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Best Free YouTube to MP3 Converters You Should Know [Online/Win/Mac]

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Apr 07, 2021• Proven solutions

Hey, when you find a wonderful or dramatic song or music in a YouTube video, what would you like to do? For me, I want to download it and listen to it when I’m offline. How about you? Instead of tapping the frequently used links on the YouTube platform, you can convert YouTube to mp3 by using a YouTube to mp3 converter. Then you can always listen to music or audio whenever you want. Therefore, this article will show 8 best free YouTube to mp3 converters for you to convert a YouTube video to mp3, on both Windows and Mac. You will learn:

Warning and Notice

Attention, please! As per the YouTube norms, you have to own permission to access the videos. You are allowed to work on your tracks without any issues. Some of the videos on YouTube give access for conversion and any other related processing on videos. It is illegal when you misuse the content uploaded by other users in this environment. Before accessing, the videos on YouTube ensure there are no copyright problems. If it is your content, then go ahead and download it for further processing. Be cautious while working on videos on this YouTube platform. You should follow the terms and conditions displayed on this website.

Part 1: 8 Free YouTube to MP3 Converters for Windows and Mac

Are you ready to explore 8 unique free YouTube to mp3 converters? Take a glance below and learn about the incredible online and offline video converters. Enlighten and sharpen your skills on video conversion by exploring the discussed steps below:

1. YtMp3 Video Converter

This is a free online tool. It will assist you to accomplish reliable YouTube video conversions at free of cost. There is no need to fill in any details for registration to make use of this online service. This platform offers you an immediate solution to convert YouTube to mp3.

  • Click Here to open the YtMp3 converter tool with your browser
  • Copy your favorite video’s URL from YouTube


  • Paste the URL on the text field. Then, choose MP3 below the text box and finally hit the Convert button to start the conversion


  • Once the conversion finishes, click Download to save the mp4 file at your desired location in your device.


2. Flvto Converter Tool

If you are looking for a reliable online platform to convert YouTube to mp3, this online tool is also the right choice. The steps are quite simple and you can perform the conversion process anytime without any issues. Save the converted file in your desired location and access it whenever you need it. Ease the YouTube conversion process using this online software by following the below instructions:

  • Click Here to visit Flvto converter tool online with your browser
  • Copy your favorite video’s URL from YouTube, as mentioned before
  • Enter the link to the box, then select the file format as mp3, then click CONVERT TO button to trigger the conversion process


  • Once finished, press the Download icon to download and save a converted mp3 file to your computer or local device. You can also send the mp3 to an email or upload it to dropbox directly.


3. y2mate YouTube to MP3 Converter

This online tool is compatible with all kinds of browsers optimally. You can use this program to convert YouTube to MP3 on both Windows and Mac. This platform allows you to make unlimited file conversion without spending even a penny from your pocket. You can avail for this service anytime and anywhere without any interruptions.

  • Click Here to visit y2mate YouTube to MP3 Converter online with your browser
  • Go to the YouTube and copy your desired URL link into the clipboard
  • Copy and paste the YouTube URL to the box, and click Start


  • Just a second, the YouTube video will be converted successfully. Please select the format as MP3 and then hit Download to save it at your favorite storage place in your device for easy retrieval when required.



This extraordinary online platform wins your expectations by offering you with free service without any registration. There is no need to download any software to convert YouTube to mp3 instead of stepping into this online platform and carry on with unlimited quality conversion without any issues. Follow the below guidelines for the successful file conversion process:

  • Click Here to visit this YOUTUBETOMP3 Online tool with your browser
  • Take a quick copy of your favorite YouTube link
  • Still paste the URL and select MP3 as the desired format in the list. Next press the Convert button.


  • Then it will show Success, which means the YouTube video has been converted successfully. Then you can click Download your converted file to save the mp3 as you need.


5. 4K Video Downloader

This tool is an offline converter where you have to download the app from its official website to discover it’s built-in features. It is a quality converter, which allows you to download full playlist and channels in your local drive for future reference. This program is compatible with all platforms like Mac, Windows, and Linux, etc. It supports more than 50 languages and it is trusted by million of users across boundaries.

