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Tips and Tricks for Windows Live Movie Maker

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Jul 17, 2024• Proven solutions

After taking customer reviews over so many forums and websites, it has been observed that many users do not appreciate the absence of timeline feature on Windows Live Movie Maker software. However, if we compare the old versions of this movie maker then Maker 2012 is rated much higher due to its ease of use, one click online publishing facility and compatibility with all file types. There are so many things to know about this wonderful movie maker tool and some of you may also be in search of expert tips to make most out of it. This article presents all useful tips and tricks for Windows Live Movie Maker so that you can have better control over your videos.

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Tips and Tricks for Windows Live Movie Maker 2012:

1. Ribbon Interface:

If you are using Windows Movie Maker on Window 7 Application then you might have heard about one of its outstanding features named as Ribbon Header. Actually, the Maker 2012 tool possesses 3 working regions for video editing where the top most is called Ribbon. It provides access to various incredible editing options like audio levels, captions, effects and transitions. With this ribbon, it becomes much easier to add files to the software and projects can be saved with disk icons.

2. Video Editing:

With Maker 2012, it becomes much easier to split and trims videos; all that you need to do is pick the trim tool from start menu and it will directly provide you controls for adjusting the beginning as well as ending of video. Similarly, if you pick split tool from software menu then you can easily add buttons for start and stop of the video. Those who are searching for additional controls are suggested to hit any point over timeline and use context menu to perform different actions. Users can add titles, contents and captions from home screen and it is also much easier to rotate files as per need but note that one can just rotate complete video clip as once, this operation is not possible on sections of video.

3. Audio Editing:

When you bring video clips to timeline of Maker 2012 then different options appear on the top bar. It facilitates users with easy volume setting options so that sound stays equal throughout the video. In case if you want to edit audio levels manually then simply go to Edit option available below video tools and then adjust sound levels. These adjustments will take place for specific clips only so if you want to make changes over small portions of video then make separate selections and adjust volume as per need.

4. File Formats:

You will be glad to know that Windows Live Movie Maker 2012 is now updated to so many latest file formats as like 3GP, MT2, MPEG-4, AVCHD, MOV, WTV and M4V etc. It is also possible to add file formats of common image or the raw files that are supported by Windows 7 codecs. It makes video editing much easier even beginners can do lots of wonders with quality features of Maker 2012.

5. Animations:

Youngsters these days are crazy about making animations and that is why Maker 2012 platform is designed to serve with 77 clever and outstanding transition effects. Users can generate unique animations by using different options like slide down, wipes, curls, sweeps, shatters, reveals, shapes, patterns, dissolves and diagonals etc. The best feature of animation tool is that once you select any of the above options its effect will be immediately available on selected video clip.

6. Effects:

Users can access four unique and artistic effects for editing of video clips over Maker 2012; they include threshold, posterize, pencil-drawing style and blur. Other than this, users can take benefits for colour filtration over different black and white videos so that colours can pop up perfectly. One can easily add pixilation, warps, and mirror views etc effects to videos but with limited control. Some of you will find the brightness adjustment feature more awesome as it can be applied on large numbers of clips at a time.

7. Text and Titles:

It is possible to add text into videos in form of credits, captions and titles. There are numerous animation and style options for fonts with ultimate featuring effects like spin, stretch, fly in and fade in etc.

8. Publish your Video:

We all love to post videos on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter or YouTube etc. but not all video editing tools support this feature. The best thing to know is that social media lovers can easily publish their edited videos on any website directly from Maker 2012. All that you need to do is, go to home tab available on user interface of movie maker and then on right side you need to hit share option. It will ask you for selection of site over which you need to publish your video and at the same time you will be able to make changes for video quality as per website recommendation. The program also asks users to authorise post on social media website by logging in with Microsoft user account on Maker 2012 before publishing any video.

9. Save your Videos:

If you do not like to post videos on social media website then you can also save it directly to your system memory. On software user interface, you will easily find the option for saving movie. Users can make selection for different file formats before saving them and the displays can be converted to high definition displays with little adjustments. The edited videos can be visualized clearly on iPhone, Android, Tablets and all supported websites. It is also possible to save movies in email supported file formats as well as one can burn videos to DVD directly. Simple make selection for your desired file format and hit save as button; select destination folder on your device and within few seconds your edited video will be saved to your specified folder for future access.

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