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Finding Best GIF Websites Is Easy as Pie — Here’s What You Should Know

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Mar 28, 22, updated Dec 05, 23
Finding Best GIF Websites Is Easy as Pie — Here’s What You Should Know

An easy yet powerful editor

Numerous effects to choose from

Detailed tutorials provided by the official channel

Want a heap of the most exiting GIFs? Here are the best websites to visit.

Part 1 Sites for Finding the Perfect GIF

Information was never so expressive until GIFs came up as delivery platform. Looking through the frame of content diversity and effective delivery, there’s possibly nothing that is left untouched by these short, precise and creative snippets. When the talk is about long term user credibility, creativity is one thing, while reach is the other.

No doubt about the creative aspect, but the convenient availability holds equal importance. However captivating a utility nay be, you would certainly not be interested to spend quality time searching the apt content. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular and convenient GIF website that will surely put a full stop on your search spree for a relatable GIF.


Initially launched as a GIF search engine, thin is a complete storehouse on almost everything that you can possibly think of. The extensive content library of this site is all set to meet your most specific content requirements in less than a blink’s time. You get an access to quality content in music, science, nature and what not on this free GIF website.

Talking of search flexibility, GIPHY is known to have the most advanced and updated search bar that ensures that top quality and fresh content is always at the hand of its users. You can browse through the vast GIF categories of the site or look for your exact content using a specific search keyword.



You can regard this site as a GIF membership community, where you can find a variety of impressive sub-reddits in the GIF category. The best part is, you will never find recursive content on any two or more sub-reddits as each one is developed and updated keeping different content specifications in mind.

Reddit GIF Website

You are given access to even finer content libraries in some particular sub-reddits that follow a sequential guideline to filter their entries according to user preferences. Some popular sub-reddits are listed below:


Originally a blogging site, Tumblr is simply heaven for creating and sharing GIFs across media platforms. What’s interesting about the site is its content categorization, where bloggers on the site group relatable content under specific categories, which facilitates an easy, quick and hassle free search. Most of the GIF content on the site is either created in Photoshop or taken from across the web.

While the site has exciting GIF content for almost every scenario, the comedy genre is the st5arb attraction of this GIF platform. The huge comic content library of the site has hilarious memes and GIFs that will certainly leave you rolling over the floor. To enjoy your favorite content daily, you just need to search a relatable hashtag and follow some blogs on your searched content.

Tumblr GIF Website


This one lands among the most preferred GIF sites and is packed with an enormous inventory of memes and GIFs. Not just this, this one is a free GIF maker website that allows you to convert videos from almost every media platform into GIFs, independent of the video file format via its ‘Video to GIF Converter’ tool.

You can set a daily dose of your favorite, exciting GIF content by using either the search bar or the ‘Selection Menu’ in the left of the site’s Home page. You can even browse through latest GIF categories by navigating to the ‘Trending’ and ‘Explore’ sections.

Gfycat GIF Website


You can prefer this site to enjoy your favorite GIFs on your PC or iOS device. The site gives you the liberty to share GIFs and memes directly from its library into any of your Instant Messaging chats or community conversations on social media platforms.

All you need to do is navigate to the Tenor search bar, put in a suitable keyword and there you can see loads of GIF content on your screen in less than a second’s time. With periodic updates and a cohesive interface, this site is your storehouse of latest and trendy GIFs, anytime and anywhere.

Tenor GIF Website

06Reaction GIFs

This site is known for having an exact content database for almost every thought that crosses your mind. It serves you with a refined search mechanism, having a different pathway for every search, depending on the content you are looking for. This is a perfect aid to get exactly what you want, without having to fuss out with unwanted stuff.

Talking of search methods, you will find a drop-down menu at the right to search GIFs that express ‘Emotions’ or one word answers (preferably a ‘Yes’ or a ‘No’). If you want something related to a more specific category, you can browse through the ‘Galleries’ and ‘Tags’ of the site (categories, like, OMG, LOL, etc).

