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How to Make a Split Screen Video
By Liza Brown May 24,2019 11:22 am
Liza Brown is a writer and a lover of all things video.

The split screen is showing two or multiple video streams simultaneously by side by side, or in up-down style. It has become a popular technique in videos of different types. You can apply this technique when creating fast paced promotional videos, comparison videos or even to make it look as if you are having a conversation with yourself!

You think it's difficult to make a split screen video? Well, there are many split screen video editors available nowadays, in this article we recommend you to use the video editing tool such as Wondershare Filmora, which offers the several options to create split screen video. With it, you can easily and quickly make a split screen video in merely minutes.

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Before we get started, check out the detailed guide below and learn how to make a split screen video in Filmora.

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Part 1: How to Make a Split Screen Video with Filmora Split-Screen Feature

Note: The split screen presets can be found on previous Filmora8 versions, if you want to make a split-screen video on current Filmora9, you can refer to the second part. We’re working on better split-screen presets and the feature will come back soon in Filmora9.

1 Import the media files

Open Filmora and enter the Full Feature mode, and then click "Import" to add your media files to My Album Media Library. Or directly drag and drop your media to this Split screen video editor.

split screen video

2 Choose a split screen preset

Click the "Split Screen" button above the timeline. Then you can browse and preview different kinds of split screen frame in the library. Choose your favorite one and drag and drop it onto the timeline. Alternatively, right click on the preset and choose "Apply" to add it to the timeline.

split screen video editor

3 Add videos to the preset

Double click the preset on the timeline. Then drag your videos to each "Drop Zone" to make a split screen video. Here you can drag the slider below the box to adjust the starting timing of each video subclip. You can also tick the "Apply border" option to make the division visible, and then choose the border color to further customize your split screen video.

split screen video software

4 Edit Audio [Optional]

Once you have dropped the video clips to the Drop Zone and play it in the Preview window, you may hear all the audios from the video clips. In this case, you can mute the audio in the clip by clicking the Volume icon. You can mute one of them or mute them all and then add a new background audio to this split screen video.

5 Save the split screen video

Filmora provides various options for you to save the split screen video. After finishing the project, hit "Export" and save the split video to different formats, upload to YouTube or burn to DVD.

split screen video software

Part 2: How to Create Split Screen Video with Video Overlays

Besides the built-in split screen feature which provides several split screen presets in previous Filmora8 versions, you can also place all your video clips in the position you like to create a split-screen style like video in Filmora9. In this tutorial, I will show you how to make a split screen video by overlaying videos.

Tips: If you want to make a video wall effect with the same footage, you can check our guide about How to create video wall effects in Filmora9.

After importing the clips to the Media Library, please follow the steps below:

1 Drag and Drop Video Clips to timeline

Instead of placing the video clips to the same timeline [which will merge these videos into one video], to make a split screen video, you need to place the video clips to different video tracks.

Place the videos in right track and then select the clips in the timeline and then play it in the Preview window to check if there is any unwanted part. To remove the unwanted frames, split the video clip and then cut and removeit.

 Filmora9 Making Split Screen without Presets

2 Adjust Position, Resize, and add Mask

With the video overlay feature, you can split the screens in half horizontally or vertically or in any portion that you need. There are several ways to make a unique split screen video: You can click the clip in timline and then adjust the positions and scales of the footage in the preview window to taget postions and scale as shown below:

 Filmora9 Making Split Screen without Presets

You can also change the position in Transform option under Editing panel: double click the clip in the timeline to enter the Edit window and drag the rotate or scale slider to adjust.

Make Split Screen : Adjust Transform

To change the shape of how the split screen video shows, double-click the video in the timeline and then click Effects tab and go to Utility option and you'll find Image Mask and Shape Mask options which will help you to change the split-screen video shape. Select and drag the effect to the video clip in the timeline and the clip shape will change accordingly.

Make Split Screen : Apply Masks

There are several Image Mask presets available, you can double click the clip in timeline and scroll down to Image Mask under Video Effects as shown below:

 Filmora9 Making Split Screen Change Shape with Image Mask

3 Manage the Audio Sound

You can mute all audios in the video clip and add a new background music to match the video. To mute the audio in the split screen video, right click the video in the timeline and select Mute. You can also separate the audio file from video and edit it further.

Detach audio from video Filmora9

After aligning the video and audio files, you can now click Export tab to upload the split screen video to YouTube or save as different video formats.


The split screen effect can be used to make a video which has the same actor appearing in the same scene simultaneously, just looks like people have cloned themselves in the video. As you can see from the above methods that I described, making split screen videos in Filmora is quite easy. You can always empower your story with Filmora. Get inspired by the video tutorial below, don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel to get more tips and tricks: here.

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Liza Brown
Liza Brown is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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