How to Create and Edit Videos on Windows 10

Windows 10 has finally launched worldwide this Wednesday after it’s first unveiled last September. After months’ of speculations and leaks, we are excited to find some really exciting new settings and features on windows 10 that surely make it more anticipated than its predecessors. Some of the most compelling reasons for you to upgrade instantly like voice assistant Cortana, brand new Edge browser, resizable start menu, built-in Xbox gaming console etc., are just hard to resist after the Windows 8 nightmare. To add to its attractiveness, Windows 10 is familiar and rather easy to use with many similarities to Windows 7 and Windows 8. Though Windows 10 is far from perfect at the moment, it’s not a bad idea to be the first ones to try the new system, unless you are quite happy with your 7 or 8 of course.

Before upgrading to the latest most-talked OS, one most important thing you need to pay attention to is the current software and programs you have on your old system. There’s quite a chance that those programs aren’t compatible with the latest system yet and you are doomed to make a choice between a new system and your old programs, paid or not. This is devastating, I know, but not when it comes to keeping the old video editing software programs. In this article, we will talk about how you can edit videos worry-free on your journey to transfer to Windows 10 by using appropriate video editing tool: Wondershare Filmora.

Part1. Introducing Wondershare Filmora Video Editor

This can be one of the most effective software out there in the market that is perfectly compatible with the latest Windows 10 . It has a modern yet simple user interface design where you would surely be delighted to use often.

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Main features?

  • Animated Text and Titles: using the text and titles library, you could create not just beautiful messages but animated ones as well.
  • Music Library: 25 royalty-free music library and hundreds of sound effects would allow you to create a perfect atmosphere without paying extra.
  • Motion Elements: the software’s motion graphics and still is capable of taking your video in a different level.
  • Overlays and Filters: this certain feature allows you to transform your video into something that is amazing and spectacular.
  • Visual effects: the software contains over a hundred visual affects you could use to turn your video into a unique and extraordinary video without requiring you to put a lot of effort.
  • Speed Control: this is such an amazing feature for it allows you to control and adjust the pace of your videos. You could speed it up or make it slower depending on what you think fits the video best.
  • HD support: all of us wanted to have their videos on HD and this feature of the said software makes it possible.
  • Transitions: you can combine several videos and pictures easily with the help of the transitions effects that are easy to use.
  • Auto enhance: even though the picture you have are not in a good quality, the software is capable of enriching its quality with the help of the auto enhance feature.

Part2. Tutorial on how to edit videos on Windows 10 by using Filmora:

Step1. Download

Go to the Filmora website and look for the button for the free download. You can also be rest assured that it is a secured download. When you go to their website, you can see the links where you can download the software whether you are using windows or mac. There is also a free trial version.

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Step2. Basic Editing

Using the software is easy for you. You can find all the buttons you need for basic editing like cutting, merging, cropping, speeding up/slowing down, adjusting volume and quite a lot more.

Step3. Add and edit music

You can add background music to your video with ease by navigating to the music tab. Once you have imported your music, you can see various options for music like combining music, cutting specific parts of the music, removing background noises and others.

Step4. Add special video effects

You need to switch to the effects tab so that you could select the template that you like and then click apply. You need to remember that the added effects are only for the overlayed video.

merge avi video

Step5. Export and Save

When you have finished editing and adding effects to your video, you are now ready to export them. You can save them in various file formats. You have many options in exporting your videos and that includes exporting them by formats, exporting them by devices, burning them in a CD and uploading them directly in various sites that allow video sharing. You just need to click the export button and then select what kind of exporting you wanted to do with your video.

There are various ways to create and edit videos on Windows 10 but one of the most effective ways is by using the Wondershare Filmora Video Editor. Download a free trial version to get started now!

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Jan 04,2019 18:33 pm
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It's not free so why tf did you even waste your time? Lol i'd rather throw my money at wevideo, how about you make yourself useful and put up a download for windows movie maker.
before I purchase my edited video without watermarks, I do need assistance. Why can't I open the filmora file in Windows Live Movie Maker, or why can't I add a video edited in Windows Live Movie Maker? I need to combine/add these two video into one video.