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Get Inspired from Top 10 Recruitment Videos

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

"In recruiting, there are no bad or good experiences, just learning experiences!" – Anonymous

Recruitment Videos

Nowadays, videos are the engaging and most preferred method not to tell, but to show. Yes, we are talking about those awesome recruitment videos. It would be super smart, easy, and memorable to attract new talent via videos. Check any of the recruitment videos, and you can admire how beautiful, informative, and attractive those videos are. A sense of authenticity shows by presenting a genuine understanding of the workplace, the company's culture, and employees' perspectives. Even if you want to flaunt employees, there's no best choice than recruiting videos. Fortunately, all such videos find their posting place on YouTube, the most viewed social media. It is excellent for effective targeting.

Want to know more about recruitment videos? Dive into the article until the end, as we have discussed various other interesting aspects related to the concept. Let's start by discussing the essential elements of 10 inspiring recruiting videos!

Best 10 Recruitment Videos

Here’s a rundown of our shortlisted ones in no particular order.

1. GrubHub

As we all know that food is the only way to live! Well, creative cooking is more of a thing, especially when combined with the company's mission. The company asks, "What do you bring to the table?" as the most critical question in the employees' interview. It opens up the company and employees' opportunity to share their team contribution and fulfill the company's goals.

2. Bluecore

The solution to a successful career is a better team collaboration and the ability to own projects independently. It's a recruitment video with a super-attractive intro line that says, 'Bluecore is the twistiest, trendiest, the best ride you will take in your career.' Then, it covers all the required information that a candidate looks for in a company. It beautifully shows all the values and mission backed by employee testimonials.

3. HubSpot

HubSpot is a developer and marketer of high-quality software products for ultimate sale and inbound marketing. Their so-called 'Culture Code' is represented in the recruitment video. The dominant cultural and organizational environment is what they want to show, no matter what. There is a 'no-door' policy where nobody, even the executives, has no office. They have also stated the employees' perks and unlimited vacation days.

4. Listrak

Listrak is a retail digital marketing automation platform for various DM services. They made a kind of cool recruitment video showing the busy, creative, and desired work environment. The video itself shows the company values and overall work environment, from feeling to eating as well. After watching the footage, everyone would love to feel refreshed. It looks like more of a next-level experience to work at Listrak.

5. Hillsboro Police

Would you love to see entertaining and quirky videos? Here's a fascinating recruiting video by Hillsboro Police. It works well because it is an over-the-top and incredible video from a police department. The funny and downright element helps to check the insights of the police force more closely. Well, Hillsboro is one of the best among unique companies located in Hillsboro, Oregon.

6. Enova

Enova's recruitment video presents all those candidates who would love to hear from a company. It further encourages employees to explore various support systems and interests in the evolving career path. The testimonials also shared for employees are with multiple roles and benefits in the company. The so-called team integration and collaborative work environment are well visible through Enova.

7. HomeAway

Life at HomeAway presents a series of recruitment videos while also showing their boomerang employees. The advantage taken is via sharing their stories and also documenting special events. They have stated their special events such as Movember celebrations, annual Battle of the Bands competition, and Bring your Kids to Work Day, etc. It's an international company with various branches across the globe. It is the reason they have to make separate interview videos for each office.

8. Outcome Health

The motto 'Activate Good' indicates in the "Outcome Health's" recruitment video. It shares a unique story of a passionate employee about giving back and providing opportunities to excel in their career path. No matter what your interest is, the Outcome Health will let you know how to achieve those dreams by positively incorporating a health factor into life. It is one of the many stories to help local non-profits and employees' partners give something valuable to the community.

9. Trendkite

The video title is quite refreshing that says, 'Inside Look at Trendkite's Culture.' It boasts a lot of enticing and funny benefits such as free food, hoverboards, and energetic, passionate, and initiative takers as a hiring team. They effectively balance the work environment and fun with colleagues in the workspace. They have also stated their core value as 'One-Team,' celebrating both team and individual wins no matter how versatile.

10. Quirky

The interns at Quirky have many other responsibilities than just filing papers and getting coffee out from there. The video specifies all the departmental kind of information and internship candidates you should hire. This recruitment video also encourages submitting video interview and further provides specific instructions on application submission. It shows the most lovely internship environment every intern would ever want.

Tips for Creating Awesome Recruitment Videos after Covid-19

It looks like that Covid-19 has changed the face of recruitment overnight. Due to uncertainty in every industry, the effect on recruitment would be no different. The pandemic has shifted a significant workforce in the specific ways that we haven't anticipated. The recommended solution to social distancing places every work environment either at home or in a remote area. Companies are being encouraged to make recruitment videos and post them online. It also speeds up the hiring time while also giving the option of video interviewing.

Let’s learn some useful tips by which your recruitment videos stand out.

Include only the right people

Showing just the CEO or Founder of the company will not be helpful to make an awesome recruitment video. That's not the ideal presentation of experience for the candidates. Show them what they want to see, including the employees and overall work environment.

Make multiple videos and keep them brief

You must make small video shots and then combine them with competent video editing software. It would be great to make little videos targeting various kinds of audiences. The next tip is to keep the overall recruitment video short between 2 to 4 minutes only.

Use an excellent video editor

Simply creating a video is not enough unless you know to edit it correctly. We recommend Wondershare Fimora9 video editor for beautiful editing features. It consists of lots of new functions, including advanced editing options as well. None of the recruitment videos is posted online without editing.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

Include a CTA (Call to Action)

Don't make a video like a lost opportunity. Instead, you should make it a grabbing chance. Have some call-to-action directing a viewer to somewhere valuable. You can even put a link to a landing page on the career site of the company.

Extensively promote

Use various kinds of promotion tools and platforms to publish your videos. You can post them on Facebook, YouTube, and well-recognized promotion platforms and attract talented clients. Include the link of those videos in each of your job descriptions. Additionally, you can share such videos with Linkedin and Glassdoor.

Include the necessary information

Apart from presenting just the physical environment, you must also share the necessary information for the company. Sometimes, the creator forgets to state the required information in the desire for complicated info. But that's not the solution if you have missed the basics.


So, this is all about inspiring recruitment videos! We have included all the required information on the concept and the best ten recruiting videos. Reading the post would also help you make amazing recruiting videos that stand out and prove to be action-oriented.

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