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Top Virtual Reality (VR) Bikes to Check out

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

1. VirZoom

VirZoom is an exercise bike which provides the VR experience. This peripheral features the wireless sensors which are integrated into the pedals of the bike so it lets you feel the speed of your pedaling in the game. To add more functions in its experience, they have put action buttons on its pad which provide gaming experience also while you use it in the virtual reality games. It can be used with all the best VR headsets and also with the VR support which is going to release soon. It is another piece of hardware which is going to happen in your life. It is not inexpensive in terms of price, you can buy the whole package for $699.99 and it is available over the internet. The company started the shipping of their product in June this year. Well, it is a must technology to try out in your life.

2. Widerun virtual biking

Visualize yourself biking in the city of San Francisco in the bay, on the Olympic racing track as well, and on the snowy trail on the Alps, and in any city as well around the world! You will surely be reluctant to get off the bike is you can bike in these cool sites virtually! It is a fascinating concept to try out even once in a lifetime. But it can be an addiction also. This is the virtual reality and the augmented reality in its best form! Good work was done by Widerun! Talking about the price, although the developers are trying to raise the price by improving the product but nowadays It is as costly as about $370 and it started shipping in April 2016. You can order it online while sitting in your home. Try out and enjoy the fun.

Why we need VR bikes?

Exercise is the most important part of our life as anything else. Workout makes the person healthy. But it is not easy for anyone to make this habit a permanent part of life. Because it needs too much consistency and effort. Going out for running every morning is obviously not a very simple task for anyone. And also joining the gym is also not a simple task it takes commitment. But if we not work out daily and keep laying all the day in the bed or just pass the day sitting in the office, it will cause dangerous side effects to the health.

So, in order cater, this problem, scientist, and developers of virtual reality concept have improvised the way of exercising and have taken this to the next level. The invention of virtual reality bikes has changed the way of exercising. Now you can enjoy the bike ride at any location in the world and enjoy as well. So, it will provide two benefits at the same time, one, you can work out daily and two, you can enjoy the different sites in the world while cycling at your home.

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Benjamin Arango
Benjamin Arango is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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