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How to Make Canva Collages

How to Make Canva Collages

An easy yet powerful editor

Numerous effects to choose from

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Collages are everywhere, be it social media sites, shopping sites, business sites, personal blogs, or anywhere else. Whenever you need to showcase multiple images at one place for the visual experience, or for any other purpose, collages work best.

Collage Maker

There are several popular tools available that help you create a collage-like pro and Canva is one of them. So, if you too have been wanting to use Canva collage tool, this article will surely help you to learn about the tool and its use. Keep reading!!!

Part 1 Part 1. What are a collage and its use?

In simplest terms, a collage is a collection of items that have been placed on a single frame or a page. Thus, an image collage can be termed as a collection of images placed interestingly in a single frame and for this task to be done with perfection, several collage-making tools are available. 

Collages can be created for various reasons be it personal or professional. You can create a collage of your best friend’s birthday, wedding, or any special occasion. An online shopping site can create a collage for showcasing all its product under a similar niche in one place. A company can create a collage showcasing its projects, and similar others. Thus, different types of collages can be created for different purposes and requirements.

Part 2 Using Canva to create a collage

Canva is one of the most widely collage-making tools that is user-friendly and comes with a wide range of templates and editing options to let you create a customized college like a pro. It is available as a desktop tool as well as an app for Android and iOS devices. You need to free sign-up using Google, Email, or Facebook at Canva and then you are all set to the collage-making world.

The templates at Canva are available in multiple categories like fashion, travel, food, wedding, beauty, and many more. The option to design your own collage is also there. 

Key features

Simple and easy-to-use desktop and app-based collage maker.

Comes with several pre-design templates in different categories. Templates can be customized. 

Allows designing your own design.

Multiple editing options are supported like adding filters, background removal, adding effects, and more.

Comes with a huge collection of stock images to meet your requirements 

Collage on Canva can be created in high-quality and can be downloaded.  

Allows resizing of the designs depending on the platform it has to be used for.

Steps to create Canva picture collage

Step 1. On your browser window open Canva collage-maker and choose the Photo Collage option. Sign-up or log in if you already have an account.

Step 2. At the Home window, choose the desired template from the available options. Using the search bar, you can also look for other Canva collage templates that matches your theme.

Canva Collage Maker 1

Note: Clicking on the arrow at the "Create a design" option will open the template options if not visible otherwise. Also, to get a customized size for your collage, click on the Custom dimensions button in the upper-right corner.

Step 3. Selecting and clicking on the desired template will open a worktop window. Next, browse and add the images that you need to import to the collage by clicking on the Uploads tab. You can also drag and drop the images. 

Images can be moved to place them in the right position. 

Canva Collage Maker 2

Step 4. Click on the image and them using one of the tools you can edit it as needed using filter effects, and another toolbar. Use the Elements tab on the left side, for adjusting more elements. 

Step 5. When all the settings are done, tap on the Download button to save the collage in one of the supported formats (JPEG, PNG, and others). You can also share or export the collage. 

Canva Collage Maker 3

The steps for creating a collage using the Canva app are almost the same as that of the desktop with few changes. 

Canva Collage Maker App

Part 3 Get stock of media files at Wondershare Filmora

If you want to explore more media files for your collage, Wondershare Filmora Video Editor is excellent software. Though it is a professional video editing software, its latest version comes with a huge library of media files in an array of categories and themes. You can even search for your choice of GIFs and stickers at the tool. 

Additional features of the software include creating a split-screen video that looks at a video slideshow, support to basic and advanced video editing functions, audio enhancement and editing functions, and more. 

The interface of the software is simple and user-friendly making it apt for all types of users including the ones who have no prior experience of working with such tools.

Wondershare Filmora

Key Takeaways from This Episode

Image collage is created by arranging multiple images on a single screen, frame, or page. 

Canva collage maker is one of the popular and widely used collage-maker that is available as a browser tool and phone app.

To edit your videos professionally and also to get access to a wide range of media files Wondershare Filmora is an excellent tool. 

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