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The Complete Guide to Zoho Slides with Ease

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published May 16, 22, updated Jul 22, 24
The Complete Guide to Zoho Slides with Ease

An easy yet powerful editor

Numerous effects to choose from

Detailed tutorials provided by the official channel

In this blog, we are going to provide you with detailed information about Zoho Show. If you have any confusion about using this tool, then this blog will help you.

Here, you will get a complete guide right from how to use Zoho slides, what it is used for, and all the other important and relevant information related to the tool.

Part 1 What is Zoho Slides?

Zoho show is a powerful tool used by enterprises these days. It is an online presentation software providing real-time collaboration features. It is a great tool for modern teams that lets them collaborate and present easily while working remotely. The tool is the smarter way of creating, editing, accessing, and broadcasting visually engaging presentations. The slides in which these presentations are made are known as Zoho slides.

One can use the tool anytime and from anywhere using even mobile phones. It is supported by all the iOS and Android devices. The users can use the Zoho Show to communicate, convince, and convey, from any place whether it is in an event hall, conference hall, meeting room or classroom.

Key Features of Zoho Show:

A contextual interface that responds faster.

One easy place for inserting eye-catching graphics.

Explore newer and deeper formatting effects.

Spice up stories with amazing animations.

Enhanced PowerPOint compatibility.

Share and collaborate in real-time.

Future of presenting.

Other important features of Zoho slides include:

Check-in/ check-out, Zoho docs integration, embedding gadgets, locking feature, presentation link sharing, import and export, social media sharing, presentation publishing, collaboration notifications, presenter view, shared presentations, remote broadcasting, smart guides, slide orientation, animation and transition effects, video web search, texts, image library, image web search, image editing, images and videos, shapes and layouts, flowcharts and diagrams, and master slide.

Part 2 What is Zoho Slides Used For?

Zoho shows are used to create meaningful presentations and slides by individuals or teams. You can create engaging Zoho slides by using the all-new Zoho show tool.

01Get a head start with a premade theme

The tool provides access to 20+ themes and 100+ fonts. Also, the user will be able to customize their own template. You can pick any template, theme, or font according to the requirements and make your presentation more appealing.

02One stop for all your presentation needs

Visually organize and modify the data by using the wide variety of tools available under the app. Such tools include tables, charts, shapes, and text boxes, all within a single platform. There are also the options of adding visuals to the slides available. The visuals include images, videos, tweets, etc.

03Bring in your PowerPoint files

The tool allows you to import PowerPoint files and work on them online. The advanced formatting options of Zoho Slides will let you create memorable stories by adding slides and enhancing the presentation further.

04Emphasize content

Keep the content more attentive which can be done by making the information stand out. Also, it can be done by adding reflections, filling key points or titles with solid patterns of colors, and adding strokes to text.

05Alter shapes to your imagination

Play with the shapes to give a visual look to your ideas or imagination. Alter shapes to create something that excites the viewers.

06Polish images to perfection

Do the formatting of the images so that they can become the reflection of your ideas. Reduce opacity to match up with the background, bring the best in the images by cropping the irrelevant elements, and add a tinch of colors with the help of the filter option.

07Reinforce your data with charts

Visually appealing charts can make your data look more creative. For this, you can pick up a premade layout complementing the data, animate parts of the charts, and give an appropriate style to each of the elements to provide it with the desired look.

08Invite your team onboard

The tool enables real time sharing of slides with the team members both internally and externally. The collaborators are allowed to view, comment or edit the slides. The user of the slide have control on the features that each collaborator can have to access on the slide.

Part 3 What are the Disadvantages of Zoho Slides?

Here, we will be mentioning some of the disadvantages of using Zoho Show Slides for creating presentations:

1). Although Zoho Show is free, to enable multiple users or big companies to use it efficiently, they need to pay. With the paid version, the user will get access to a bigger account.

2). When compared to the leading presentation giant "Powerpoint", Zoho has fewer features.

3). Each presentation which gets uploaded on the software should not exceed the limit of 30 MB. In simple words, the user is unable to upload the larger files.

