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How to Make Fortnite Thumbnail for Free and Easy in 2024

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Feb 19, 2024• Proven solutions

To grow a Youtube channel, you need to focus on several different factors and elements. Having an attractive and eye-catching thumbnail is one of those top factors that contribute to the growth of your channel. No matter how good your content is, if you cannot attract users to click on your videos, it will not benefit your channel. In this article, we are going to show you how you can make a Fortnite thumbnail in few simple steps using Filmora X. If you are a content creator and love to make Fortnite videos, then this article will be very helpful for you. 

Filmora has recently introduced a new feature named AI Portrait that uses Artificial Intelligence to remove the background from a portrait or image. This feature doesn't require any green screen to do that. Filmora also contains a wide range of elements and titles that help you enhance the Thumbnail and make look stunning and eye-catching.

Step 01: To start making a Fortnite thumbnail, it is important to have a screenshot of your gameplay. We can make a perfect screenshot using Fortnite Replay Mode. If you have recently played a Fortnite match, you can access its replay under the Career tab. Under the Career tab select Replays. 


Step 02: If you are using a console, the game will only store 10 recent gameplays, but if you are using a PC, it will store 100 recent gameplays in this section. From all these gameplays, select the one that you want to use for the Thumbnail. Once you choose gameplay, you can control everything in it. The angle, speed, and camera mode. 


Step 03: For creating a perfect thumbnail, select "Drone Free Camera" mode from the camera mode located on the bottom right corner of the screen. It will allow us to change the angle the way we want. Choose an angle of your choice and take the screenshot.


Step 04: Open Filmora X, make sure to select the 16:9 screen ratio. Import the screenshot using the import button. 


Step 05: Drag and drop the screenshot into the timeline.


Step 06: Now, let's separate the background and character. Go to the Effects, then AI Portrait, select Human Segmentation, and drop it into the screenshot.


Step 07: Filmora will ask you to purchase it, but you can now hit "Try it" to use it.


Step 08: It will remove the background of the screenshot.


Step 09: To add a background, go to the media and navigate to "Sample Color." Drag a color of your choice and drop it below the screenshot.


Step 10: To add titles in the Thumbnail, go to the Titles tab. Here you can find several categories of titles. Find your preferred title and drop it above all the layers. You can choose titles, lower thirds, and other texts depending upon your need and requirement.


Step 11: We can make this Fortnite Thumbnail look more attractive by adding elements such as stickers and icons. Filmora contains a wide range of stickers. To access them, navigate to the Elements tab. Here you can find so many categories of elements. Choose any elements according to your need and drop them in the timeline above all other layers. If you cannot find a suitable sticker, you can download one from the internet and use it by importing it into Filmora.


Step 12: Once you are satisfied with the final results, you can take the screenshot of the Thumbnail using the Snapshot icon located below the preview panel. It will create a screenshot in the media panel of Filmora.


Step 13: To access the directory where this screenshot is saved, right-click on the screenshot and click on "Reveal in Explorer." It will open the folder that contains all the screenshots you take through Filmora. Your Fortnite Thumbnail is ready to be used on your Youtube videos.



With Filmora, there are no limits. You can use your imagination to create amazing Fortnite thumbnails or thumbnails for other purposes. This article is just a demo teaching you how you use Filmora X to develop free and astounding thumbnails. Explore other options and elements of Filmora to take your thumbnails to another level.


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Ollie Mattison
Ollie Mattison is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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Ollie Mattison

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