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Best YouTube Video Reverser Online

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

While working on the movies in a professional post-production environment, there might be instances where you want to reverse YouTube video to show flashback effect, or to replay a sequence so the audience can experience more thrills while watching.

With that said, not every media player or video editing application is capable enough to reverse a movie clip, not at least with merely a few mouse clicks. Therefore, the following sections suggest some such programs that can help you play YouTube video backward.

Part 1: Best Free YouTube Video Reversers Online

There are a few online web programs that are capable of reversing YouTube videos with efficiency. However, some of them may have certain restrictions like file size limit, number of supported formats, fewer or absolutely no editing options, etc.

Nevertheless, the best five online solutions to reverse YouTube video along with the process of using them are discussed below:

1. Clideo

Clideo is not merely a video reverser, but can also convert media files to your preferred format. You can paste the URL of a YouTube video to upload or import the videos from your computer, Dropbox or Google Drive storage. At the time of this writing, Clideo allows only up to 500MB videos to be uploaded to reverse or convert. As for the acceptability, the portal supports almost all the commonly used formats.

Reverse YouTube videos Online - Clideo

To play YouTube video backward with Clideo:

  • Visit Clideo’s online reverse tool page:;
  • Hover mouse over the down arrow icon next to the Choose file button and paste the URL of the YouTube video that you want to reverse;
  • After Clideo fetches the video and opens the next page, choose your preferred speed from the right section
  • Leave the Mute video box checked, or uncheck it if required and then click Reverse button to reverse YouTube video. The maximum reverse speed that you can apply is 2X.

2. Kapwing

This web solution also supports almost all types of video formats including 3GPP, AVI, MP4, etc. When talking about the limitations of a free user, you can only upload the videos that are up to 7 minutes long. At the time of this writing, Kapwing can accept the source files from your computer, and from the YouTube URL.

Reverse YouTube videos Online - kapwing

To reverse YouTube video with Kapwing:

  • Go to Kapwing’s online video reverser page:;
  • Paste the URL of the YouTube video in the Paste a URL field;
  • Select your preferred playback speed of the reversed video from the Reverse speed section in the left pane;
  • Choose whether or not Kapwing should mute the output video;
  • Optionally, click Trim video from the upper-left corner of the right window to edit the footage if needed;
  • Click CREATE from the bottom-left corner to play YouTube video backward. The maximum reverse speed that you can apply on Kapwing is also 2X.


With the ability to support almost all major video formats, and the capability to accept the media files of up to 100MB, Ezgif allows you to upload the footages from your PC, or paste their URL if they are published on YouTube. Even though the landing page has a few distracting adverts, the overall process to play YouTube video backward and save it to your PC is simple.

Reverse YouTube videos Online - EZGIF

To reverse YouTube video with Ezgif:

  • Go to the reverser tool page: and then paste the URL of the YouTube video in the available field;
  • Click Upload video and optionally click the speed icon from the toolbar at the top;
  • Use the checkboxes and input fields to mute the audio and adjust the playback speed as needed;
  • Choose your preferred encoding method from the Output format and encoding drop-down list and then click Reverse video to reverse the video.

Note: It seems that you can’t customize the reverse speed on EZGif but you can choose to mute the reversed audio or not.

4. VideoReverser

Although this web solution has an extremely simple interface, the files that you can upload must not exceed 10MB in size. The portal supports formats like MPG, MPEG, MP4, AVI, M4V, 3GP, etc. for reversing. In addition to uploading the clips from your PC, VideoReverser also allows you to paste the URL of the footages if they are published on YouTube.

Reverse YouTube videos Online - VideoReverser

To play YouTube video backward with VideoReverser:

  • Launch your favorite Internet browser, and then visit;
  • Paste the URL of the YouTube video in the available text field;
  • Choose your preferred output format from the Select output format drop-down list;
  • Use the Remove audio track checkbox to get rid of the acoustics or leave the sound enabled;
  • Click Start to reverse YouTube video.

5. Pixiko

With almost all formats’ support, Pixiko is yet another web-based media editor that can also reverse YouTube video with a few mouse clicks. At the time of this writing, Pixiko only accepts the source files from your PC, which means you can’t paste the YouTube link to it directly. At first, you need to download or save the YouTube video on computer and then either drag those clips from your local hard drive to the portal.

Reverse YouTube videos Online - Pixiko

To play YouTube video backward with Pixiko:

  • On the page, click anywhere inside the Blue rectangle;
  • Locate, select, and upload the downloaded YouTube source video from your PC;
  • Click Reverse from the lower-right section of the video player window;
  • Follow the on-screen instructions from there to manage and reverse YouTube video as needed;

Bonus: Reversing YouTube Video with Wondershare Filmora

With easily reachable editing options and self-explanatory buttons, Wondershare Filmora has gained a decent amount of popularity in the recent years. The program is available for both Windows and Mac platforms, and gives tough competition to other leading tools of the industry such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X, etc.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

When talking about the playback speed, with the help of available presets, it can be increased or decreased by 100x or 0.01x respectively. One of the presets also enables you to reverse the direction of the playback quite easily, i.e. while keeping the speed intact. In addition, the ‘Custom Speed’ option lets you control the preferences more granularly.

You can follow the simple instructions given below to reverse YouTube video with Wondershare Filmora:

Note: To remain compliant with the terms and conditions, and to respect the copyright policies, Wondershare Filmora doesn’t allow you to download other people’s videos from YouTube. However, once you have a footage on your PC, you can jump to the following step-by-step process to reverse its playback.

1. Import the Source Video to the Timeline

Launch Wondershare Filmora on your Windows or Mac computer (Windows 10 here), making sure that the Media button in the standard toolbar at the top is selected, click inside the Media window, and select and import the YouTube source video to the program. Next, drag the YouTube video clip to the Timeline, and when the confirmation box appears, click the Match to Media or Keep Project Settings button as needed to get the footage to the Timeline.

Add YouTube Video to Timeline

2. Reverse the Video (Using the Preset)

Click and select the media clip in the Timeline, click the Speed icon present above the Timeline itself, and click the Reverse option from the menu that appears to reverse the video playback.

Select Reverse on Speed Icon

3. Reverse the Video (Manual Control)

Filmora Custom Speed

Select the media clip in the Timeline and click the Speed icon as explained in the previous step. From the menu that appears, click Custom Speed this time. When the Custom Speed box appears, use the Speed slider to adjust the playback speed of the media clip, and check the Reverse box to reverse YouTube video. Optionally, you can also modify the Duration and Ripple options to customize the preferences. Finally, click OK to save the changes.

4. Export the Video or Upload to YouTube Directly

Back on the main window, click EXPORT from the top. Filmora provides several ways to saving and sharing the video.

Save Reversed YouTube videos

You can select the Local tab, choose your preferred output format from the list in the left, in the right window, define a name and location for the file that you are about to export, and click EXPORT from the bottom-right corner to export the video with the reverse playback.

upload video to YouTube in Filmora

Or, go to the YouTube tab and sign in your YouTube account to upload the reversed video to YouTube directly. In the YouTube upload interface, you can optimize the YouTube SEO elements and revise the video title, description, category and tags.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version


Even though the online video reversers are free and offer simple process to get the job done, the desktop programs like Wondershare Filmora offer more flexibility when it comes to making changes to the media clips, controlling the playback speed, adding effects, applying the modifications only to certain sections of the footage, selecting output preferences, etc. before you can reverse YouTube video.

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