Reaction GIFs GIF Website


This is again a trunk of latest, funny and entertaining GIFs tom watch and share. On this site, you get to add search filters, like, ‘Most Viewed’, ‘Latest’, ‘Top Rated’, etc., that refine your search to fetch exactly what you are looking for. You are also free to use ‘Search Tags’ grouped according to name and search count on the site.

The tag names are standard keywords (like, animals, sports, nature, etc.) and the count feature keeps a track of the most frequent searches, thus allowing you to find out your favorite GIFs in a more explicit manner. If you are clueless about anything specific, don’t worry. Hit the ‘Random GIFs’ button to explore a whole new world of fun and excitement.

GIFbin GIF Website


This site is popular in the meme world as a GIF sub-reddit that has explicitly no text threads. You can take this one as a free, GIF hosting and sharing website. While you can find loads of quality content on the site convenient to almost any genre, it is a leader in comic and funny GIFs. You can use different search tags for hilarious movie snippets, or some other fun element of your liking. This site’s image library is a hub of latest and nostalgic content.

Imgur GIF Website


This is one more hotspot for relatable GIFs and memes. The best thing about the site is that it has separate search pathways to refine your search in cohesion with your content preference. Some common pathways are explained below:

Browse the site’s homepage for the latest and trending GIF content.

Simplify your search on specific content pages using the ‘Random’, ‘Next’ or ‘Previous’ navigation options.

Prefer using ‘Image Hotkeys’ on the content pages.

Try on ‘Tagging’ specific content pages (sunrise, snowfall, cats, etc.).

If you like competing with fellow visitors on the site, you can experiment with creating GIFs of your own and get ranked on the creator scoreboard. Bag a high vote count to get your GIF trending on the site.

Imgflip GIF Website


Last on the list, this is a somewhat different site in terms of features and search constraints. The exclusively unique ’Screen Capture’ feature of this site allows you to take a video of your device screen and use it to create a GIF of your own, making itself a quick and effective ‘Video to GIF Converter’ tool.

You will require creating an account on the site to maintain a library of your searched contents, which you can either tag on the site or downloaded to your device. You can further, export and share your creations across media platforms through this site.

Gyazo GIF Website

Part 2 How to Use Animated GIF Makers

Landing into the creative and exciting world of GIFs, you can easily get motivated to try hands on making your own GIFs. The online market is a pool of solutions that claim of adhering to this concern in the most effective ways. When looking for the best GIF maker tools and software, you can definitely count upon the following choices:

01Wondershare Filmora Video Editor

This one is undoubtedly the best GIF creator software in current times. Using the plethora of audio-visual features, effects and image filters that are offered by this tool, creating animated GIFs is a spic and span process. The software grants you the liberty to play with and explore your editing skills to generate professional quality GIFs within minutes.

Wondershare Filmora - Best Video Editor for Mac/Windows

5,481,435 people have downloaded it.

Build unique custom animations without breaking a sweat.

Focus on creating epic stories and leave the details to Filmora's auto features.

Start a creative adventure with drag & drop effects and endless possibilities.

Filmora simplifies advanced features to save you time and effort.

Filmora cuts out repetition so you can move on to your next creative breakthrough.

Here’s how you can use this software to become a pro at creating GIFs:

Step 1: Import Required Media Files

To begin with, select any desired set of images or a particular video file to the Filmora timeline. You don’t need to be format specific; the software is compatible with over 150 different file formats.

Step 2: Drag Files to Edit

Once you are done with selecting the files, you need to drag the same to the Filmora Editor Timeline, where you can transform the file contents with your editing skills.

Filmora- Editor Timeline

Step 3: Let’s Get Editing.

In the editor window, you are free tom choose from a range of effects, tools and filters suitable to your GIF content to give your artwork a new and engaging look. You can experiment with the cutting, cropping and trimming tools or play with effects, like, overlays, rotation and speed adjustments and even add texts to deliver messages that intensify your GIF.

