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How to Present PPT on Google Meet?

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

A meeting is never complete without an explanatory PowerPoint presentation! Running a session online can be a daunting task - with the right tools, information, and resources it can be smooth sailing. There are three main video conferencing apps available, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and an app that trumps them all - Google Meet.

Google Meet is a video calling app that comes fully equipped with numerous features, such as screen presenting. If you are looking to perfect your hand on Google Meet, then read through this comprehensive guide on how to present ppt in Google Meet!

Part 1: How to Present PowerPoint Presentations in Google Meet on Laptop

With remote working on the rise, Google Meet enables users to showcase and share PowerPoint slides during online meetings and sessions. Whether it is a meeting, online class, or brainstorming session, it becomes a whole lot easier with a PowerPoint slideshow - bringing everyone on the same page!

You must be wondering how to share ppt in Google Meet, well the process is fairly simple and extremely functional. You will only need two tools to execute this screen-sharing process, a web browser, and Microsoft PowerPoint. We would advise that you use Google Chrome as your web browser as it works best with Google Meet.

Just a heads up, when you are presenting your screen on Google Meet, everyone can see what you display, so it’s best to open up your PowerPoint slides before joining the meeting so there are no surprises!

  1. Open the Microsoft PowerPoint Slides on your laptop, the model or brand of the laptop does not matter, as long as you have Microsoft PowerPoint on it
  1. Convert your slides from the default mode to browsed by an individual mode. If you have used Microsoft PowerPoint before, then you must know that in slideshow mode the slides appear in fullscreen making it difficult to switch between applications, therefore by converting the PowerPoint it will be windowed fullscreen, allowing the presenter to switch between applications. The process is simple, just click the “Slide Show” tab, then “Set Up Slide Show”, and from the drop-down menu press “Browsed by an Individual”.

set PowerPoint to individual browse

  1. After setting up the PowerPoint slides, move over to Google Meet and join the meeting through the meeting link provided or schedule in a new meeting. You have two options: either you can join the meeting and then share your slides, or share the PowerPoint while joining the session. If you decide to go with the second option, you must click “Present now” and continue with the steps below.
  1. To share your Google Meet PPT presentation just click the “Present Now” button on the bottom right-hand side of the screen.

Google Meet Present Now

There you will see two options and must click one of the following options,

  • Your entire screen - if you would like to share your entire screen, this means any application which you see, other participants in the meeting will see as well
  • A window - this allows the presenter to share only one selected window in the meeting (this option is advised)
  • A tab - this is best for presenting a video or animations, not a PowerPoint

Google Meet Present Now Options

  1. If the presenter decides to go with the “A Window” option then click the window that shows your PowerPoint slides then select share.

Share PPT on Google Meet

The slideshow will automatically start to broadcast to viewers. We are sure you are not wondering how to present a ppt in Google Meet anymore!

Part 2: Presenting Google Slides in Google Meet on Laptop

In some cases, individuals opt to use Google Slides instead of PowerPoint presentations, but have no fear because Google Meet is equipped to share Google Slides as well. The process is quite similar to that of sharing a PowerPoint, but there are a few changes.

So to answer your question on how to present slide in Google Meet,

  1. Open up your Google Slides, go over to the Google Slides webpage and browse to find the slides you have prepared.

Share slides on Google Meet

  1. Open Google Meet on your browser and go on to the meeting link page. Here you have two options, one - you can join the session directly and then start presenting the screen, or two - share the screen and then join the session.

If you decide to go with the latter option, then click the “Present” option. Since I’m using the Chrome browser, I will choose the slides tab to share. If you would like to share any audio, make sure to tick the share tab audio button as well!

Share slides on Google Meet

  1. Once you have gone through these steps your Google Slides will automatically be visible to anyone and everyone in the Google Meet session.

Part 3: How to Present PowerPoint or Slides in Google Meet On iPhone and iPad?

Wondering how to present ppt in Google Meet in iPhone? Well, don’t worry because even with a mobile or tablet you can access all the Google Meet features, even screen share!

Step 1) Open your PowerPoint or Slides on your iPhone or iPad, and then join the Google Meet meeting.

Step 2) To start sharing your screen, press the three-button icon which appears in the bottom right corner of your screen, and then tap the Share Screen option.

Share slides on Google Meet on iPhone

 Step 3) After doing so, the presenter will see a notification on their screen allowing them to broadcast their entire screen. Upon clicking “Start Broadcast” the screen will start to share in three seconds. Switch from Google Meet to PowerPoint or Google Slides and the screen will automatically share slides.

To be sure if the screen is being shared check the top of the iPhone or iPad and if there is a red stripe, it means the screen is being broadcasted to participants. Moreover, do not worry while switching apps, you will still be in the Google Meet session even if you go onto PowerPoint or Google Slides while sharing your screen on a mobile or tablet device.

Share slides on Google Meet on iPhone

Part 4: Presenting PowerPoint or Slides in Google Meet on Android

The process of presenting a PowerPoint or Google Slides during a Google Meet session on an android is very similar to that of an Apple device.

Step 1) You must open up your PowerPoint or Slides beforehand, while this is not necessary, it always makes the process more simple.

Step 2) Join into the Google Meet session, if you have been invited into the session then join using the joining link, if not then create a new meeting. If you would rather directly screen share instead of joining into the session first, then click the “Share Screen” option directly.

Step 3) Upon joining the meeting, click the “More” option and tap the “Present Screen” menu.

Share slides on Google Meet on Android

Step 4) After that, allow presenting and go to your PowerPoint / Google Slides to share them with participants, easy right?! Remember, participants can pause your screen presentation and start presenting their screen in between, as well.

Part 5: How to Stop Presenting PPT on Google Meet?

All good things must come to an end, just like wrapping up a productive PowerPoint work session on Google Meet. When a presenter is done sharing their PowerPoint slides they must stop sharing their screen as well. One easy way to do that is to leave the Google Meet session, however, that might not be so polite.

Instead, there is another way, upon finishing the discussion on the PowerPoint slides, click the stop presenting button which automatically appears on the bottom of the screen you are sharing.

stop PPT sharing on Google Meet

If that option is not visible to the presenter, they can return to their Google Meet session, and click the stop sharing button as shown in the image below.

stop  Google Meet present

Moreover, if you are on an iPhone or iPad, you can simply click the red stripe on the top of your screen and a notification popup will appear indicating that you can stop presenting.

stop  PPT present on Google Meet

FAQ about Presenting PowerPoint on Google Meet

  1. Can others see you while you are presenting a PPT?

Yes, if you have enabled the video option during the Google Meet session, then participants will be able to see you. Just because an individual starts presenting, their camera will not turn off automatically, unless it is turned off by them.

  1. Can participants interact with your device while sharing a presentation?

No, participants cannot interact with your device while sharing a presentation. The screen is only being mirrored, therefore only the presenter has control over the device. Participants can only view it, not control the device.

  1. Can you present when someone else is presenting?

Yes, an individual can present when someone else is presenting. If you start presenting while someone else is already presenting, their screen presenting will pause and yours will start. 

Are You Ready to Present PPT on Google Meet?

Presenting a ppt on Google Meet is not all that difficult, if you know what to do, how to do it, and when to do it, then you are good to go. Google Meet is a video conferencing tool created to ease virtual communication and make it more functional. So, if you were wondering how to share slides in Google Meet, well we hope you got the answer!

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