This 4K Video Downloader application enables you to download and convert up to 24 YouTube videos to mp3 files. You need to purchase a license for it if you want to convert more YouTube videos to mp3.
  • Click Here to visit its official website and download a 4K Video Downloader application to your computer. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS
  • After installation, please open this application on your computer, and copy the video URL from YouTube to your clipboard
  • Tap the Paste Link option, and then this application will detect the URL automatically. You will see it's parsing the video


  • Once done, drop down the list and select Extract Audio and MP3 as the format. You can hit Choose to change the output directory on your computer to save the converted mp3 file. Finally, press Extract to start the conversion


  • After conversion, you can go to the output directory you set and find the converted mp3.


6. DVDVideoSoft YouTube to MP3 Converter

It is an excellent YouTube to MP3 converter available for free download. This application has ample features like lossless conversion, retains the quality during the conversion process, and lastly it is safe and secure to carry on with the conversion procedure. Apart from the MP3 format, you can also choose other file types like M4A, WAV, FLAC and OGG.

  • Download and install this app from Here to your PC as per the OS type
  • Open this mp3 converter after installation. Copy the URL from YouTube and paste in the blank field by pressing the Paste button.


  • Choose MP3 original quality from the drop-down list


  • Finally hit the Download button. You can now save the file at any location of your choice without issues.


7. Mediahuman’s YouTube to MP3 Converter

This application can work on both Windows and Mac. It also supports downloading playlists and channels from YouTube. The download tracks can be merged with the iTunes platform easily. You can make a copy of HD tracks of YouTube videos at your local disk and listen to it whenever you feel like. This tool saves a lot of time and the required process completes in a few minutes. Let’s see how you can convert YouTube to mp3 using this application:

  • Download this video converter tool from Here and install it to your computer
  • Launch this application. Then go to YouTube and copy the video URL to the clipboard
  • Click Paste link option(you should copy the YouTube URL first, otherwise this option will gray out), and it will load the YouTube video


  • Then hit the download icon to trigger the conversion process


  • Once done, you can click the Search icon to locate the converted mp3 file on your computer.


8. Clipgrab

This open-source video converter assists you to convert YouTube to mp3 optimally. It is enough if you tap the download link from its official website without any fee. This free software updates with the latest controls now and then to serve their customers efficiently. Take a glance at the steps regarding the conversion procedure

  • Click Here to download and install this free application to your computer
  • Open this application after installation, and go to the Downloads tab at the top
  • Copy and paste and your favorite YouTube video link to the box, and choose MP3 format followed by adjusting HD quality. At last, press Grab this clip! button to trigger the conversion


  • Once finished, you can click Open the target folder of the selected download to find the converted mp3 file.


Part2: Bonus Tip—Edit &Cut MP3 with Wondershare Filmora

In case if you want to edit and customize the downloaded MP3 file from YouTube, what can you do? Get started with Wondershare Filmora! It is a prestigious product from Wondershare to carry out the editing process after you convert YouTube to mp3 from your favorite tracks.

Excited to explore dazzling features then scroll down:

  • Flexible audio control to do more audio adjustment
  • Cut and trim your desired tracks in audio and video files
  • Get rid of noise and unwanted background disturbances in the audio files
  • This tool guarantees crisp and quality video and audio files

Just surf through the below guidelines to cut or edit your mp3 file:

  • Download and install the program below. Then open Filmora on your computer

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

  • Hit the File-Import Media option to load the converted mp3 file to the Media Library


  • Add the mp3 to the timeline, move the indicator to the place you want to cut, then click the red scissor icon to cut the mp3.


  • And you can right click the mp3 on the timeline, select Adjust Audio to get more audio control. The users can fade in/out the audio, adjust the volume/pitch, remove background noise, etc.


To sum up

Finally, it is time to conclude the discussion on a wide range of free YouTube to mp3 converters. You had a better idea of different video converters both on the online and offline platforms. Choose Filmora to obtain a better quality edited audio and video tracks. You can now convert, edit, and store it at your desired location of video and audio files effortlessly. You can give your comments and write down your suggestions regarding this article. Get connected with us to explore and discover more facts on video editors and converters.

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