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How to Create A GIF with Sound?

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

GIFs are simple animations without any sound. However, modern GIFs have the ability to carry audio and are more preferred. The technology is absolutely new, and you can even add music to GIF files. Today, we will explore the best tools to create GIFs with sound. You can also join the trend and share GIFs with audio bites with your friends and family.

Part 1: How to Create a GIF with Sound on Imgur?

Imgur is a popular image sharing platform. It's also one of the oldest services, starting its journey way back in 2009.

You can upload images on Imgur and embed them on your websites or blogs. The service is really popular, thanks to forums like Reddit. People love to share images on Imgur, which is fast and convenient.

Now, you can also upload and watch GIFs on Imgur. The platform even introduced a new GIF format to make GIFs more smooth and reliable. Additionally, Imgur even lets you upload GIFs with sound through its iOS app.

You can watch the GIFs with audio from your computer and tablets. Soon, you will be able to access the feature from the Imgur Android app. The new GIFs are really catching on, and people love the sound bites that come along. GIFs with sound are more fun to watch, and you can also easily convey your message.

Here is how you can create and upload GIFs with sound on Imgur.

  1. Download and run the latest version of the Imgur iOS app from here:
  2. Now press the camera button and choose a video from your device. You can add only video files with sound for making a GIF with sound.

 Create GIF with Sound in Imgur

Note: Your GIF with audio cannot be more than 30-seconds long. Use the app the trim your video down to 30-seconds. If you want, you can even trim your video below 30-seconds.

  1. Now, press the speaker icon on the video to unmute the sound. You can next upload the video with sound and watch it as a GIF.

 Create GIF with Sound in Imgur

Part 2: How to Create GIF with sound on Gfycat?

Gfycat is one of the largest GIF sharing sites. You can find thousands of GIFs shared by users from all across the world. The GIFs are neatly sorted into categories so that you can find your favorite ones easily.

Gfycat was the pioneer in video to GIF conversion. It first offered the service in 2013 that took the internet by storm. Since then, Gfycat has been the choice of millions of people for sharing memes and short videos.

Gfycat now enables you to share GIFs with sound. You can upload any video and convert it to a GIF without sacrificing the sound. However, you can only upload only up to a minute of GIF that contains sound.

Follow the steps below to create your GIF with sound-

  1. Launch the Gfycat website and choose the video you want to convert. You can add files from your device or use URLs of video sites. Be sure to choose small file sizes for the best results.

 Create GIF with Sound in Gfycat

  1. You can now trim your video down to your desired length. Remember that adding sound will make the file size big. So, it pays to keep your GIFs short to 60 seconds. Use the sliders to select the portion of the video you want to convert and then click Continue.

 Create GIF with Sound in Gfycat - trim

  1. Besides sound, Gfycat also lets you add texts and captions to your GIFs. You can move the slider to the proper time and then click ADD A CAPTION to add a new text box. If you don't need to add text, click Continue and jump to the next step.

 Create GIF with Sound in Gfycat - add caption

  1. Now comes the time to add titles and tags to your GIFs. To create and share the GIF with sound, remember to enable the Speaker icon. After you're done, just click the FINISH button to upload your GIF with sound on Gfycat.

 Create GIF with Sound in Gfycat

Part 3: How to Add Music And Sound Effect To GIFs With Filmora?

Filmora is a cutting-edge video and GIF editing software. Adding sound to GIFs is really easy and can be done in a few steps. You have several perks like-

1. Vast Audio Library

The Audio library brings you a royalty-free music and sound effect library. You can use a plethora of audio files, sound effects, and music for your GIFs without spending a cent. Besides, the Filmstock effect store provides more sound effects and music to try.

2. Optimum Sync

Filmora features advanced beat detection to detect the hits in the audio and generate markers, you can sync your audio with GIFs perfectly with the help of markers. You don't have to worry about your GIFs appearing out of sync with your audio.

3. Provide Voiceover

You can use your voiceover for your GIFs to make them awesome. Just hook up your microphone and record your voice for ultimate enjoyment.

How to Add Sound to GIFs in Filmora Video Editor?

  1. The first step to adding music and sound effect to your GIF is to import them to your timeline.
  2. Then you can choose to add music and sound effect from the in-built audio library, or record your own voice.

 Create GIF with Sound in Filmora

When you're done, just export your gif file as a video in mp4 or other proper formats. You can also configure the resolution and bits for better results.

FIlmora is very user-friendly, and you don't need to face any learning curve. You can quickly start adding audio and create GIFs with sound in minutes!

FAQ About Sound GIF

Where can I see GIFs with sound?

Presently, only a few platforms allow you to play GIFs with sounds. For that, you have to first embed an audio file in your image or use a video.

Some platforms like Giphy, Imgur, Gfycat, or Tenor let you watch GIFs with sound. You can also give YouTube a try and find GIFs with audio. Else, you can watch them on your mobiles or tablets.

Creating a GIF with sound is simple, quick and easy with Filmora. Have you tried it out yet?

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