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7 Best Online YouTube Tag Extractors

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Feb 19, 2024• Proven solutions

Producing entertaining and captivating visual content for your YouTube channel is not enough to reach the audience you’re targeting. Tagging your videos appropriately is more important than it may seem at first, as it increases the visibility of your content and helps you reach your ideal viewer.

Knowing which tags to use for your next video can be difficult, especially if you want your video to reach a niche audience. Online tag extractors enable you to see all tags that are added to a YouTube video. This may give you an idea which tags you can use to make your content more visible. We’ve selected some of the best online YouTube tag extractors that will make the tagging process faster and easier.

The Best Online YouTube Tag Extractors You Should Try

Ideally, each video you upload to YouTube should appear on the first page of search results, but a vast amount of content that is being uploaded to this platform every minute makes this task very difficult. Online YouTube Tag Extractors we featured in this article enable you to improve the ranking of your videos by allowing you to see tags of the highest-ranked videos on YouTube. Here’s what the best online YouTube tag extractors have to offer.

1. Online-Free-Tools

Price: Free

 Online-Free-Tools  YouTube Tag Extractor

This platform provides a broad spectrum of online tools that can be used to generate QR Codes, analyze HTTP headers, or test different PHP functions. Its tag extractor tool is remarkably easy to use since you just have to paste the URL of the YouTube video from which you would like to extract tags, confirm that you are not a robot, and click on the Find the Tags button.

The platform then displays all the tags it found in the Results section, and it also offers the option to copy them for YouTube. The best part is that you don’t have to create an account on the Online-Free-Tools platform if you want to use this tool.

2. YouTube Video Tags Extractor Online Tool

TagsYouTube is equipped with a number of video optimization tools that ultimately help you improve the performance of your content. Tag Finder, Video Description Generator, or Hashtags Generator are among the tools this platform offers.

In order to access the video extractor tool, you have to click on the More Tools menu and then choose the Extract or View Video Tags option. Afterward, you should add the video’s URL and click on the Extract Tag button. Besides showing the tags the video already contains, the platform also generates tag suggestions for a particular video. In addition, you can copy up to 500 tags and add them to a video you’re uploading to your YouTube channel.

3. YouTube Tag Generator

Price: Free

YouTube Tag Generator platform lets you extract tags from individual videos or entire channels in just a few easy steps. Simply insert the URL into the appropriate box and click on the Search icon. All tags a video contains are going to be displayed in the Tags From This Video section.

The Tag Editor option enables you to remove the tags you don’t want to include in your video. You can also click on the Copy All button if you want to add all the tags that are displayed in the Tag editor to your video. Optionally, you can click on the Copy Selected button if you only want to copy the tags you selected.

4. YTube Tool

Price: Free

 OYTube Tool Tag Extractor

This simple but effective online tool, lets you generate thumbnails, as well as video titles and descriptions. It also enables you to extract tags from a YouTube video in just three simple steps. You just have to add the URL into the YouTube Video URL box and click on the Find Tags button.

The platform will then show you a prompt that asks you to confirm that you are not a robot and display all tags it detected in the Results section. In the Tags List in a Text Area Section, you can edit the tags, and remove those you don’t want to include in the video you would like to upload to your YouTube channel. All other tags can be copied or downloaded to your computer.

5. Y2TAG

Price: Free

YouTubers in need of a free and easy to use tag extractor should consider using the Y2TAG platform. Besides extracting tags from videos and channels, you can also search for tag suggestions using the platform’s Tags Generator tool or analyze tags for a particular keyword.

Extracting tags from a video with Y2TAG is easy because you can just click on the Find button after you’ve pasted the video’s URL into the box at the top of the screen. The platform will then display all detected keywords in the Tags From this Video section. The Tag Editor that is located at the bottom of the page lets you keep only the tags that fit your demands and copy them to your YouTube channel.

6. MyFreeOnlineTools

Price: Free

 MyFreeOnlineTools Tag Extractor

A Keyword Density Checker, a Color Converter, or Code Compressor are just a few among countless tools you can use for free on the MyFreeOnlineTools platform. What’s more, you don’t even have to create an account on this platform in order to extract keywords and tags from YouTube videos.

Once you open this tool, you’ll have to paste the video’s URL to the designated box and hit the Click Extract Data button. YouTube video’s tags, title, and description will pop up on the screen in just a few moments. However, you won’t be able to edit or copy them, as the platform merely shows the data the video contains.

7. BackLinkValidator

Price: Free, pricing options start $0.65 per month

BackLinkValidator Tag Extractor

BackLinkValidator can help you discover tags through keywords, key phrases, and it can also provide you with tag suggestions for your video based on the tags the highest-ranking videos on YouTube are using.

The Extract tags from specific YouTube videos and channels option generates a list of tags for a video it analyzes. Moreover, this tool also collects all keywords in the video’s description. BackLinkValidator lets you extract tags and keywords from up to five URLs simultaneously, which speeds up the tagging process significantly. The Pro version of the platform grants you access to a wider set of options that can be useful if you upload videos to YouTube regularly.

Frequently Asked Questions About Online YouTube Tag Extractor

#1. Can I Extract YouTube Tags Without Desktop Software?

You don’t need a desktop-based software to extract tags from a YouTube video, because online tag extractors can generate a list of video’s tags within seconds.

#2. How to Change YouTube Video Tags?

Make sure that you are logged in to YouTube Studio, and click on the Video Manager option that is located in the menu on the left side of the screen. The Info and Settings page contains the Basic Info section where you can remove existing tags and replace them with new ones.


It is almost impossible to overestimate the importance of tags for the number of views and likes your YouTube videos are getting. Luckily, online YouTube tag extractors grant you the insight into the tags other video content producers on the platform are using.

If you are a YouTuber who want to create videos with templates and effects without much efforts, you should try an effective video editing software for YouTube like Wondershare Filmora.

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