Filmora- GIF Editing Features

Step 4: Time to Save and Share.

Now is the time to save your work locally to your device using the .gif extension with your created file, as well as share it among your peers on social communities.

Filmora- GIF Editing save and Export Interface

03Deal With It

This one is an online GIF maker tool that allows you to make top quality animated GIFs within a few seconds and you don’t even need to take up any third party software installation. Creating GIFs with this user friendly, clean interface and quick GIF generator utility is an absolute fun, to say the least.

Once you are done creating, the tools gives you the liberty to experiment with effects like, texts and glasses that would further intensify your GIF to the next level, and the best part is, all of this is available to you without having to spend a penny out of your pocket.

Explained below is the step wise user guide to use this tool for creating GIFs:

Step 1:

Navigate to official website of the GIF creator tool.

Deal With It GIF Maker

Step 2:

Choose a desired locally saved image from your device and upload it in the tool’s editor window. To do this, click on the ‘Load Image’ button.

Deal With It- File Selection

Step 3:

You can now modify the uploaded image with text and glasses. This is it. Your GIF is ready to save and export.

Deal With It- GIF Editing Interface


This one lands among the most preferred GIF maker tools available across the web. It comes with a clean interface, is free to use and does not require any third party software installation. You can create catchy and interesting GIF banners, or make captivating, animated GIF files with a series of still images using this tool. However, this GIF maker does not give you the liberty to take up editing and speed or accuracy modifications on your creation.

You need to follow the steps explained below to create your own GIF with LunaPic:

Step 1:

Open the official site of LunaPic in your web browser.

LunaPic GIF Maker

Step 2:

Upload a desired one or a set of images you wish to use for making your GIF on the site. To do this, select a group of images from your device and tap ‘Upload’


LunaPic- ‘Image Upload’ Option
LunaPic- ‘Multiple Image Upload’ Interface

Step 3:

Once uploaded, you can use your creativity to play with the effects library of the site and edit your images in its editing interface.

LunaPic- GIF Editor Interface

Step 4:

When satisfied, choose the file type as GIF and hit the ‘Save’ option at the bottom. This will save your creation locally in your device, once the file conversion gets completed.

Image Name: Finding-best-gif-websites-is-easy-as-pie—here’s-what-you-should-know-22

LunaPic- Output Format Selection

04Wondershare TunesGo

This one is another efficient animated GIF creator utility on the internet. Available to you as free online software, this tool promises you an amazing and hassle free GIF making experience. You can either create stunning GIFs of your own, or convert video files and even live photos into the same using this software. It allows you to set time slots for file conversions and make speed and flow adjustments for GIF frames, along with offering a plethora of editing effects to play with.

Wondershare TunesGo

Here’s the know-how of using this software to create top quality animated GIFs:

Step 1: Download and Launch the Software

Pay a visit to the official TunesGo website to download the software. Begin with installing and launching the same on your preferred device. When you finish, click on the ‘Toolbox’ tab at the top in the welcome screen.

TunesGo- Welcome Interface

Step 2: Upload Media Files

In the software’s opening interface, choose the GIF Maker tool. In the following window that pops-up, click on ‘Add’ to upload the desired media files saved in your device, you want to create a GIF with.

TunesGo- File Upload Interface

Step 3: Convert to GIF

Set the media file to GIF conversion time and tap the ‘Create GIF’ button in the bottom-right to initiate the conversion process.