4). It does not actually provide the collaborative feature as only one user can edit the presentation at a time.

5). The software is lacking the transitional effects that the user needs to use between 2 slides.

6). The user does not have access to the animation option to be used in the presentation.

7). One cannot save the presentations as .ppt or .pptx.

Part 4 How to Create Slideshow with Zoho Slides?

Creating slideshows using Zoho slides contains certain steps which we are going to discuss below:

Step 1. Visit Zoho Show and open your workspace. Find the "Slideshow" option under the "Settings" icon.

zoho settings

Or you can jump to the "Slideshows" option by following "Settings" and then "Share" from the required view.

Step 2). You will get the Manage slideshows page. Tap on the option "Create Slideshow" from there.

Step 3). Then, you are required to fill in the asked details, such as

fill details zoho

Give a name to the slideshow.

In the "Access Permission" option, mention whether the slideshow will be accessed with or without permission.

From the "Select Views" option, click on the views that will be part of the slideshow. The views selected by the users will appear on the right side. Drag the view names to rearrange them and make them fit in the required order.

From the "Choose Slideshow Type" section, click on the "Basic Slideshow" option. In case you want to prepare compelling analytical stories using our presentation service, click on the "Advanced Slideshow" option.

Step 4). Click on the "Next" button. The "Copy URL" page will appear. The following tasks can be performed from there:

copy url page zoho

The "Slideshow Preview" section will enable you to preview the slideshow.

The "Slide Interval" option will help you to set the duration of the interval between two slides.

The "Autoplay the Slideshow" option will let you play the show automatically.

The "Include Title" and "Include Description" options will let you add the title and description to the slideshow.

With the "Social Widgets" option, you can opt to share the show on your social handles.

Step 5). Tap on "Close".

The URL can be accessed in the browser after the slideshow is created completely. With this, the slideshow will get opened on the screen as shown in the below image.

close slideshow zoho

The options on the toolbar will appear displaying options such as play/pause, change slide interval, set to full screen, and navigate to previous, next, or specific view in the list when you move the mouse.

Part 5 Zoho Slides Q&A

01Q. Is the Zoho Show free?

Ans. Zoho Show is not completely free. But, it offers a free version for trial for a limited period of time. To use it more widely and to access more features of the tool, you need to purchase it.

02Q. How do I make a presentation slide?

Ans. One can create presentation slides using tools such as Powerpoint, Zoho, etc. Wondershare Filmora Go is also a very effective tool to prepare presentation slideshows. There are many features which let the user make their slides effective and impressive for the viewers.

The steps included in making presentation slides using Wondershare Filmora Video Editor are:

Step 1). Create your project.

Step 2). Upload your media.

Step 3). Organize your media.

Step 4). Create your timeline.

Step 5). Start adding visual effects.

Step 6). Review your content.

Try It Free

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Try It Free

For macOS 10.12 or later

03Q. What is the 6 by 6 rule for a presentation?

Ans. A 6 by 6 rule in a presentation should contain the following:

idea per slide.

A maximum of 6 points in each slide.

Each bullet point should have not more than 6 words.

A maximum of 6 bullet points per slide.

04Q. Is the Zoho office suite free?

Ans. The Zoho tool mostly works in online mode. But, some of the features of Zoho CRM’s mobile edition lets the user work in the offline mode too. These features include adding, modifying, or deleting records, which will then be saved when the device is connected to the Internet.

05Q. Is Zoho SaaS or PAAS?

Ans. Zoho is a SaaS provider.

Ending Thoughts

I hope you have got all the needed information required to use the Zoho Show tool. Zoho is a good software to some extent to create presentations.

One can make creative Zoho slides by using the tool. Creating slideshows with the software is also pretty easy. But there are some disadvantages or limitations to preparing slideshows on the Zoho platform.

Due to that, Filmora is the more lively tool for the purpose. You can create wonderful slideshows by accessing a lot more features. The tool enables users to create personal or professional slideshows with a lot of ease.

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