike.

Most Proud Of

I would like to say that I take immense pride in my ability to unearth the exceptional and often overlooked aspects of famous places during my travel filmmaking journeys. Whether it's discovering hidden gems, intriguing cultural nuances, or captivating local stories, I strive to showcase these elements in my videos, making my content stand out with a fresh perspective.

What Brought Me Here

With my journey into the world of travel filmmaking and video creation, the art of storytelling through video became my medium of choice to share my experiences with the world. And when I met Filmora, its accessibility and comprehensive features perfectly aligned with my creative vision, enabling me to craft compelling and visually stunning stories. In this way, I hope I could help others elevate their video editing skills and unlock their storytelling potential. With Filmora Master Class, we can uncover the extraordinary and elevate storytelling together!

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