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Guide on What to Do if my TikTok Is Not Working

In this video, you will understand the ways that will help you fix your TikTok app not working. Go through all provided methods to know some good ways to save yourself from inconvenience.

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00:10 Fix TikTok Bugs on Android

You might have binge-watched TikTok videos, and now the app is not working properly on your Android. Sometimes, mobile phones save additional caches in the memory, causing the TikTok app to become slow, leading to crashing or hanging while watching the videos. The basic solution to the problem will be cleaning up these caches from the phone memory.

To clean up the caches, go to your TikTok profile and access “Settings and privacy.” It will take you to a new menu, where you have to select the “Free up Space” option. Hit the “Clear” button in front of the cache options. This will enable you to clean the extra caches from your phone, allowing the app to run smoothly.

fixing bugs on android
00:43 Fix TikTok Bugs on iPhone

If the TikTok app is not working on your iPhone, you might need to reset the app. To do so, you simply need to open the app and clear it from the app switcher to restart it. This could be the temporary solution, but most of the app hanging problems can be resolved by doing so. Now, reopen the app from the homepage and enjoy the smooth operation of the app.

fixing bugs on iphone
01:20 Fix TikTok Bugs on Chrome

If the mobile-related problems are not resolved by the suggested settings, you need to access your browser and check if the app is working. If it's not working correctly on the browser, there might be another issue on the backend.

To avoid this, you can simply relaunch the app from the browser. If the problem persists, you can log in to the app again after logging out. There are chances that the issue is still not resolved yet. As a last resort, you can uninstall the app and reinstall it.

fixing tiktok on chrome
01:53 Clear TikTok App Cache

You might have noticed that the app starts working the moment you open the app while offline. This happens because the phone catches some caches to provide this service. However, this feature can slow down the app sometimes. The primary solution is to clear up the caches.

To do so, enter the settings of your mobile and look for “Apps and Notifications.” Select this and see all applications where you must look for the “TikTok” app. Now, hit the “Storage & Cache” option to clear the unnecessary stored data. Lead back and use the “Force Stop” option to quit the app. You can restart the app to see if the issue is resolved.

clearing cache of tiktok
02:54 Reset the Network

The problem doesn't need to always lie in your system or the app. There might be a chance that the network you are using does not support the videos you are trying to play. To avoid this problem, go to the settings of your mobile to examine the network. Enter the “Network and Internet” option.

Select the “Mobile Network” and enter the “Advanced” option. From there, choose “APNs” and set it to default. Enable the mobile data and check if the issue is resolved by playing the videos from the app.

resetting mobile network
03:38 Restart Your Phone

If your TikTok is working perfectly on another device, there might be an issue with your mobile. You can restart your mobile phone by switching it off. This will resolve the minor app problems on the device.

restarting device

People binge-watch the videos on TikTok in their free time, leading to issues like the app slowing down due to extra load on the device. In this guide, some basic tips are explained to avoid these problems. Eventually, you can enjoy the smooth running of the app on any mobile phone or browser.

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