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Top 8 Virtual Reality (VR) Gaming Accessories

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Jul 17, 2024• Proven solutions

1. Virtuix Omni

The Omni-directional treadmill might not completely take off, but it is still considered one of the few parts of hardware which let you wander around in virtual reality. It is a great principle which makes you get you up off your sluggish bum while present in virtual reality. The Omni lets you join with both the Rift and the Vive allowing you to run, spin and also walk in several games. The whole packages if this setup can cost you up to $699, which is not a low cost.

2. Birdly

If we speak about the accessories of virtual reality which stick out for the VR lovers, it is essential to mention this flying machine named Birdly. This machine provides you a feeling of flying around in the town like a giant bird once you have strapped it around you, which gives a very beautiful experience. There are not many games in which you can use it, but it is very worthy to try it out once at least. This is not a kind of setup you could have at your home, but it is displayed at exhibitions and other such events.

3. Sixense STEM

In addition to walking, running and flying experiences there are many other things that games requires us to do. There are many peripherals that are being designed for such purposes. STEM is one of the kind, it is basically a motion tracking device which is built around the central base station, and is used to monitor the hand’s movement, the head, and movement as well. This platform provides opportunities to the designers to build their around it and provide an experience of a lifetime. It allows us to play many games like baseball in a VR concept.

4. Hands Omni

Well, virtual reality is a very vast concept and it provides a very good audio and video experience in the field of virtual reality, but there is a lacking of sense of touch experience. So, designers decided to design a device name Hands Omni which is a glove which lets the user feel the objects that he touches in the game, and it is based on the latest haptic technology. Although the product is in the development stage yet. And the research claim that they have a working prototype ready.

5. The Void

The void is actually not a single VR accessory, rather it’s a combination of many of the VR accessories to create an ultimate game experience in virtual reality. It is just like a laser tag while using it your surroundings are completely transformed through virtual reality into a futuristic space station or a traitorous icy terrain. There are currently working many of the designers who are not only developing the new surroundings as well as the stories which you can play through, but they are also designing their own gloves, headsets, and other accessories. It is already being developed and released.

6. Tesla Suit

If we are making a list of top VR accessories, then it would be incomplete without mentioning this product. The tesla suit provides a full body experience in VR gaming. The Tesla Suit, having no relation to the Elon Musk’s Tesla engines, is the newest effort in the streak of haptic vests presents out there, but this product is far superior to its aristocrats for the statistic that it is a suit for full body. The suit contains some components together with a T-belt, 2 bands for every arm, and 2 bands legs, and also a pair of T-gloves as well.

7. Leap Motion

Leap motion is in the market for a while but with the release of virtual reality concept it has got a new tenancy of life as a virtual reality accessory. This device has a compatibility with OSVR platform and it can be mounted onto the VR headset via a redesigned add-on, and it works with the likes of HTC Vive and Oculus Rift and provides hand gesture controls in the virtual reality gaming. It is very precise and tracks the fingers perfectly. It is a portable accessory for the motion controller.


This accessory is actually a multi-sensor mask designed for the virtual reality experience and can be used with the various VR headsets like Oculus Rift and many others. This gadget provides numerous features which are used to create full immersion in the VR concept. It is lined with coolers and heaters inside it which throw cool and hot air according to the conditions in the game. This mask also produces the odor of seven different types according to what is happening in the game, hence providing a very good experience of virtual reality by making it somewhat real. This device is making it exciting to use.

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