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Top 8 Anime Name Generators Online-Get Cool Anime Names!

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Jul 17, 2024• Proven solutions

An anime name generator is a cool and fun tool that is used by anime lovers all over the world. This tool helps to create attractive anime names for you depending on your interests in anime or your character traits.

Anime names are used for a variety of purposes by anime lovers. Most of them want a cool anime-related name for their YouTube channel, game profile, twitch profile, etc. and with a large number of users on these platforms, it is difficult to get a unique name.

Also, a name becomes a symbol that represents quality, appearance, shortcomings, personality, etc.

The anime name generators will generate unique anime-related names for the users to choose from. A cool anime name always will attract more audiences to whatever content they are displaying.

Top 8 Anime Name Generators Online

A cool anime name will always attract the attention of people no matter what platform you are on. But not all people are creative enough to create such a name of their own. That is where an anime name generator comes for help.

Let’s have a look at the top 8 anime name generators available online that can be used to create unique anime names.

1. Fantasy Name Generator

fantasy name generator

The Fantasy Name Generator is a free application that can provide up to 10 anime and manga character names. The names on this site are divided into 3 categories, namely real names, fake names, and nicknames or unique names. All the names provided are Japanese.

A list of 10 names will be listed on the website when you open it. You can easily choose between male and female character anime names. If you are not satisfied with the displayed list, simply click on the Male names of Females names tab and 10 new random names will be displayed.

2. Cool Generator

cool anime name generator

The Cool Generator is another simple anime name generator that can be used to create anime names, clan names, team names, etc. All the anime names generated by this tool are unique and represent different characteristics.

A list of 24 anime names will be displayed when you open the cool generator. You can choose any one of the names from it. If you are not satisfied with the names displayed, you can go for another set of 24 names by tapping on the Generate New tab displayed above.


thestoryshack anime name generator is an awesome anime name generator that can provide you with countless anime names for your story, gaming adventure, or any other project. 6 unique names will be displayed on the page and you can go for more by clicking on the refresh tab.

This anime name-generating tool helps to choose between female and male character names very easily. They have also sorted the names into different categories elf names like elf names, dragon names, demon names, dwarf names, medieval names, Viking names, etc. for the convenience of the users.

4. Masterpiece Generator

masterpiece anime name generator

Masterpiece Generator is another free online tool that helps you to create epic anime names. This tool allows you to create names with a maximum of 5 components, and hence you can choose between short and sweet or long and swanky names.

This application takes into account a variety of factors like gender, character title, flavor, character type, birth year, nationality, etc. to create a list of names. Once you have givens your suggestion, a list of names will be displayed on the page after clicking on the Write me some character names tab towards the bottom.

5. Reedsy

reedsy anime name generator

Reedsy is another tool that can generate cool Japanese anime character names for you. All the names are computer-generated and have something to do with their traditions.

A list of five Japanese names will be displayed once you open the page. The meanings of these names will also be mentioned for those who wish to choose names with specific meanings. You can choose the names between random, male, and female options. Clicking on the Generate names tab will always display a new set of names with the meanings.


rumandmonkey anime name generator is a fun anime title generator that you can use to create appealing anime names. A small drawback is the number of ads that keep covering your display when you open the tool.

This anime name generator has classified the character names based on a different generation. You can choose between the greatest generation, baby boomer, generation x, millennials, and generation alpha categories. A variety of other questions will be asked on your likes and dislikes and an anime name will be displayed depending on the answers you have given. This tool only displays 1 name at a time and might require a little patience.

7. Quizony

quizony anime name generator

Quizony is a great anime name generator for anime fans out there. The anime names generated by this tool represent the personality and character of the individual.

A series of questions will be asked by this tool to have an idea of likes and dislikes. A small drawback is that about 29 questions must be answered before they provide you with anime names. Once all the questions are answered the tool will choose a unique name for you. This tool has a brilliant way of choosing names but is not a suitable option if you want more than one anime name.

8. Fun Generator

fun anime name generator

As the name indicates Fun Generator is a very good application for all the fun-seeking anime lovers out there. This tool allows you to choose between a variety of Japanese anime names for your character.

A list of 5 different anime character names will be displayed when you open the site. You can either choose any one of them or go for another set by clicking on the tabs below. They also have options to choose from random, male or female character names.


Anime names are used by many anime lovers all over the world as their user name, profile name, etc. most people tend to keep this name for a lifetime. But not everyone can create an anime name that defines them and which is already not taken.

This problem is solved by anime name generators that are freely available online nowadays. These anime name generators help to create unique anime names that are appealing and tailored to the character traits of the individual.

We have listed the best online anime title generators available above. Choose an attractive anime name for yourself and have fun.

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