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Guide on How To Edit a Viral TikTok Video

Boost your audience reach with TikTok’s secret tips. Below is how you can edit a video that will get viral on TikTok.

Key Steps of This Video Tutorial To Follow

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00:22 Understanding of the Algorithm

We all know that every platform works according to an algorithm, and to get your content viral, it is crucial to understand them. A lot of things are included in these algorithms which can play a role in getting your content viral. To begin with, perform some research on the platform and find trending or useful topics that can engage audiences.

By telling some useful stories and sharing your skills or expertise, you can have a chance to go viral. Content that adds some value to people’s lives as information or entertainment has more chances to go viral. If you are in search of creating content, you can utilize topics like "how to swim" or "how to do gardening" to engage a good audience.

getting aware of trends
00:51 Usage of Text in Videos

Using text in videos can help your audience get guidance throughout the video. It can help people to stay focused, which reduces your bounce rate and increase the chances of getting the content viral. People also like to shop on TikTok and inspire themselves with trending fashion choices. You can create content based on product reviews to gain audience attention and make a video viral TikTok.

add text to tiktok video
01:04 How To Get More Traffic

Including anything controversial within your content proves beneficial for attracting tracking to the content. As you are aware that people love to share their opinion on the internet, and using topics like "toppings on a pizza" can help kickstart discussions for increasing engagement. However, being a good influencer, monitor all discussions to avoid bad comments.

If your video includes bad words and negative discussions, it affects the video's reach on the platforms. TikTok limits content reach to keep the younger community safe from offensive content and language.

get traffic with uniqueness
01:35 Apply Filters to Help You Block Bad Words

Apply word filters on your account to block bad words in the comment section. Not only does this influence more traffic, but it also helps you save time and effort by watching every comment across your videos.

Open your TikTok account and proceed to your profile through the "Me" tab. Select the three dots on the top-right to open the "Privacy and Settings" window. Continue into "Privacy and Safety" and look for the "Filter Comments" option in the next window. Turn on the "Filter by Keywords" option and add words you want to block.

block and filter words
01:43 Publishing Videos With Description and Tags

When your video is ready for uploading, you should always focus on giving a good description and tags. Adding relevant hashtags just before posting the video helps you get your content into more news feeds of users. Always try to use effective hashtags that help display the content to a specific audience better. This helps push the video to more users, allowing you to make a viral TikTok video.

publish with good content and hashtags
02:03 Social Sharing of Your Content

It is always recommended to share TikTok content on multiple social media platforms. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat can be the perfect choice for this. This can be extended to other platforms where you wish to attract a newer audience. Look into the insights of your account to discover the different sources of traffic that can be generated.

share on social media
02:23 Replying to Comments

Commenting on the slightest details of the videos is another great thing you can observe for making a video viral on TikTok. Users pay attention to the smallest details and love spotting difficult things to focus on. This automatically increases the engagement of users and makes the content go viral. Always utilize different strategies for getting more comments on the videos.

give answers to comments
03:00 Consistency is the Key to Success

Being consistent is important, and producing content frequently with quality helps you achieve it. It is pretty crucial for engaging and updating the followers with consistency, which eventually brings you to make viral TikTok video.

be consistent in creating content
03:18 Don’t Get Demotivated

Being a content creator, you have to never get demotivated to make the content go viral. For that, keeping the content quality and consistency is essential. You should also ensure a positive impact on the lives of people. Eventually, you will make your content go viral on TikTok.

stay motivated with content creation

Being dependent on algorithms makes it difficult to predict which content will go viral. The best way to get your content viral is by staying consistent. Creating and adding value to people's lives using relevant hashtags can help you get more traffic on your content. With all the provided details, you’ll surely know how to make TikTok video viral.

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