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How to Create or Schedule A Google Meet?

Richard Bennett
Richard Bennett
Originally published Oct 26, 21, updated Jun 12, 24
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Google Meet is a very popular video conferencing tool nowadays. However, did you know that to use the features of Google Meet, you must create or schedule a meeting beforehand? This not only makes the entire online video conferencing process more organized, but it streamlines it as well! This way users can create a session link for their team and share it with them manually and by inviting other users to the event.

Many wonder how to create Google Meet links, but have no fear! We are here to help you create and schedule Google Meet sessions.

Part 1: How To Create a Google Meet on Laptop?

There are three different ways through which an individual can create and schedule a Google Meet session through their laptop.

  • A user can create Google Meet conferences through Gmail

  • They can schedule in a session on Google Calendar

  • An individual can directly create a meeting through the Google Meet website

1. Creating Google Meet Sessions Through Gmail

Scheduling a session through Gmail is fairly simple, for this all the user requires is access to a Gmail account and they are good to go. First what one must do is sign into their Gmail account and go to the homepage.

On the left side of their screen, they will see options under the “Meet” heading, one is “New Meeting” and the other is “Join a Meeting”. If you are looking to create a new meeting then click on the “New Meeting” option.

Once that option is clicked, the user will be redirected to a new page that contains a meeting link.

 google meet invitation link on Gmail

Over here there are three options. By clicking the “copy link” button, individuals can copy and share the link with people they would like to invite to the meeting.

If they want to directly share the link, they can also click the “Send Invite” button and copy the meeting invite from there as well as share via email.

share google meet invitation link on Gmail

Upon clicking the “Share Via Email” option, users will be redirected to a new tab where they can see an email pop up and from there, they can invite participants to the session through their email address, as indicated in the image below.

If individuals want to instantly create and start the session, they can click the “Start Now” option, and the meeting will automatically start.

2. Creating Google Meet Sessions Through Google Calendar

Another way to create a Google Meet session is through the Google Calendar. Much like the process of creating it through Gmail, there are a few steps involved, but the process is very easy.

First individuals must go to the Google Calendar homepage and click the “Create” button.

create google meet  on google calendar

After clicking the create option, the screen will show two options; “ Event” and “Task”. Click the event option and a pop-up form will show up on the window which must be filled to create a Google Meet event.

Fill in the form, if you would like to invite participants to the Google Meet conference, you can also list down their email address in the “Add Guests” section. Once you have done that click the “Add Google Meet Video Conferencing” option.

add google meet  on google calendar

An event link will appear in the form, along with a button that says “Join With Google Meet”. Once you are done filling in the form, click “Save”.

join google meet  via  google calendar link

If you are looking to join the conference instantly, click the “Join With Google Meet” option and you will be redirected to the conference. If you would like to join later, you can copy the joining link and search it on the Google search bar to be redirected to the conference.

3. Creating Google Meet Sessions Through Google Meet

Did you know you can directly create a conference through the Google Meet homepage as well? All you have to do is go to the Google Meet homepage and click the “New Meeting” button.

Upon clicking the button, you will see three options. From that click the “Start an Instant Meeting” option and you will be redirected to a new conference.

Create schedule google meet

These are the three highly recommended ways to create a Google Meet session instantly, but remember, to make use of any of these options, you must have a Gmail account.

Part 2: How to Create Google Meet on Android/iPhone/iPad?

Google Meet comes with an option for groups to create video conferences on their mobile and tablet devices as well. Whether you are using an Android device or iOS, you can easily create a meeting!

One thing to remember is that in order to create Google Meet sessions through a mobile or tablet device is that one must download the application of Google Meet.

Once the application has been downloaded into your device, open the Google Meet app to its homepage and two options will appear in front of you: “New Meeting '' and “Join With a Code''. To create Google Meet sessions, click the “New Meeting'' option.

Upon clicking that button, three new options will appear:

  • Get a meeting link to share - use this when you would like to create a meeting link and share it with other invitees and start the meeting after some time
  • Start an instant meeting - make use of this option if you would like to automatically join the meeting and then share the link with participants later on
  • Schedule in Google Calendar - use this option when you would like to create a meeting for the future. If you would like to know more about this, keep on reading as it will be covered later in this article.
Create schedule google meet on iphone and android phone

Part 3: How to Schedule and Create Google Meet Link For The Future?

There are times when individuals feel far more comfortable and organized knowing that they have pre-scheduled their meeting for the week. The best way to schedule and create Google Meet links for the future is through Google Calendar.

One must first redirect themselves to the Google Calendar homepage and click the create option in the top left corner of their screen.

They must then select “Event” and proceed from there.

Create  google meet on Google Calendar

A pop-up form will appear on the screen which requires information regarding the conference. If you are looking to create an event for the future, first give it a title in the title section. Then move on to the date and time section and set the date to a time in the future for when you require the session to take place.

You can change the date by clicking on the date in the form, then a drop-down menu will appear from which you can choose the required date. Follow the same process for the time as well.

Once you click save, the meeting will be confirmed and appear on your Google Calendar.

Part 4: How to Get the Google Meet Link and Code?

There are numerous ways through which you can get the link to the session.

  • Get a link from Google Calendar
  • Get a link from Google Meet

If you are using Google Calendar to get the link, the process is fairly simple. Just go onto the Google Calendar homepage and if you have scheduled the event from before, click on the event you require a Google Meet link for. Upon Clicking on the event a popup will appear as shown below.

From the popup, click the “Copy Conference Info” button to get the link.

join  google meet on Google Calendar

On a split side, one can also get their hands on the link through Google Meet itself. They can go to the homepage and they will see a list of scheduled events for that day over there.

From there just click the event you require a link for and you will be redirected to the meeting joining page. From there, just copy the link from the search bar and voila, you are good to go!

Part 5: How to Create Google Meet Permanent Link

Tired of creating the same meetings again and again? Then why not just create a recurring link, also known as a permanent link. The process of creating a permanent link is the same as scheduling a Google Meet through Google Calendar, except one additional step has been added.

Before clicking save, click the “Repeat” option and select the days you would like the meeting to repeat itself. Then for all those days, the same link will be used.

create  google meet permanent link

Are You Ready To Start Creating Your Own Google Meet Conferences?

Google Meet guarantees secure and easily accessible meetings to its users. It provides you with an extremely simple layout on the website and Google Meet app for your devices, with all the instructions already present; it really doesn't get easier than this!

You can share links of the meetings you have created, join with links, schedule meetings for the future and much more!

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