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How to Make GIF from Photos On Mac?

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Dec 14, 2023• Proven solutions

Hand down, GIFs are great. They are everywhere. We all use it while chatting and emails. This is a new way of communicating with people. GIFs permeate everything from ad campaigns to popular culture. It is very easy to turn photos into animated GIFs using the right software.

These days, the availability of different GIF maker apps has made it easier to create innovative and funny GIFs. However, to create a GIF, you need to have an understanding of the basics.

A good GIF can be full of dynamism and smooth or slow and playful, whatever is the emotion behind those moving images. Here are a few things that you need to consider before designing a GIF. These factors will also help you master the art. 

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4 Tips you must know when making a GIF from Photos

1.Keep It Attractive

Almost everyone uses social media these days. Hence, it is not difficult to understand that the GIF trend in advertising is increasing rapidly. So, using GIF as social media content can be quite powerful if you polish it off, adequately. 

GIFs can be the ultimate attention-seeking element. You can bring a static and flat post to life by making it informative and engaging. Make sure that the GIF you are creating is vibrant and dynamic. Experiment with a typeface that would be legible in various sizes. 

2.Keep the Size for Sharing on Social Media Platforms

When you are designing a GIF, there are a few rules that you need to keep in mind to make it more effective for social media platforms. The primary technical challenge that many GIF designers face is keeping them below the file size limit of each social media site. 

For example, Tumblr has a 2MB limit, and it can be quite tricky to cater to this limitation. So, you have to be creative with ways to shorten the loops and keep the size down. 

Other than this, there are a few rules for creating GIFs that are compressed. Firstly, make sure that you abide by the limited color options. Also, avoid gradients as it can lead to large file size. Semi-transparent pixels should be avoided at all costs as the transparency is either fully off or on. To avoid the jagged edges, keep all these in mind. 

3.Make It Works Like a Continuous Loop

More than the GIFs, it is the loop format concept that is gaining space. It is fun to create a two-second animation that will play infinitely and appears like it is different in every loop. 

You should consider GIFs to be continuous instead of having a definite starting and ending point. You should make an effort to tell a story that will work within the loop. This will help people to keep watching a GIF for a longer time. 

In case the animation is short in length, it is better to limit the loop to no more than three times prior to stopping the animation completely. Nevertheless, if you are designing a GIF to post on a social media platform like Twitter, you don’t have to worry as the built-in functions are only going play the GIF when it is in view. 

Moreover, make sure that the loops are nice and smooth. Here is one pitfall that you need to avoid, and that is keeping the last frame of the animation, same as the start will result in a small hold where you will be able to see the frame twice. This leads to an unsmooth loop. So, remove that to avoid this. 

4.Design Keeping the Mobile Users in Mind

Albeit, different websites use GIFs in different ways, all designers will agree that it is better not to have a large number of GIFs playing simultaneously on a single page. Use rollovers to avoid slowdown. It will also help in keeping the animation playing at a speed they were originally intended to. 

Keep in mind the type of devices where the GIF is going to be viewed. Always design keeping a small screen in mind. Everything bold and simple will work quite well on a device. 

Many designers prefer designing in a square. Some GIFs start in a shape and then get cropped if required. Moreover, you tend to scroll to the social site in portrait on the mobile device. Hence, it is better to have a design that is close to a square. 

How to Make GIF with Photos?

If you want to turn photos into animated GIFs, you can use FilmoraX. To do this, here a few steps you need to follow.

Step1. Your first task is to import the images to the Filmora timeline. The software extenders support to over 150 media file formats. Hence, you can upload images in any format you want. 

Step2. Now, you will just have to drag the image and drop it on the app’s timeline. As soon as the file reaches there, you can edit it using different tools.

Step3. There are a plethora of editing options with some interesting features on Filmora. So, you can choose anything like speed up, slow down, spilt, rotate, crop, combine, and more to create an attractive video.

Step4. You can now add text based on the GIF you are creating. Good GIFs always have small messages.

Step5. Once you are done with all the steps, save the file with the GIF extension.

Step6. You can now upload it on social media platforms.


To make sure that the GIF can engage a wider set of audience, developers should be mindful of the web standards and accessibility. Even though GIFs have become highly popular, but for several designers, they provide a new outlet for their creative expression. The GIF should enhance the experience. However, with all the options in hand, it can be overwhelming. So, if you are a beginner, it is better to keep things simple and start off only with a few elements. 

GIF is a fun area for everyone to dog into and this guide will help you to create an innovative GIF using Filmora and share it. Keep the basic principles in mind and maintain a sense of rhythm. 

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Liza Brown
Liza Brown is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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