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Best VHS Apps for iPhone and Android

Richard Bennett
Richard Bennett
Originally published Jan 12, 22, updated May 20, 24

VHS references the Video Home System video capture format created by the Japanese corporation JVC. It was a big step forward for consumers at the time, putting the ability to record and replay the video at the disposal of the general people, and it swiftly expanded into most houses.

Anyone who has possessed an old camcorder knows that the quality of the films and photographs it took was far inferior to what we are accustomed to with newer camcorders. However, such retro cameras are no longer in use. But, you may still achieve the impression of antique images by using a VHS app. A few of the excellent ones are reviewed by this article. Let's get going!

Part 1: Best VHS Apps to Apply Old VHS Effect to Your Videos on iPhone and Android

Vintage photography and videotapes are something modern technology can never replace. If you want to recreate the vintage-like footage, the following apps can help you:

1. Camcorder - Record VHS Home Videos

Supported OS: iOS

camcorder record vhs home videos

The first app on our list of the top smartphone VHS applications is Camcorder. This simple-to-use app with a great retro design approach for shooting camcorder-esque home recordings right to your iPhone. 

You can import a file from your photo library to Camcorder. The filter and the oh-so-important date will automatically apply in the corner effect. This iOS app is now ad-free and free for use. It enables you to use the Front Flash when making a home video in selfie mode in low-light conditions.


  • It has a simple-to-use interface
  • You can add a VHS effect to the video
  • Lets you use the flash for selfie

2. Vaporgram: Vaporwave, VHS & Glitch Photo Editor

Supported OS: Android

vaporgram vaporwave vhs editor

VHS is a common effect in the steam wave aesthetic. If you want to create your images more visually appealing, you may use the Vaporgram app.

In addition to the VHS illusion, Vaporgram has various effects such as RGB, Glitches, 3D, and many others. You will be able to convert your images into authentic Polaroid photos, regaining popularity. Vaporgram mixes an old camera with various photo effects and other embellishments and labels that reflect the mood of the images.


  • Allows you to add glitches and 3D to the image
  • Lets you add the stickers to your recordings
  • The user interface is influenced by vintage computers

3. VHS Glitch Camcorder

Supported OS: iOS and Android

rad vhs glitch camcorder

Many celebrities utilize throwback filters on their movies, social media posts, and other media. VHS Glitch Camcorder is an app that will make you feel connected to famous individuals by allowing you to utilize the same effects they employ.

The VHS Glitch Camcorder program offers a plethora of capabilities to assist you in processing your images. VHS-style filming, adjusting the date shown on a picture or video, modifying a finished movie, and filming with immediate effects are all examples of these functions.


  • Allows you to add soundtracks to your videos
  • The free plan offers several editing tools
  • It has an easy-to-use interface

4. Rarevision VHS Lite

Supported OS: iOS and Android

vhs cam retro 80s camcorder

The Rarevision VHS Lite is widely regarded as one of the best VHS effect app utilized. The effect immediately submerges you in the ambiance of the 1980s, and you can appear just like you looked as a youngster.

Here, you may immediately begin making films with this effect — and then email them to your contacts. It may be a practical prank and a sleek and fascinating piece of material.

You may utilize your phone as an old camera by zooming in and out and shooting in reality mode. The free plan of Rarevision VHS Lite has a time restriction - if you buy a subscription, it will continuously shoot.


  • It lets you zoom in and out while recording
  • Lets you email the video after editing
  • You shoot the video in reality mode

5. VHS Cam - Retro Camcorder FX

Supported OS: iOS

This program has a straightforward UI that you will pick up on as you begin recording. Your iPhone will transform into an antique camera, recording everything that occurs around you.

With the VHS Cam app, you could either produce videos or add effects to existing ones. Because most vintage cameras feature a date display that shows the date and time of recording, it is also included here. You can edit the video as you see fit or delete it entirely from the image.


