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Best 15 Anime Fonts-Find Your Favorite One!

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

Anime is basically a fancy name for Japanese cartoons and is a trending genre for a long time. The popularity of these anime series has led fans to create characteristic font styles based on the logo or title of these series. A font such as this is commonly regarded as an anime font.

Since the anime font has a very distinct typeface and usually represents a theme, it is now widely used in video making, titles, posters, and also in games. The anime font can depict fun or thrill depending on which one you choose.

In this article, we have listed the best anime fonts of all time.

Best 15 Anime Fonts You Can Choose

As anime is a trendy genre and you are likely to find a huge variety of anime font online. However, some of these fonts, based on the best-selling anime series, are sought after more than others. Therefore, we have rounded the ultimate anime font list for your ease.

1. Naruto Font

As we all know the popular Japanese Manga series Naruto, this anime font is based on the logo of that series. It is a very simple brush stroke anime font but is designed very artistically. This free anime font is perfect for adding elegant yet animated fonts to various kinds of videos or content.

naruto font

2. Anime Ace Font

Anime Ace is a free anime font that is part of Blambot’s Dialogue Collection by Nate Piekos. It is a cartoonish font that is perfect for use in comic books. This is designed to be used as the font for the character’s speech bubbles. Using this anime font can give a very comic-esque vibe to your creations, making them very attractive.

anime ace font

3. Death Note Font

The famous thrilling action series Death Note has a very characteristic font used. This has come to be known as the Death Note Font. As its origin is from a thriller series, this anime font is best for complementing horror and scary themes. An anime font like this one has a hair-rising and dramatic appeal to it.

death note font

4. Evangelion Font

Another famed television series released back in the 90s, Neon Genesis Evangelion, has been trending, and so is the anime font used in its titles. This bold and tightly packed anime font is very conventional and artistic. It can be used to complement some serious themes with a stylish anime font like this one. This anime font also gives a dramatic outlook and hence can be used for engaging titles.

evangelion font

5. Sailor Moon Font

Sailor Moon is a best-selling Manga series, and its distinctive fonts are also quite loved. There are total 3 fonts used in this series. The unique feature of these fonts is that they are all very stylish with a visually attractive appeal. This particular anime font is thus best suited for brand titles, posters, shopping bags, etc. As a free anime font, you can use it for various purposes, including utilizing it for making beautiful invitation cards.

sailor moon font

6. Haikyuu Font

This anime font from the sports-based Manga series resembles Japanese calligraphy. It has a dramatic vibe that is well-suited for short titles for serious shows and content. You can also use this free anime font to give your content a striking introduction. Plus, this anime font is available as Regular as well Shadowed. So, you can choose the style that best fits the theme of your content.

haikyuu font

7. Danganronpa font

A captivating anime font is featured in the Japanese video game, Danganronpa. This anime font has gained popularity as it is stylishly distinct with a thriller vibe linked to it. Since it is a free anime font and is easily available, it can help you craft very engaging and stunning content. It will serve to give your content a unique touch as this anime font has a very characteristic style.

danganronpa font

8. My Hero Academia Font

My Hero Academia is a highly acclaimed superhero Manga series, and its font has also been used extensively. It presents a very attractive anime font that can be utilized in banners and posters since it has a very clean and simple typeface. This anime font is also well-suited for use in logos.

my hero academia font

9. Pet Fonts

As the name suggests, this anime font is based on different animals. Cats, dogs, bunnies, and many other animals are used creatively as fonts. Using this cute and creative anime font gives a very crafty and artful effect to the content it is utilized in. So, Pets font is great to create a light-hearted and cartoonish outlook.

pet fonts

10. Otaku Rant Anime Font Family

The Otaku Rant Anime Font Family consists of 3 types i.e., Regular, Italic, and Bold. All these comic fonts are very simple yet elegant. This anime font family can be perfectly used for designing posters and covers, owing to its stylish appeal. Thus, it is a great anime font for making interesting content that wows the viewers.

otaku rant anime font family

11. Squealer Anime Font

The Squealer Anime Font is very artistic. It has a gothic calligraphic appeal to it. This unique and riveting anime font can be employed in designing posters to impress the audience. As this free anime font is very stylish, it can also be used commercially in crafting cards or posters.

squealer anime font

12. Porky’s Font Comic Font

As the name suggests, this anime font is based on the 1980’s Classic movie ‘Porky.’ It presents a very fancy and artistic style. Therefore, it is widely used for blogs or fashion magazines, giving an attractive outlook. It is a fusion of ancient and conventional typography. This free anime font can help you give a beautiful look to your content.

porkys anime font

13. Anime Inept

Anime Inept gives the look of a handwritten font, which makes the text more personalized. Since this anime font gives a distinct look, it makes any text stand out of the ordinary. Given the simplicity of this font, it is an excellent choice for comic texts or titles.

anime inept

14. Pokemon Anime Font

We all know the world-famous Pokemon that has been a popular game and animated series. Its even catchier anime font has also been extensively used for various purposes. Since the Pokemon anime font has a clear and fun typeface, it is perfect for creating attractive stickers, advertisements, and similar titles.

pokemon anime font

15. Saiyan Sans Anime Font

Dragon Ball Z or Saiyan Sans is a fan-favorite anime series. This anime font is based on the fancy logo used in the Dragon Ball Z title. It is a very catchy and curvy anime font that adds a stylish appeal to the text. Owing to its fancy style, it is also suitable for use as overlay text on an image.

saiyan sans anime font

Bonus Tip-Add Subtitle to an Anime Movie with Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora is a very intuitive and easy-to-use video editor. It has powerful one-click tools to enable users to craft professional-grade videos effortlessly. In Filmora, you will find a wide array of catchy text templates that can be customized and animated to add further effects.

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Here is a guide to add anime font to your videos using Filmora.

1. Download and install Filmora on your PC. To import your anime video, go to File and select Import Media Files or drag and drop it to Filmora.

import anime font video

2. After importing, drag and drop the video to the timeline.

add anime font to timeline

3. In the Titles tab, you can find a variety of text templates from different categories like Openers, Subtitles, Titles, etc. Double-click a title to it to the timeline. Drag and adjust the duration of the text. Double-click on the title in the timeline to customize it.

add titles tab

4. Here you can adjust the size, position, font, and other aspects of the text. Use the scale to change the size of the text.

adjust title size

5. In the Animation tab, you can also add a special effect to the text, making it catchy and dynamic. Just double-click the animation to add it.

add title animation

6. Click on Export. Select the resolution and export it to your device or share it to social media.

export anime font video


Now, you have the best 15 anime font list to help you craft exciting videos. Whether you wish to create a stylish fashion video with an elegant anime font, or a short horror clip with anime font from Death Note, you will find a free anime font for every theme here.

Since fonts play a significant role in any content, they must be chosen with care. So, give our list a read and find out which anime font complements your video the best. Don’t forget to try and add anime font subtitles to your video using the Filmora video editor.

Good luck!


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