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YouTube Alternatives: 3 Best Video Sharing Sites

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

YouTube is a great platform where almost everyone goes to watches videos. It is not the best platform for every video creator, though. This article will introduce you to some YouTube alternatives.

There are a lot of reasons you might want to learn about other websites like YouTube. You might want a site with less ads, or different ways of monetizing. YouTube can sometimes remove videos unfairly, so you may want a site where copyright claims are handled by people instead of robots. A lot of users simply want a site that is more like YouTube was when it was younger. There are features, like customizable channel pages, which have been discarded over the years.

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YouTube Alternatives: 3 Best Video Sharing Sites

Here is a list of other places where you can upload videos:

1. Dailymotion

YouTune Alternatives - Dailymotion

This may be the second most popular free video sharing website, and it is very similar to YouTube in appearance. Like YouTube, Dailymotion recommends videos to users based on what is trending as well as their personal viewing habits. Also like YouTube, there are ads in and around videos and you have the option of monetizing your content to earn ad revenue. There is more than one way to become a Dailymotion partner, though. You can sell a subscription for your channel instead of monetizing ads in your videos.

The main difference between Dailymotion and YouTube is that where YouTube has an abundance of both amateur and professional quality video, Dailymotion skews towards professional. There are personal vlogs and cat videos, but these are less the norm on Dailymotion than on YouTube. You may find less competition in your genre here. However, you should be aware that the expectations of viewers might be higher.

2. Vimeo

YouTube Alternatives - Vimeo

Although Vimeo is also a very popular video site, it is very different from YouTube. Everything from appearance to the types of comments left on videos is vastly different. The front page of this site does not display trending videos, for example. Instead it features high quality creative content that has been reviewed and singled out by Vimeo’s staff as some of the best the site has to offer.

There also are not any ads on Vimeo, whereas YouTube is full of them.

If you create, or are interested in creating, short films then this is where you should be posting. Many festival quality shorts are posted to Vimeo. There are vlogs there too, but they tend to be by serious video creators. The community on Vimeo tends to be a lot friendlier than YouTube so if you are still an amateur, but have dreams of being a pro, then this is probably still the site for you. You should be able to find real constructive criticism here rather than trolls.

Vimeo has a wider variety of privacy settings than YouTube. You can make videos watchable by everyone, just certain people, or require a password.

3. ZippCast

YouTune Alternatives - ZippCast

ZippCast is praised by some for being very similar to pre-Google YouTube. While the expectations for video quality may be slightly higher on DailyMotion than YouTube, and are much higher on Vimeo, they are basically the same on ZippCast. Comedy, gaming, music, animation, and vlogging are the most popular categories and almost all content is posted by average people with average skill levels. One of the ways in which ZippCast is like the ‘old’ YouTube is that you can customize the design of your channel.

One of the things users appreciate most about ZippCast is that identifying and removing copyrighted videos is done by humans rather than an automated system, like on YouTube. This means that if you use copyrighted content that is licensed to you or protected by fair use your video should not be taken down. It is common for YouTubers to have their videos unfairly removed, although disputing the copyright claim will usually result in getting the video restored.

Although it is definitely large enough to be considered an alternative to YouTube, ZippCast has been unreliable in the past (i.e shutting down randomly) and has lost the trust of many users.

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Richard Bennett
Richard Bennett is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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