  • It has an easy-to-use interface
  • feature a date display to show date and time
  • Lets you alter the footage after recording
vhs cam retro camcorder fx app

6. VHS Cam + 8mm

Supported OS: iOS

vintage camera vhs cam 8mm app

This simple program will quickly give your phone video a retro look. There aren't as many frills and bells as you'll find in a few other applications on our list, but this doesn't require them. As you shoot, apply film grit, scraped film, and colorized effects to see how your footage will look.

The name 8mm VHS Camcorder is a lot. Still, it fits the criteria as a multi-purpose application that can add various photo filters and effects to your films for a total throwback atmosphere. So you get your VHS fill and other footage that appears to be 8mm.


  • Videos appear as an 8mm footage
  • It lets you customize the effects
  • It is a multi-purpose app

7. Glitch Video Effect

Supported OS: iOS

glitch video effect live vhs app

Glitch Video Effect provides over 100 VHS, Glitch, CRT, and more effects to distort your photos and videos artistically. It also contains a plethora of Retro and Vintage Filters. With a single swipe, you can transform an ordinary photo or video into a one-of-a-kind work of art.

With this app, you will be transported back to the 1980s and 1990s! Use the same antique home movie-type camcorder that your grandparents and parents used to capture and edit images and films. Not to add the fantastic Glitches and scratches that will give your films the screwed-up VHS look of the past!


  • It has various Vintage and Retro filters
  • Allows you to add VHS with a single swipe
  • Features glitches and scratched to add

8. VHS Cam: Vintage Video Filters

Supported OS: iOS

vhs cam vintage video filters

VHS Cam can enhance your images and videos with vintage camera effects. You'll be able to make attractive retro films for social networks. Your pals will like your trendy videos with old effects and filters.

This VHS camera app will transform your iPhone camera into an 80s camcorder, giving your captured films a beautiful retro vibe that will make your footage appear more relaxed. When it comes to generating distinctive films for your social media profiles, the app's different vintage filters and effects provide plenty of creative options.


  • Allows you to share to the social media
  • You can import the video from your phone
  • It helps you do the old videotape recordings

9. VHS Video Editor, Vintage Cam

Supported OS: iOS

vhs video editor vintage cam app

There are several vintage filters available for use in movies and photos. You'll also discover options for blending, combining, and adjusting various parts of each filter. The filter gives your photographs a realistic 1950s and 1960s look without entirely distorting them. There are other video effects like noise, distortion, and glitches.


  • It features a simple-to-use interface
  • It includes multiple editing tools
  • Allows you to add glitches and noise distortion

10. 1984 Cam

Supported OS: Android

1984 Cam is a unique program that provides various VHS-style video effects. Your shot will appear like a footage from an old tape you discovered in the attic.

The 1984 Cam will assist in recreating the lost ambiance of filming in the 1980s when the camcorder was an actual work of art. To obtain the ambient movie, you must first choose it from the library and record it ahead of time.


  • It has an easy-to-use interface
  • feature a date display to show date and time
  • Lets you alter the footage after recording

Part 2: How to Get VHS Effects in Filmora Video Editor?

Try It Free

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Try It Free

For macOS 10.14 or later

If you want to add VHS effects to video on your Windows or Mac computers, you can try Wondershare Filmora to get VHS effects easily. Filmora video editing software is a simple and effective video editing tool that provides lots of effects. Follow the instruction below to get VHS effects to videos using Filmora video editor:

Step 1: Launch Filmora video editor, and then click create a new project to start. Import the video in the Filmora media library and drag it to the timeline.

import vhs video to timeline

Step 2: Go to the Effects tab and the top, and search VHS in the search bar. You will see many VHS effects listed. Drag any of them above the video on the timeline. After that, drag it to the video's length.

apply vhs effects to video

You can adjust the VHS settings as needed by double-clicking it in the timeline. See, adding VHS effects to video with Filmora is easy!


You may use VHS effects to add variety to the photographs and videos you upload to social media and create something unique. Designing to the past is always appropriate; the essential thing is to have an excellent concept and be in a good mood. With this article, we hope you discovered a helpful VHS app.

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