TunesGo- GIF Conversion Interface

This one is among the latest GIF maker tools that allow you to create animated GIFs from videos. What’s quite interesting about this Gif creation platform is, you can trim videos to the exact part depending on your content preference before beginning with the conversion process. You can also save your creation as a group of trimmed clips. It is a user friendly, free access online tool that does not ask you to install any third party software, and GIF creation with its mess-free interface is absolute fun. GIF Maker

Take the steps listed below to make GIFs with this online tool:

Step 1: Choose a Project

To start working with this tool, you need to create an account on its official site. Having done that, just log into your account and upload a desired video you would like to use for creating a GIF. You have a choice to select a locally saved video, choose one from the templates available on the site or create something of your own. Account Login

Step 2: Customization and Publishing

It is now time to try hands on editing your video with stunning effects like, overlays glasses, etc., or add impactful elements, such as, texts, stickers, etc., to make your artwork more impressive. When you are happy, navigate to the top-right and tap ‘Publish’. From the menu that drops down, select ‘GIF’. GIF Publishing Interface

Step 3: Download Your Creation

Select the section of your video you wish to convert into a GIF and proceed to fix the GIF start time and play duration. Check for any frame resize requirements, set an adequate frame rate and lastly, click on the ‘Loop Clip’ checkbox. This will produce an infinite loop GIF. When everything seems perfect, tap on ‘Generate’ followed by ‘Download’ to save your creation and share it on social media. GIF Save Interface

Part 3 5 Stunning Examples of Gifs in Web Design

The credibility of GIFs in market oriented content sharing and information publishing evidently does not require an introduction. These attractive snippets are expert means of business growth and customer appealing strategy planning to address attract a massive target audience within seconds.

Now that you are quite accustomed with the market reliability of GIFs, you may visibly feel motivated to use them to improvise your product websites for a next level market approach. However, before you plunge into using GIFs for your brand promotion, consider sparing a few minutes to browse through some top class product based GIFs to enhance your GIF creation and implementation aptitude.

Described below are some eye-catching examples of GIF for website background, you should certainly look forward to using in your business campaigns:


Having its roots in the United Kingdom, this is a top rated, digital media design corporation that excels in providing web design solutions to a diverse global clientele. Their unique idea of using GIFs in grayscale to depict conducive business settings is just perfect.

The monochromatic color balance with parallax scrolls makes this GIF all the more impactful. You can find impressive ways of using GIFs with a professional instinct on the company website and begin to add appeal to your market buildup strategies.

Headscape Site Homepage


This is another high ranked application marketing site that uses GIF for website background to improvise its product promotion. Equipped with a preset world class page makeover, the site’s look and appeal simply gets a boost with floating-text animated GIFs on an otherwise normal webpage.

As you move further on the Invision homepage, you will get to see a demonstration of the site’s prototype tool through GIFs that explain its working functionalities in the most interesting and convenient manner, thus putting forward and outrageously professional and effective marketing strategy.

Invision Site Homepage


This one is an excellent design utility that is equally suited to both web designers as well as site developers. On visiting the tool’s homepage, you are welcomed with a streamlined text setting on a black and white theme. Move a bit downwards, and there you see a cluster of animated GIFs in action to get you familiar with the interface and usage pattern of the Macaw design utility with utmost ease. It is convenient enough to make you feel as if you are actually using the tool.

Macaw Site Homepage

04Giant Ant

Established as a creative firm, this one is known for its appealing website design. As you navigate through the site, you will find a still image complemented by cohesive text overlays. Beneath that, there are caricature forms of everyday objects, but the real magic happens when you click on a particular object and woosh. It instantly turns into an animated GIF. This explicit style of infusing dynamism to your website is simply awesome, to say the least.

Giant Ant Site Homepage


This is intuitively a fitness tracker that keeps a record of your system vitals in the most effective manner. But that’s not all. The tracker website is equally amazing, setting the perfect example of using GIFs to improve market buildup. The site majorly utilizes the parallax scroll effect with animated GIFs to facilitate a live demonstration of the tracker functionality, coupled with an iPhone user guide and ways of sharing relatable content with fellow users.

Tinke Site Homepage

Key Takeaways from This Episode

Surfing the internet, you will land across some of the best GIF creator and downloader sites that are flooded with brilliant GIF content suited for almost every purpose.

You can create your own animated GIFs on any GIF maker website or enjoy pre-made stuff to your heart’s content, where using Filmora is certainly the best choice. To explore something more exciting, try hands on using GIFs for product marketing and brand promotions on your business sites.

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