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15 Best Premiere Pro Slideshow Templates in 2024

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

Slideshows are one of the most powerful methods of presenting what the world has ever seen. Simple, concise, yet remarkable to look at - using slideshows is a wise way to broadcast any information starting from startup pitches to business promotions.

premiere pro slideshow templates

Even though it is simple to create millions of slideshows quickly, it isn't easy to create attractive and engaging slideshows. Fortunately, technology has developed in so many ways that now, you can make such slideshows within a few hours. One of the valuable tools is Filmora, a website that has thousands of top-rated slideshow templates for you to choose from. This article will explore the best 15 premiere pro slideshow templates in 2024, where you can get these, and how to use them efficiently and effectively. Let's get started!

Part 1: 15 Best Free Premiere Pro Slideshow Templates

1. Large Titles

Information is best communicated concisely and. This template does precisely that where your text will come up in the white, bold text. The background clips are there to keep your viewers entertained, and the pattern of the slides changing surely is exciting. This template is based on purple and pink shades with showcase independence and royalty. There's also a yellow border around your writings which again, highlights your message. Overall, this is an excellent choice for trendy videos.

Get Premiere Pro large titles template

2.Retro VHS

This vintage-styled video surely is a fantastic option for any kind of fashion-related promotion. The recent trend, glitches, are used throughout this template. Animations of sliding bars and blurred-out corners are a specialty to this template. The colors used are smooth and on the darker spectrum to help focus your texts throughout the video.

Get Premier vintage-styled video template here.

3. City

premiere slideshow template city

As its name relates to corporate, this template is based on business models and one of the typical commerce style slide shows. There's space to add paragraphs in case you need to describe any concepts in a detailed fashion. The shapes used here form a sophisticated pattern that entices your viewers to pay attention to your slides. You can easily download this and edit it according to your convenience. There are smooth transitions and bright colors that attract awareness is also used.

Get Premiere corporate slideshow template here.

4. Particle Heart

This romantic-themed slideshow is a fascinating idea to combine wedding memories into a video. Red hearts, bright sparkles, and a bunch of flowers make your special event look spectacular. You can find small streaks of bright lines forming a heart around your text. The template goes well with light music that you can find on the Mixkit website, which we will discuss below. After you're done making this video, don't forget to share it with your friends and family to show some gratitude!

Get Premiere romantic-themed slideshow template here.

5. Golden Festive

Lighten up the Christmas spirit with this slideshow template that is filled with text areas with smooth transitions. The color red and golden, which conveys joy and happiness, is put into much emphasis here. The soothing little particles that shine throughout the video are another great feature of this template.

Get Premiere Xmas slideshow template here.

6. Birthday

premiere birthday slideshow template

Birthdays are a special day in everybody's life. To make it more memorable, create a video with this birthday-themed template that allows you to use high-definition clips and videos. The transitions used here and the color combination prove this template to be one of the top-rated templates ever. So don't miss out on any scene of your birthday- capture it all!

Get Premiere happy birthday slideshow template here.

7. Wedding Invitation

The traditional way of sending invitation cards has long changed to modern methods of communication. Emails are popular, but try shooting a video while inviting them verbally to make your guests feel more comfortable and familiar. You can use this template to inform important details such as the wedding date and venue.

Get Premiere wedding invitation slideshow template here.

8. Colourful

As the name suggests, this template is filled with bright colors that are put into black and white frames for emphasis. There's a bold text option where each character is highlighted, so that not only attracts your viewers' attention but retains it.

Get Premiere colorful slideshow template here.

9. Clean logo

This dark-themed template is good enough for a sophisticated presentation. The duration is short, so you can create a small video. Most of the animations are professional, so it's a great way to express your company's ideas.

Get Premiere clean logo slideshow template here.

10. Dynamic Urban Media

premiere dynamic urban slideshow template

This template contains city landscapes with building rising over. The clips here are shot with a high-quality camera with great resolution so the details are pretty clear. You can again, use this for commerce-related purposes as the transitions are trendy and good-looking.

