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At the end of this video, you will know how to control time using Filmora 11. Keep watching.


Hi everyone! It’s Chloe from Wondershare Filmora here to empower your inner video creator. Have you ever thought of the moment and wish you had super power to control time. Just like when you missed the bus.


Today, I’m going to show you how to freeze time using Masking and Speed Ramping in Filmora 11. First, let’s get the clips we need for editing.


To have the best result, we suggest filming on a day with an overcast sky. This will help reduce the risk of having light changing in the clip. Make sure to place the camera on a tripod or a stable surface while filming so the frame doesn’t change throughout the filming process.


We will need two clips in total. In the first clip, I’m going to stand on the right side of the frame controlling the traffic. Make sure the subject doesn’t overlap with the traffic so it’ll be masked out easily in editing later.


The second clip we need will be an empty background clip that only includes traffic on the left with no subject in the frame. I’m going to film for about one minute in this example. This will give me enough time to operate with speed change in the editing process later.


Now let’s go to Filmora 11 and edit our footage to control time. If you haven’t yet downloaded Filmora 11, get started by visiting or click the link in description.


First, let’s drag and drop the empty background clip into the first video track. Then, I’m going to drop the subject clip on the top of the background clip on the second video track. I’m going to add a mask around the subject. Before adding the mask, I’ll hide the first video track to see the mask clearly.


Double click on the subject clip on the timeline and go to the setting window on the top left. Find the mask section under video settings and select the single line shape. We can see the mask is applied.


Adjust the angle and position of the mask to reveal only the subject on the right. I’m going to change the blur strength to add more blur to the edge of the mask. With the mask finalized, let’s unhide the first video track with the background clip.


Alright! Now let’s add the speed effects to the traffic with the subject on the right as a reference. Double click on the empty background clip. Go to the top left setting window and find the speed panel. Go to the speed ramping section and click on the customized button.


Move the playhead to look for the first gesture to stop the time on the timeline. When we find the spot, click on the snow icon in the settings and add a freeze time. I’ll keep the default time 5 seconds for now.


I’m going to move the playhead to where I’m speeding up the traffic and trim the freeze time from there. Next to have the best result, let’s delete all the preset keyframes in the middle.


Then, I’ll move the playhead to where I’m speeding up the traffic and add a keyframe by clicking on the button here. I’m going to set the speed as 10 times faster.


Let’s move the playhead to right to the third gesture where I turn the traffic back to normal on the timeline. Add another keyframe and move it to 10 times faster.


Now move the playhead to right for a few frames on the timeline and add a keyframe and keep normal speed. The basic effect is done.


Looks good! Now, let’s bring it to the next level with some film stock effects. Let’s find the elements window and go to the film stock section to find the blockbuster electricity pack.


Select electricity 19 and drop it onto the third video track of the timeline at where I stop the traffic. Adjust the scale and position to match the action. We can also adjust the speed if needed.


Now, I’m going to drag and drop electricity 19 again and drop it to the third video track where I bring the traffic back to normal speed on the timeline. Adjust the scale and position of the effect to fit it to the frame. Speed can also be adjusted if needed.


Finally, I’m going to add some shake effects so the effect looks more convincing. Let’s go to the effects window. Find and drop Updown 2 to the forth video track at where I stop the traffic on the timeline. Shorten the clip to fit the timing.


I’m going to quickly add this shake effect to where I did all the other gesture on the timeline too. With this speed changes completed. Let’s adjust the length of the background clip to align with the subject clip now.


Alright! Let’s playback and see how it looks.


Okay! This is how to control time using Speed Ramping and Masking in Filmora 11. With this superpower, I’ll never miss a bus again. What are some moments that you’d like to stop time or speed up time? Let us know in the comments below.


Thanks for watching and don’t forget to like and subscribe for new videos on the channel. Keep creating and see you next time.


Make more confidently from first frame to last. No matter what kind of videos you create, Filmora 11 can help you achieve more.



What you need to prepare:

  • A computer (Windows or macOS)
  • Your video materials.
  • Filmora video editor
Step 1
Download Filmora

Visit the Wondershare Filmora home page or click on the link in the description to download it. When you are done, first import the empty background clip that you recorded and then place the subject clip on the top of the background clip.

Step 2
Add a Mask

Hide the first video track and double click on the subject clip. Add a mask by opening the video settings on the top and going to the “Mask” panel. Select a single-line mask to apply it over the track.

Step 3
Change the Blur Strength

Adjust the angle and scale until only the subject is visible. Scroll down the Mask section and change the blur strength to create more blur on the edge of the mask.

Step 4
Unhide the Track

Unhide the track now and it’s time to add speed effect on the empty background clip. Double click on the clip and on the Settings window at the top, navigate to the “Speed” Menu and select the Speed Ramping Section. Click on the customize button.

Step 5
Adjust the Keyframes

Adjust the keyframes to the gesture markings acted out in the video clip. Like, where you snap the finger to stop the time. Move the playhaead there and when you find that spot, there is a snow icon in the Customize window. Tap on it and add a freeze time, for example 5 seconds.

Step 6
Move the Playhead

Move the playhead where you are speeding up the traffic and trim the freeze time from there. Delete all the preset keyframes in the middle of the customize settings to get the enhanced output.

Step 7
Set the Speed Faster

Now, move the playhead again where you speed up the traffic. Adjust the keyframe now with the same button and set the speed faster like 10 times faster.

Step 8
Adjust the Keyframe to Normal Speed

Repeat this to the gesture where you normalize the traffic and adjust the keyframe to keep the speed 10 times faster. Move the playhead to a bit more right and adjust the keyframe to normal speed. And you are good to go. You can preview the video now.

Filmstock Effects

To take the video to another level, you can play with Filmstock Effects. Go to the “Elements” menu and choose special effect you want. (e.g., Electricity 19)


What you've learned:

  • Ramp up the energy in your video creation process using Filmora 11 and its library of resources. Have more fun creating videos with Filmora’s easy-to-use drag and drop features that let you customize any effects as you edit.
  • Now you can try more video effects to enhance ambiance in your video.

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