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Plugins and Add-ons to Use with the Windows Movie Maker

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Jul 17, 2024• Proven solutions

The Windows Movie Maker is a Microsoft product allowing the non-professionals to execute video editing and processing to achieve better results. The platform is also helpful for sharing videos on various social media platforms, video sharing sites and other destinations over the internet. The product has several important features but requires some additional plugins and add-ons for Windows movie maker for producing seamless results.

Note: You can’t add any plugins to Windows Live Movie Maker 2012, the version who supports adding plugins and add-ons is version 6.0 or 2.1.

Download version 6.0 here.

Best Alternative to Windows Movie Maker for both Mac and Windows 7/8/10

Using tools, plugins and add-ons mentioned above requires at least some basic knowledge and professional experience. The Wondershare Filmora is the highly recommended product for modern day video editing processes. This single tool is the most suitable to avoid using single usage plugins and add-ons for Windows movie maker. Wondershare Filmora has different software configurations for Windows and Mac OS devices. The tool is comprehensive package to perform actions including:

  • Audio equalizer
  • Color tuning
  • Contrast and brightness adjustments
  • Video cropping
  • Improve resolution pixels
  • Remove blurs and darkness
  • Introduce multimedia and animation effects

The product is enhanced with different configurations to work with videos, sound quality improvements, still images, texts and overlays. With the single Wondershare Filmora tool, you can bestow fine filmmaking effects to simple basic videos.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

Following is a list of 10 highly popular plugins/ add-ons for the windows movie maker and the suitable alternative to produce better results.

Top Rated Plugins and add-ons for Windows Movie Maker

1.Correction Effects Pack 1

This is a highly useful tool helpful for creating 46 different effects employing simple drag and drop technique. Some important features of the tool include:

Windows Movie Maker Packs

  • Contrast adjustments
  • Produce color effects
  • Produce transition effect by reducing blurs
  • Eliminate frame edge noise employing noise cropping
  • Add different color tints
  • Desaturate the pictures

2.SceneFixer Effects Wizard

This is one of leading add-ons for Windows movie maker to gain dynamic results with contrast, white balance and brightness adjustments. The tool is also effective for color adjustment in videos, set the required RGB effect, and saturation. The users can apply these effects to still photos and images also. Using SceneFixer takes a lot of efforts and time during the video and image processing.

3.PanZoom Wizard

This add-on helps to gain good experience while employing zoom and pan effects to your existing videos. This user-friendly wizard is suitable for producing effects with simple drag action. To achieve the desired effect, simply drag the Start near the End frame and perform the necessary size adjustments.

4.FilmTouch Wizard

This add-on helps to enhance a normal video with film-like effects. The users can choose from over 200 presets to achieve the desired video effect. During the processing, the users can adjust the brightness, contrasts, picture effects employing this single add-on tool while saving each of the presets for further usage.

5.Blur-Sharpen Wizard

This is highly useful tool to eliminate the shortcoming of the Windows movie maker. It helps to achieve better results with blur and sharpness effects. The tool has the Smart blur feature that allows the users to sharpen the required portions of the video while blurring the remaining to get the best quality output.

6.OverlayFX Effects Wizard

This tool eliminates the minimal overlap feature of the movie maker. The users can produce up to six desired overlays on a single video clip by incorporating imported pictures, logos, graphics, frames and titles. The users can also fine tune the final output video on this tool.

7.AccentFX Wizard

This tool allows the users to highlight required portions of the video, add customized frames and borders. Later, the users can incorporate visual accents to the video by choosing from several options. Viewing the changes one by one adding the effects, the users can easily finalize the required final output based on the subject and theme of the photos and videos.

8.SpiceMaster Wizard

This special add-on allows the users to adjust multiple variables including shapes, texture, timing, softness, borders etc. These custom transitions help to bestow a professional look to the final output video. The Windows movie maker does not provide enough options for leveraging custom transitions on a video.

9.TitleFX Wizard

Adjusting the position of texts and titles on a video is very difficult with the Windows movie maker. This tool offers many options for adjusting the titles and texts on a video without tinkering the XML code which is a time consuming traditional technique.

10.PerfectPIP Wizard

This add-on tool allows the users to introduce the picture-in-picture effect. You can choose the desired style, location, timing and other specifications to get high quality PIP output. In addition to the ultra sharp PIP rendering, the users can add still images or moving videos with any background video or image.

So, I hope you can find the target plugins and add-ons for Windows Movie Maker, whether it is a filter, overlay, element, transition, or a split-screen effect. To be honest, you can achieve these effects in Filmora with ease, as well as audio editing such as audio mixer and audio equalizer. Just download Filmora now and edit the video follow the video tutorial below.

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

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