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Color Match Game Top Tips for You

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Feb 17, 22, updated Feb 29, 24
Color Match Game Top Tips for You

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A child is like a soft, unmolded clay; how you shape them, they will acquire precisely those features. And so, it is necessary to introduce them to the different and crucial tasks and activities that are beneficial for them.

And one of the various tasks is the Color Match Game which helps them get introduced to and familiar with the different colors. Children need something fun and exciting every time, and so, when you make them learn the color through a game, they learn about the color with enthusiasm and will.

We have put forth the following discussion about this fun activity; including the name of the six best color matching games and the best tool for it as well. So, without any further delay, let us start with our discussion.

Part 1 Why is Learning about Colors Useful for Children?

There is always a reason behind every beneficial or a ‘must-do’ task. So, there are reasons behind introducing your child and making them aware of colours as well. So, we will be starting our discussing by understanding and discussing why it is useful for the children to learn about different colours. 

color matching game necessary

The following list points out the importance of learning colours for children. 

Integrates basic knowledge 

Knowing about the different colours is the basic and the most initial information that every child must have. We need colours in every instance of our lives. Therefore, it is vital for the children to learn about them from the initial stages of their lives. 

So, learning about the colours integrates the basic knowledge of colours in their minds which is to stay with them throughout their lives and utilize them as and when the necessity arises. 

Offers them a means for verbal communication 

When a child learns about colours, they attain a way to describe the world around them. Therefore, it helps in enhancing their method of communication. As a result, it also nurtures and improves their verbal skills to a large extent. 

When they know about the colours, it inaugurates a novel hallway of set communicating and knowing about the world around them.

Offers a way of describing the world 

For the children, this world is an absolutely new place. They have been introduced to this planet quite recently and are exploring and discovering the different aspects. And one of the major aspects of the world is its colour. 

So, when they learn about colours, they tend to find a way to describe the environment. It gives them a better understanding of the world and their surrounding as they learn about the colours. 

Learning to classify and sort

When a child learns about colours, they tend to learn about sorting things and classifying the different objects based on colours. For example, they might be able to separate blue balloons from the red ones from a bunch of balloons in front of them. 

Though it is based on colours, they learn the process of classification and sorting, which then gets applied to the other factors in life. 

Learning about safety and health through colours 

The colour red is commonly associated with danger, and the colour danger is associated with safety. And this is generalized across almost all cultures. That is commonly reflected through the traffic lights, where we stop at red colour, get ready to move in the colour tallow and the green colour gives us the signal to move or the message of being out of danger. 

Also, the colour blue indicates paleness or bruises in the skin. The colour red indicates rashes or blood. So, the knowledge of colour helps the children learn about safety and health. 

Learn about association 

The above point of learning about health and safety with the help of colours includes learning another important aspect in life, which is association. If a child is unable to understand that the colour red is associated with danger, green is associated with safety and the like; then the knowledge will be of no use. 

So, when the child learns about colours and connects them to the different safety and health measures, they automatically learn how to associate one thing with another. This process is crucial and will benefit them throughout their lives. 

Learn about letters 

Eventually, as the child learns about colours, they would spell them as well. So, as a result, they will learn how to spell different colours. That will be a way to practice spelling, and this will result in them learning about letters and words a lot more efficiently and excitingly.

Part 2 Top 6 Color Match Games

Now that we have discussed about the importance and benefits of learning colors for the kids, it is important that we know about the top six such Color Match Games that will help your children learn about learn in the most exciting way.

Here is the list of the top 6 color matching games online.


Blendoku is one of the simplest yet most exciting color games for your children. This color matching game was designed based on color principles. The children are provided with a grid and blocks of varied colors in the game. Their task is to put the color blocks in their appropriate location on the grid. 

Here, your children have to study the shades of the colors and arrange the color blocks to show lighter shades to the darker shades. The game includes four levels, and you can play each of them whenever you want. The levels are simple, medium, hard and master level. 



Pigments is an exciting game that involves creativity and skills as well. In this game, one needs to mix two primary colors to form a secondary color. And then, the secondary color they create is the color of the pigment they need to strike away.

For example, in the game, you can mix yellow and blue colors, which are primary colors, which will form the color blue, a secondary color. And then, you will have to stroke off the blue color. It gives your kids a chance to explore, be creative and learn the vast sphere of colors, hues and shades.


03Color Kids: Coloring Game

Color Kids: Coloring Game is the best coloring video game for kids. The concept of this game is simple. It requires your children to color the different shapes. The design of the game is simple and emphasizes the matching, tracing, and building skills essential for your kids.

color kids

04I Love Hue

I Love Hue is the prettiest color matching game online based on arranging the colour tiles based on their shades, similar to that of Blendoku. You get a specified time limit or a particular number of lives for the game. 

So, along with the knowledge of colors, your kids can also gain time management from the very initial levels of their lives.

i love hue


Polyforge has a fantastic outlook, and it deals with it just colors but also geometrical shapes. Thus, one gets to know about the different hues and at the same time about the shapes as well. This game also acts as a way of bringing peace and relaxation. So, this color matching game is a multi-purpose game indeed!



Kami is a Japanese art-styled, origami puzzle game involving colors. Here, adding to the unique art style of the game, there is soothing Japanese zen music that relaxes. The rule of the game is pretty simple. One has to turn the papers into the same color.


Part 3 Where to Experience Professional Color Match Function?

Did you know you too can play with colors, match them and create incredible videos? And that is possible through the most wonderful video editing tool- Wondershare Filmora Video Editor. Its "Color Match" feature enables you to color correct the videos effectively and here are the steps for it.

Drag the photos or the videos you want to edit

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Opt for a frame as a reference page and then click on the "Match" option.

You can compare and edit the video's color settings or the image after using the "Color Match" function and make your videos and photos the way you want!

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Key Takeaways from This Episode

In the above discussion, we have enveloped the following topics. 

We discussed why it is necessary for the kids to be introduced to colors, why it is essential to learn about the use of colors, and how this knowledge will benefit them in their lives. 

Next, we discussed the top 6 color matching games online that are fun, exciting and interesting to play. 

Lastly, we introduced Filmora 1which can help you create beautiful videos and edit them in the most creative and colorful way you want through its color match function! 

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