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Best Video Editing Apps for LinkedIn in 2024

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

Sharing raw footage on social media networks like LinkedIn can be problematic for a plethora of reasons. The video you’ve recorded with your phone or your video camera may not meet some of the platform’s specifications, we’ve covered in the previous article, which makes editing your videos before posting them to LinkedIn even more important. Furthermore, learning how to use computer or web-based video editing applications enables marketers to tailor each video in accordance with the demands of the project they are currently working on.

So, developing your video editing skills can help you create videos that tell your stories exactly how you want them to be told. But, before you can start polishing your video editing skills you must first choose a video editing software that offers all the tools you are going to need during the process of editing a LinkedIn video. That’s why in this article we are going to take you through some of the best video editing software products beginners and experienced professionals can use to make LinkedIn videos.

Video Editing Apps Beginners and Semi-Pros Can Use to Create videos for LinkedIn

Newcomers to the world of video editing need some time and practice to learn the ropes of the trade, so instead of using highly complex video editing software products, they can try out PC, Mac or web-based applications that make the process of making a video much simpler. Here are some of the best video editors you can use to create videos for LinkedIn and other social media platforms.

1. Filmora

Price: Free Download, Different subscription plans available

Compatibility: Windows, macOS

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

Besides video editing features, Flimora9 also offers screen recording tools that enable you to capture any activity on your computer’s screen. Regardless of the method you use to capture the footage, Filmora lets you import all files into your project in just a few simple clicks. The timeline contains video, audio, picture-in-picture and text tracks which enables you to combine several videos into one, add text overlays or create perfect soundtracks for all of your videos. The Wondershare’s video editor also offers support for a wide range of video file formats including the 4K videos,  so you can edit footage captured on action cameras and all other types of digital cameras.  Filmora has huge visual effects and audio libraries you can use to enhance the footage you used in your project or find royalty-free music that fits your new LinkedIn video perfectly. You can export videos from Filmora in all file formats that are compatible with the LinkedIn platform and it is up to you to choose which file format you are going to use on different projects.

2. Camtasia

Price: Free trial available, subscription plans start from $177.17 per year

Compatibility: Windows, macOS

Like Filmora, Camtasia offers powerful screencasting features that can be quite useful if you would like to create tutorials, how-to videos, explainer videos or business presentations. Moreover, Camtasia lets you trim or cut each video clips you import into your project, so you can remove all mistakes or parts of the footage you don’t want to include in the final cut of the video. You can add transitions between clips to avoid hard cuts or apply visual effects that make the colors in the video stand out. Callouts, annotations, and titles can also be added to all your videos easily, which can help you improve the engagement rates your videos on LinkedIn are getting. Camtasia is equipped with a rich audio library that contains sound effects and royalty-free music that can be used in every project you edit with this software. The TechSmith’s video editor allows its users to add quizzes to their videos in order to improve their learning potential and boost the engagement rates.

3. Animoto

Price: Free trial available, Pricing plans start from $9 per month

Compatibility: Online

Making LinkedIn or any other type of video with Animoto is a remarkably quick and easy process. You just have to select a template, add videos or photos to your project and export the video. All templates this platform offers are fully customizable, which means that you can change their aspect ratios, add titles and subtitles or apply visual effects to each new project you start with Animoto. You can add as many new blocks of text, pictures or videos as you want to your project and in case you don’t have your own material the platform lets you browse through stock websites where you can find photos or videos you can use in your project. There are hundreds of royalty-free songs you can choose from and each template has a few recommended songs that fit its style perfectly. However, all videos you create with the free version of Animoto are going to be watermarked, and you have to purchase one of the available subscription plans in order to remove the watermark.

Video Editing Software Products Professionals Can Use to Create Videos for LinkedIn

Video editors who have years of experience in the industry prefer to use software products that grant them complete control over each segment of the video editing process. That’s why most professionals either use Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro, some of the most powerful video editing apps for Mac and PC computers ever created. Let’s have a look at what these professional video editing software products have to offer. 

4. Adobe Premiere Pro

Price: $20,99 per month as a single app

Compatibility: Windows, macOS

Adobe Premiere Pro can be used equally effectively to edit full-feature movies, TV shows or social media videos. In addition to HD or 4K videos, Premiere Pro also lets you process the virtual reality footage or videos captured in the 8K resolution. Moreover, Adobe’s famed video editor lets you create custom-made transitions, choose from different infographics templates or fine-tune the colors in each video clip you included in your project. Purchasing all the apps in the Adobe’s Creative Cloud will enable you to use Adobe After Effects to create professional visual effects for your videos or Adobe Audition that lets you create perfect soundtracks. Adobe Premiere Pro lets you export your projects in a wide variety of file formats, which means that you will have no trouble meeting LinkedIn’s video specifications if you decide to edit your videos with this powerful video editing app. 

5. Final Cut Pro

Price: $299,99

Compatibility: macOS

Some of the best movies made in the 21st century were edited with Final Cut Pro, so if you already know how to use this video editing software, the chances are that you won’t have much difficulty creating videos for LinkedIn. However, before you choose to purchase the Final Cut Pro you must make sure that your Mac computer meets all of its tech specs so that the software can work properly. It is really difficult to think of a video editing option Final Cut Pro doesn’t offer as the software enables its users to manipulate their footage in virtually any way they want. This means that adding text overlays, performing color corrections or using motion graphics are all tasks that can be completed quickly in Final Cut Pro. Therefore, even the inexperienced video editors can learn how to make videos for LinkedIn in Final Cut Pro if they dedicate enough time to this goal.

A Few Tips for Making Better LinkedIn Videos

The process of creating a video starts with an idea, but during different stages of that process, you’re going to need different equipment. Using stock footage instead of recording it with your team can reduce production costs, although it may also limit your storytelling options since you won’t be able to control what is going on in the shot. There are a number of websites like or that offer stock audio and video content you can use to create the videos you share on LinkedIn, but keep in mind that the same footage can be used by other content creators. You can also get some video effects and templates for Filmora video editor or Adobe Premiere Pro, stock video footage and royalty free sound effects and music from Filmstock.


Making captivating videos for LinkedIn is much simpler if you have all the tools you need for such a task at your disposal. Both the video and audio editing features a video editing software offers should play a large role in your decision to purchase it. Which video editing app do you like to use the most to edit the videos you upload to LinkedIn? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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