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What is Frame Rate and which one to choose?

Definition of frame rate

By the term frame rate, it can be reffered to as the number of individual frames or images, which are showcased per second in a film, computer game display or TV. The frame rates, which are used in TV and flim are standardized by the SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture and Television Editors). Frame rates are widely used in synchronizing audio and pictures, whether it is about video, television or a film. Film and television industries have their own set of frame rates. SMPTE has set time code frame rates as 24, 25 and 30 frames per second. However, time for professional frame rates, which is used in motion pictures is 24 frames per second and 30 frames per second in the US.

The frame rate of a video is used to describe how many times video is updated/second. The greater the number, the evener the audiovisual will appear to a human eye. Videos, in which frame rates are lower in number, tend to cause blurred and inappropriate videos. If we talk about the present scenario, film industry has got more inclined towards using higher frame rates, and the topic got ignited with the release of the popular movie “The Hobbit”. The director of the movie- Peter Jackson, shot the film at 48 fps, which is generally double the usual speed and createsvibrant 3D films. Allowing to the studies conducted in the field of the consciousness perception, it has been suggested that human brain identifies the world at a rate of 40 frames per second and the movie “The Hobbit”, too much clarity than it was required.

Difference between different frame rate


Talking about 24 p, it has been rumored that it looks more like a film. Motion pictures shoot their films with cameras that have a comparatively larger capture area, with which you can have a shallow depth of the field. With this, the subject of the film can be made to come in the spotlight and background can be blurred to remove the distractions. On the other hand, videos, which are often shot with smaller cameras do have digital sensors. In this case, subject and background to show same as it is being focused at the same time. The ability using which one can createsoft, blurry backgrounds, give movies or videos a cinematic feel and they look more content and less like a film. The frame rate 24P is widely used when you want to create a video or a film, which looks more like a film.


The frame rate 25P is not very much common in the United States. The reason being, most of the electronic equipments like cameras and camcorders, used in the US, offers multiple of 30 or 60. The videos can be easily converted to 25P. This edge rate derives from the PAL TV standard of 50i (or 50 tangled fields for every second). Film and Television organizations utilize this rate in 50 Hz locales for direct similarity with TV field and edge rates.


It's a speedier frame rate than 24p and your HDTV or PC screen likely stimulates at 60hz making the 30p a pleasant match for your hardware. It produces video at 30 outlines for every second. Dynamic examining matches a film camera's frame by-frame picture catch. The impacts of inter-frame judder are less recognizable than 24p, it yet holds a true to life like appearance. Shooting Video in 30p mode gives no join artifacts, however, can present judder on picture development and on some camera pans.


72p is at present an exploratory dynamic output design. Real establishments, for example, Snell and Wilcox have exhibited 720p72 pictures as a consequence of prior simple investigations, where 768 line TV at 75 Hz looked subjectively superior to anything 1150 line 50 Hz dynamic pictures with higher screen speeds accessible (and a comparing lower information rate).[4] Modern cameras, for example, the Red, can utilize this casing rate to deliver moderate movement replays at 24 outline/s.


30p video for the most part results in preferred determination and sharpness over 60i video while 60i video exceeds expectations in quick activity video, for example, sports. 60i is the customary video field rate per second for NTSC TV, whether from a DVD, telecast sign or camcorder. This entwined field rate was produced independently by Farnsworth and Zworykin in 1934and was a piece of the NTSC TV guidelines commanded by the FCC in 1941. At the point when NTSC shading was presented in 1953, the more established rate of 60 fields for every second was lessened by an element of 1000/1001 to dodge impedance between the chroma subcarrier and the telecast sound transporter.


You have to consider frame rate when working with activities on the grounds thatcan influence the execution of your SWF document and the PC that plays it. Setting a frame rate too high can prompt processor issues, particularly when you utilize numerous benefits or utilize ActionScript to make your film. On the other hand, you likewise need to consider the frame rate setting in light of the fact that it influences how easily your movement plays.

As each type of the frame rate has its own pros and cons, therefore, it depends upon the requirements of the video/film, which one needs to be used. As mentioned earlier, the greater the frame rate, the greater will be clarity. If you are filming a 3D movie, you may go with higher frame rates, whereas lower frame rates still give real , clear and cine like effect. Frame rates are used widely to enhance the clarity and coherency of the film/video. While higher rates are used in 3D films , lower ones find their way to videos where real effect is required.

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