Get Premiere dynamic urban slideshow template here.

11. Turn page

The slides here are arranged in a page-like manner where each turns in chronological order. You can adjust the length each page is displayed as well as edit the content on each page. The colors are kept to a minimum here and if you're having a library-related presentation or video, this can be a great choice.

Get Premiere page-like slideshow template here.

12. Vaporwave

Filled with dynamic waves coming from different directions, vaporwave includes animations that go well with just about everything. Since waves are related to science concepts, you can use them in a university video. Music can be good too and you can always change the colors if you don't adore them.

Get Premiere vaporwave slideshow template here.

13. Ecology Opener

A plant-based theme that is filled with clips of leaves and greenery. A food presentation is good for this and is focused on vegetarians. You can try this for ecosystem awareness projects or a wildlife video.

Get Premiere ecological slideshow template here.

14. 3D light Business

premiere 3d business slideshow template

Another template that can be used for business purposes is the 3D light business template. It has light beams falling across the screen and the 3D effects are absolutely astounding. If your business is related to phones or technology, this is a must-have template for you.

Get Premiere 3d light business template here.

15. Geometric Stories

Shapes are often used to decorate and organize slides and this geometry template does just that. The colors used here are very bright and any math-related concepts can be displayed through this slide show.

Get Premiere geometry slideshow template here.

Part 2: Where Can I Get Free Premiere Pro Slideshow Templates?

There are tons of options available to choose between which provide slideshow templates however, you are less likely to find quality-based and legal products. Some websites might also impersonate being a good seller and make you install viruses instead of real templates. We, therefore, suggest our top three companies that have well-proved their standards and quality. They, of course, are free though some products might require you to pay absolutely affordable prices to enforce scarcity. Check out our list below:

1. Mixkit

One of the popular choices for large business promoters and startup companies, Mixkit consists of professionally shot videos, high-definition music, and amazing slideshow templates. The creators are wonderfully talented with adequate expertise and love to make things that will help you out. The great news is that all the content here is absolutely free and you don't even have to sign up and create an account!

2. Motionarray

Another brilliant website to look for videos, audio templates, and free photos is Motionarray. This site not only offers the latest trends of slideshows but the quality is uncompromised and efficient. Some of the world's famous creators upload their creations for you to enjoy whereas other newbies put their efforts out too. All the content again is absolutely at no cost and you can download hundreds of content with just a few clicks!

3. Placeit

The last on the list, but definitely not the least! Placeit has well proved its quality and efficiency by being the top among the best free template websites all over the world. You can find countless slide show options here with many other features such as after-effects and video templates. The slide shows here can be added to appropriate audios and after you download them, you can edit is without much hassle. All content here is free of cost.

Part 3: How to Get Free Slideshow Templates in Filmora?

It's easier to get all the templates that match your criteria than you think. The first step however would be to familiarise yourself with video editing concepts. To make things even more comfortable, we have created a step-by-step guide for you to go through. Check it out below:

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

Step 1: Install or download Filmora from the browser

Filmora is one of the best collections of slideshow templates you will ever see. To take advantage of this site, all you need to do is click on the install buttons and wait for a while.

Step 2: Browse through the templates

Once you've signed up and logged into your account via email verification, start searching for keywords that your slideshow is based on, I.e. business, trends, fashion, etc.

Step 3: Download them for free

Select your desired one and start editing it by using your personal clips or clips from Filmora. You can download the template very simply, again with just a small click. The editing process can be tiring so don't forget to use Filmora's special guide on video making and other tools that too are at no extra price.


It is indeed difficult to create slideshows that stand out. The completion is huge in marketplaces however, with Filmora, you can make a change. If you're still not sure of this idea, try reading their customer reviews which are based on true experiences and you can be sure that Filmora indeed is helpful.

So what are you waiting for? Try Filmora Slideshows today!

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