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5 Best Snipping Tool For Chromebook

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Dec 09, 21, updated Jun 12, 24

Using a snipping tool is simple and can be done on a computer, a laptop, or any device capable of using it. It's similar to taking a screenshot on a computer when the Print Screen option is available. You can crop out the unwanted parts by snipping out the part of the image you want from the screen.

When taking screenshots, a Chromebook may be a little different from a Windows or Mac computer. Whether you use the native method or a third-party tool, the process is the same.

It's easy to grab any area of the screen using the keyboard commands, whether it's the entire screen or just a portion. Nonetheless, if this method does not meet your needs, you can find a suitable third-party alternative. This article will show you how you can take screenshots using the keyboard shortcuts on a Chromebook. Furthermore, we will also discuss some of the best Chromebook snipping tools that you can use to get the job done.

Best Snipping Tools Chromebook

Using keyboard shortcuts is the easiest way to take a screenshot of your Chromebook screen.

By pressing CTRL+Window Switch (Show Windows), you can capture your Chromebook's entire screen. Holding CTRL+Shift and pressing the Window Switch (Show Windows) key, select the area you want to capture, then drag the crosshair icon from the trackpad.

Use the stylus with your Chromebook to take full or partial screenshots and annotate, or use the Power+Volume Down buttons to snap a quick screenshot. Even though Chromebook's snipping tool is a bit lacking, there are a number of Chrome extensions and apps that can improve it. Check out the list below.



Chromebook users can use LightShot for free, and Windows and Mac users can use it too. With it, you can take, edit, and upload screenshots to the server as a Chrome extension or as a program. Simply drag and drop a screenshot over any part of your Chromebook's screen, edit it in place, then download it or send it to Google Drive with this handy tool.

When you want to take a screenshot with LightShot, you press the extension or the app to bring up the segment where you can do it.  The screenshot you took can also be copied to the clipboard by selecting any part of the page you want to capture. With this app, you can instantly edit your screen captures after capturing them or later using a powerful online editor.

2.Nimbus Capture


You can use Nimbus Capture on a computer system, through a browser, or even with mobile devices. It is free, although some optional features are available for a fee. On the other hand, the tool itself is sufficient, as it enables you to save screenshots, edit them on the fly, blur certain parts, and upload them or share them right away online.

With Nimbus Capture, you can take screenshots of your Chromebook's entire screen or just part of it. With the tool, you can draw on screenshots or record videos using your webcam of any tab or the whole desktop.

By creating recordings so you can communicate easily, the tool captures partial or complete web pages, helping you save time on writing tutorials. With one click, you can choose one of the many screenshot options, such as showing only the visible area of the page, taking a screenshot of just the selected area, or taking a screenshot of the whole screen. As well as offering powerful editing tools, the annotation panel enhances your writing and content to make it clearer, more illuminating, and more effective.



You can take screenshots of your entire screen or a portion of your screen with ShareX, crop them on the spot, or store them in your camera roll for further editing later. With the Chrome Extension, you can take many types of screenshots, make animated GIFs while capturing your screen, and share them anywhere you wish.

There are plenty of reasons to like ShareX, even if it's overkill for many users. There are multiple capture methods, such as choosing specific regions, windows, monitors, and different shapes to capture the desired area. A screenshot can also be edited by cropping, pixelating, adding text, or adding shapes with the software.  The snippets can also be copied, uploaded, watermarked, and shared on more than 30 destinations via a shortened link. Besides recording your screen, ShareX also allows you to create GIFs.



Along with capturing, editing, and sharing snippets, Flamory offers a whole host of other features. Create page snapshots with searchable screenshots and content, bookmark them, or make thumbnails to access them easily. The web page or file you see on your screen will be saved as a copy of the screenshot. When you double-click the screenshot, you will be taken to the exact location within the website.

Related topics can also group the snapshots in Flamory so you can view all your research at once. The tool can also convert PDF files, email messages, and local files among other documents. You need not worry about your snapshots containing sensitive information being displayed everywhere. Your computer's Flamory software saves all snippets on your computer, regardless of hidden files or private browsing sessions.



Gyazo is a tool that helps you snip any application, capture GIFs or videos, or take action shots, animations, or tutorials and share them in seconds.  After saving what's on your screen, you can use both the basic and advanced tools to edit it.

Gyazo will copy and upload a unique link from your captured screen that you can share instantly. Besides replaying your recordings, you can also save interesting and useful moments to your account along with their details and arrange all your recordings quickly.

Final Verdict

You can capture images and convert them to videos or GIFs using any of the snipping tools you have on your Chromebook. You won't find all the features you need within the built-in method, but you will find a suitable tool among our five picks for Chromebook snipping tool that will assist you in creating, editing, annotating, and sharing your snaps.

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