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Jaunt VR Review

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May 19, 2023• Proven solutions

Virtual reality is a hot topic these days. It offers people the mechanism to see and experience the virtual worlds. To allow realistic virtual reality, Jaunt VR continuously develops tools, applications, software, and hardware. Let us know more about Jaunt VR and its unparalleled contributions in the industry.

What VR technology does Jaunt do?

A complete, outstanding cinematic virtual reality solution can be expected using Jaunt’s VR technology. The staffs have developed and designed an integrated set of software and hardware tools to create only the best quality immersive content that people and businesses critically need. The Jaunt ONE is the company’s first professional grade stereographic cinematic virtual reality camera fabricated from the ground up. It was designed with idealistic VR originators in mind. The camera of Jaunt’s VR technology boasts of having exquisite designs, custom optics and high-grade 360 degrees capture. This was professionally, successfully done with the meticulous research and development of the team.


The VR technology of Jaunt can be used in…


Simultaneously, their camera system records 3D stereoscopic video in every direction. Thanks to the 3D sound-field microphones, people can capture everything they want to recreate their whole auditory and visual experience.


With the refined geometric calibration, image processing and color regulation, the exclusive computational photography algorithms of the company can transform your recorded video data. The result you will get can set a new standard for immersive quality of content.


The artistic professional team will access the complete site of post-production tools which includes editing, color compositing and correction in order to achieve quality cinematic vision. Since their video format is very much compatible with the standard software we have in the industry, people can take full benefit of using this new medium to create unique VR content experience.


The cross-platform viewer of the Jaunt VR Company purifies content for the Oculus Rift and any other devices. Its VR head tracking allows users to see in binaural mixing and in all directions to make an immersive audio experience.

Who is working with Jaunt?

Learn the partnership of Jaunt VR Company with different brands.

Since then and until now, Jaunt’s VR technology can be considered highly successful. Its partnership with different brands made this success a real thing. Jaunt primarily collaborated with Paul McCartney in 2014, who is part of The Beatles. Together, they built a 360-degree complete immersive concert experience, giving users a VR head mounted device. This is now available on Google Play for fast installation.

Later, Jaunt worked with The Northface and introduced a project popularly known as “The Northface VR”. Also, they have created 360-degree videos into the wild in the Yosemite National Park located in California, with mountaineers clinging on the rock edge and cliff. Earlier in 2015, you have witnessed how aggressive Jaunt VR was to offer the best possible virtual reality experience.

The story doesn’t end here because Jaunt also teamed up with director Paul Feig to make a VR experience project. They called it “Other Space”. It was released in April 2015, displaying at SXSW. The project took place in the Moab (Utah) and Yosemite National Park (California), which featured athletes Same Elias and Cedar Wright.

Remember the concert of Big Sean happened at Highland Center of Hollywood? His track “Blessing” was improved by the VR technology of Jaunt. This enabled viewers to experience like they were really in the front row of the audience.

We can expect more about the VR innovation of Jaunt. Music lovers and even outdoor athletes can now take advantage of its technology. People can see Jaunt VR Company collaborating with other giant industries in the near future.


What’s Jaunt doing now?

What’s next to Jaunt VR? Heads up VR enthusiasts!

The good news is that, Jaunt – the cinematic VR specialist – is now targeting virtual reality content providers from different parts of the world. They have a new program that offers a curated blend of fare highly compatible for many virtual reality platforms. Its new program allows partners to distribute their content directly to the Jaunt VR application. Content makers can be able to publish their product through other ways.

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