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How to Edit Zoom Recording in An Easy Way?

The world is facing a severe outbreak at the moment. The businesses have gone online, and on-campus classes have turned into Zoom and Microsoft Teams lectures. There is no way to know when the pandemic would conclude its reign.

Zoom is an American communications technology company that offers video chatting and conference calls over an interactive interface. It is a cloud-based platform, and people use it for teleconferencing, meeting recordings, audio conferencing, webinars, live chat, telecommuting, and social relations.

The article offers an insight into the most burning question of how to edit Zoom recording and record on Zoom. So, let us begin!

Part 1: How to Record on Zoom?

Zoom has become a need of the hour. It is essential to familiarize oneself with its interface and the different features that it brings to the table. Before learning ways to edit Zoom recordings, how about we know how first to record one.

Recording a Zoom meeting is a helpful way to keep all the lectures in safe storage. It allows professors and teachers to share recordings with the students if they fail to attend the digital class. Therefore, it is crucial to know how to record on Zoom. For starters, navigate to the “Home” tab of Zoom and click on the small gear icon present at the top right corner.

 Pick the “Recordings” menu from the left panel and choose the folder to save the recordings. The section presents a detailed procedure to the concern at hand. So, let us start, shall we?

Step 1: Starting the Recording

As soon as you are in a meeting, navigate to the bottom panel and click “Record.” The option only appears if you are the host or your host has allowed you to record the meeting.

initiate the recording process

Step 2: Pause and Stop Recording

The user gets the notification that the meeting is being recorded. A small “Recording label” pops up on the left corner of the meeting. You can pause the recording or stop it whenever you wish to from the controls located in the bottom toolbar.

recording label to pause and stop the recording

Step 3: Saving and Renaming Process

Tap “Stop” when you are done. The recordings are saved as an MP4 file in the system immediately. One can also access them from the “Recorded” tab in the “Meetings” panel of the application. The title of the recording can be renamed as well.

save your zoom recording

Part 2: Tips about How to Edit Zoom Recording?

The concern of how do I edit a Zoom recording is pretty essential these days. It is necessary to know such knowledge because lockdown is still upon us, and digital is our last resort. The section addresses this concern and helps the user in editing Zoom recordings.

Wondershare Filmora is a renowned name when it comes to similar issues. It is an exceptional video editor with advanced features that make the process effortless. With an organized and clutter-free interface, professionals can access the “Motion Tracking” feature to bring revolution to the workplace.

Filmora allows you to add effects, transitions, animations, music, and overlays to make a bold statement. In short, you can count on this tool to make your day frictionless and facile.

Before getting into the steps of how do I edit a Zoom recording, let us have a preview of insightful tips of Filmora in editing Zoom recordings.

Being Comfortable on Camera

The first tip revolves around the confidence level of the host of the video on Zoom. The presenter should be fine with communicating himself on the camera without losing morale. To do so successfully, one can watch their videos and how they appear. It would establish confidence in oneself and help in eliminating the shortcomings.

be comfortable on zoom meeting

Freezing the Frame Effect

Another excellent tip for editing Zoom recordings is related to the framing effect. The user can play a little with their recording to offer it a unique look. You can first know which frame to freeze by making sure it has a light background with a dark object. Wondershare Filmora helps freeze every video frame by snapshotting the frame and dragging it to the timeline where it was placed.

freezing the frame effect on filmora

Split Screen Music Video

The split-screen music video works like a charm when team members are in different places. It helps to showcase the collaboration between them in a Zoom meeting. The user can first record the lectures in separate rooms and make sure they are in sync. After that, they can be dragged to the timeline to perform some trimming. The choice of the frame helps in displaying the Zoom presenters.

split screen music video

Zoom Through Text

The zoom through text does a phenomenal job in sending the message across in a recorded lecture on Zoom application or a conference recorded video. The player can put Wondershare Filmora to use so that the title text can be zoomed ahead of the recorded lecture in the most effortless fashion.

zoom through text

Motion Tracking

Applying the Motion Tracking feature to your recorded lectures on Zoom takes the video to a whole new level. The motion is tracked, and numerous animations, effects, text, and elements can be added to create an impression.

apply motion tracking using filmora

How to Edit Zoom Recordings?

Editing Zoom recordings in Wondershare Filmora is an easy process. The sub-section covers a step-by-step guide. The users are expected to follow the steps vividly.

Step 1: Launching Wondershare Filmora

For starters, launch the desktop version of Wondershare Filmora. Select the aspect ratio for your project and tap “New Project.” The editor loads in seconds. Make the right choice for settings as you need. Choose aspect ratio, resolution, and frame rate.

create a new project on filmora

Step 2: Importing the Recorded Video

Import the targeted recorded Zoom video. Tap on “Import,” situated in the upper left corner of the video editor. Afterward, click on “Import with Instant Cutter Tool.”

importing the files with instant cutter tool

Step 3: File Organization

The file appears on the editor. Organize the files by making folders. One can do so by clicking on the “My Album” option. Tap “Add a New Folder” from the “My Project” tab. Trim or add parts of the video by bringing them to the timeline.

do file organization

Step 4: Making Changes

The user can access special effects, transitions, animations, text, and elements. Choose them as you like and drag them to the timeline.

customizing the video

Step 5: Exporting Process

Tap “Export” after you are done with the editing. Choose the video format, frame rate, and resolution. The editing process is done.

exporting the video


Corona Virus is not going anywhere soon. The right thing to do is to familiarize oneself with the digital world. Zoom lets the user perform video chatting and conference calls like an expert.

A user needs to know how to edit Zoom recording and record one. Wondershare Filmora has come to the rescue while offering extensive features to make the editing process resistance-free. The users are recommended to incorporate the usage of Filmora to cater to everyday needs.

Wondershare Filmora

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